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“Goodbye Scrabulous” – Double Word Score

The battle between Facebook's popular but illegal version of Scrabble called 'Scrabulous', and Hasbro, the official makers of the real Scrabble, has come to a bloody conclusion. It's kind of similar to what happens when your little brother gets pissed at the end of the game and flips the board over out of rage. As we first explained earlier this month, Scrabulous was the popular kid on the Face …


How Donny Deutsch Is Ruining CNBC

CNBC launched a big advertising push recently, claiming they are increasing their viewership by substantial numbers, but there's one thing on that network that will always suck - Donny Deutsch. If you're not familiar with his "prime time" show 'The Big Idea with Donny Detusch', I'll give you a little summary. It's a show with a set very similar to 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' where Deutsch s …


Starbucks’ First Ever Quarterly Loss – Congrats!

For the first time since the company went public in 1992, Starbucks has announced a quarterly net loss. Last year at this time, Starbucks announced a quarterly profit of $158.3 million, but now it's a $6.7 million quarterly loss. Oh how the mighty have fallen in these dark recession days. Is there any non-essential luxury item consistently being purchased in this era? Now that porn is out, m …


Biz Babes: The Ultimate Money Honey

32-year-old Erin Burnett is the fresh new face over at CNBC. She lives the life of the ultimate biz babe, reporting on all the latest market changes and doesn't let up when her Squawk on the Street co-anchor Mark Haines starts getting grumpy. That guy needs some more fiber in his diet. Of course, Erin has gained plenty of fans because of her good looks, but she also has the business chops to ba …


Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Checked Bag Fees

That second checked bag better be full of $100 bills or at least cocaine, because you're gonna need it with these new extra fees announced today. Less than 3 months after introducing the first extra fees for a second checked bag, Delta airlines has resorted to doubling said fee. It will now cost you at least $50 to bring that second bag with you. But oh no, that's not all. Check out some of …


The Impending iPhone Subprime Crisis?

Originally blogged a few days ago by web entrepreneur Ricky Van Veen, the new 'iPhone subprime crisis' might soon become a reality to all those making the big jump to becoming 'iPhone guy'. As we reported almost 2 months ago, the new iPhone 3G has been released with the lowered purchase price of $199 (previously $399 for the 8GB standard model). With this lower entrance price, new subscribers m …


What The Hell Is ‘The Big Mac Index’?

The Economist magazine first created the Big Mac Index in 1986 as a means of explaining and comparing the purchasing power of money around the world. Although foreign exchange rates often fluctuate, their values don't always properly represent the purchasing power they wield. As an example, having $100 dollars worth of pesos in Mexico might get you a lot more than $100's worth of goods by Ameri …


Bennigans Restaurants Abruptly Close, Employees May Not Get Last Paycheck

Late last night, Bennigan's Restaurant managers across the country were told by management not to open for business today. . . or ever again. The restaurant chain has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, which means it will be closed and liquidated with all its assets sold at auction. According to the WSJ, Bennigan's had 310 restaurants in 32 states, heavily concentrated in Texas, Illinoi …


Worlds Most Expensive Necktie – $220,000

Back in 2003, the world's most expensive tie made its first appearance at the hilariously named 'Cultural Ties' Fashion Show in Mumbai, India. Salman Khan, arguably the biggest Bollywood film star, modeled the tie down the runway. The tie, which was specially designed by Satya Paul and the Suashish Diamond Group, is studded with 261 diamonds, each 77 carats, and also consists of pure silk and 1 …


Why Cant I Pay For My Steak Dinner With Pennies?

As part of a new promotional campaign for buying cheap back-to-school supplies from Office Max, this guy who looks a lot like comedian Louis C.K., gallivants around New York City paying for expensive items with hundreds and thousands of quarters. In this case he's after an expensive steak dinner. Not sure I understand the chef/owner's steak in a blender analogy though. Read on after the jump to …


How Popcorn Affects The Movie Business

Of course, we all know the Dark Knight is breaking serious records at the box office (first movie to break $300 million in 10 days), but where does all that money come from and why did I have to pay almost $8 for popcorn? The What I Learned Today blog has an interesting analysis of the economics of popcorn and how the movie-making business has drastically evolved over time. Essentially, prior t …


What Can You Buy With The New Minimum Wage?

'Responding', and I use that term loosely, to rising costs across the board, the government has decided to raise the national minimum wage by 70 cents. Yesterday it went from $5.85 to $6.55, which might seem like a significant increase, but when you factor in the new higher costs for fuel, inflation, bus fares, groceries, and just about everything else, the people in desperate need of a pay inc …


Save Every $5 Bill And Get Rich

An impressively frugal woman from the Boston area has managed to save $12,000 over the course of three years by just holding onto all her $5 bills. At Get Rich Slowly they have this excerpt of how she did it: This idea will only work if you are disciplined. When I decided to save my fives, I meant it, and I save every one. No exceptions. (OK, once on the Mass. Pike I gave the toll collector a …


Your Guide To A Year Of Free Food Giveaways

Food prices don't look like they will be climbing back down anytime soon. So to help you stay alive for the next year, we've assembled this list of some of the nation's best free food giveaways or huge discount promotions. Hey it beats heading down to the soup kitchen, right? Wednesday, July 30th - All cheesecake slices at the decadent Cheesecake Factory restaurant will cost only $1.50. The …


Mark Cuban Leading the Pack In Cubs Purchase

A little update for all the Chicago fanboys out there - looks like Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has now become the front runner in the massive sale of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, and a partial Comcast ownership. Last time we discussed this deal, it looked like the two dastardly options would be either a bunch of New Yorkers who owned Broadway shows and Taxi cab companies, or a group of shopp …


Break Homepage Cost Analysis: Woman With Gun Prank offers a $400 prize to the maker of any submitted video that reaches 'homepage' status. It's an interesting business strategy with dozens of satisfied daily customers. In this series of posts we'll examine a cost/benefit scale for some of these entrepreneurial cinematographers. Case #1- "Wife Will Never Touch A Gun Again" Wife Will Never Touch a Gun Again - Watch more free v …


What If Modern Advertisers Created the Stop Sign?

This video examines what the creative process would be like if the stop sign was created in 2008. Really makes you think about some of the marketing you see big companies do everyday.Regardless, I always thought stop signs needed more pizzaz. How about some skulls and crossbones up in there? Creating A Stop Sign - Watch more free videos (Thanks to AdFreak)


50 Cent Sues Taco Bell

50 Cent comes across as a guy who takes his trademark infringement cases very seriously. He's a 'businessman' by nature and he reads the Wall Street Journal apparently. Coincidentally, the WSJ is getting 50's back by taking his side in the Taco Bell vs. 50 Cent law suit. The legal battle stems from Taco Bell's new 'Why Pay More Value Menu' for which items cost either 79, 89, or 99 cents. As a m …


Do We Really Want To Convert Garbage Into Fuel?

You've all seen Doc Brown's trash compactor/combustible engine from Back to the Future, but now with high gas prices strangling the consumer, a new push is forming to make this concept a reality. Is this really a good idea? The government appears to be heavily backing this idea. Subsidies for projects looking to make fuel from waste are now worth on average twice as much as projects looking to …


Does A Weak Economy Make For a Strong Fight Game?

Our friends over at weigh in on the new theory that, similar to the Great Depression era, fighting sports are hitting a major surge in popularity due to the rough national economic outlook.Read the full post here.


Former Pro Wrestling Chick Will Give Away Her House In Contest

In order to avoid being bitch-slapped by the current headache-inducing housing market downturn, this former pro wreslting diva is giving away her house as a prize for a new writing contest. Terri Runnels, better known as Marlena from her time as a WWE diva/host, is giving away her suburban home in Gainesville, Florida to the winner of her self-created 'Make the Wolrd Write' contest. To enter …


Use ‘The Rule of 15’ To Decide Between Buying Or Renting

How can you tell if it's time to buy your own place or keep paying the landlord? There has been a lot of mixed information floating around out there concerning the current housing market. Are prices on their way down? Is this making it a good time to buy, or is now becoming renter's paradise? Carmen Wong Ulrich, a personal finance blogger for CNBC, has a great little rule you can use to calc …


The Porn Recession

For the first time in recent history, it looks like porn sales are being affected by the economy. According to Clusterstock, the porn industry was always thought to be this unstoppable recession-proof force. Much like alcohol and tobacco, people wouldn't stop buying even if they were completely broke. Looks like that conventional wisdom is going the way of so many soiled pieces of computer e …


Bush Secretly Announces Wall Street ‘Got Drunk’

During a fundraiser in Houston last Friday, President Bush was feeling particularly candid with his fellow supporters. He asked all the TV cameras to be turned off and then went on a rant about one particularly alcoholic avenue in lower Manhattan. One enterprising young reporter took note of the disclaimer and proceeded to capture it with his cell phone: "There's no question about it. W …


The Highest Earning College Majors

In direct contrast to Holy Taco's awesome list of the 10 Most Worthless College Majors, we have been looking for the most profitable pieces of paper ("adults" call them "degrees") to attain. The good people of Forbes magazine have been hard at work with one of their epic lists, fully equipped with some horrible stock photos. Here's what they came up with: 10. Marketing - With a degree in Mar …


Delayed Online Gambling Payments Piss Off Customers

Could new internet gambling laws stop many online poker players from getting their winnings? Better not go all in on this one, dude. Congressman Jim McDermott of Washington is introducing legislation that would legalize, tax, and regulate online gambling. Until now, the world's online poker rooms have been similar to the wild wild west. Not the crappy movies with Sisqo and Will Smith, but ra …


Biz Babes: The Olympic Mercenary?

Becky Hammon, an All-American girl who grew up in South Dakota and played college basketball for Colorado State, is making a tough 'business' decision. She is switching sides and playing for the Russian Olympic basketball team for a bigger paycheck. Some are calling her a mercenary for hire and a traitor to her country, while others think she's just a business savvy athlete who saw an opportuni …


Shipping Your Luggage Is Cheaper Than Checking It

With the airlines hemorrhaging money on high fuel prices, the cost of checking extra luggage is hitting the consumer in the form of checked luggage fees. Here’s a little tip to avoid the price drain – ship any extra luggage to your destination, it could be cheaper under some circumstances. For a business traveler or a getaway tripper with little luggage, it might not be the best option. With on …


No More Secret Swiss Bank Accounts

Senator Carl Levin was cracking the whip on UBS last week, saying those cheese-eating fiends are assisting Americans in evading taxes and committing fraud with their secret foreign bank accounts. Levin accused the Swiss bank of adopting several shady banking practices such as code names for clients, using pay phones instead of business phones, foreign shell companies, fake charitable trusts, an …


When Markets Are Rough, CNBC Uses Boobs As Distraction

Did you ever think CNBC would be a lot more interesting if they replaced each grumpy and aging business reporter with a couple of fine biz babes? Oh wait, that would just be Fox Business then wouldn't it? No complaints here. But apparently CNBC grapples with these very same censorship and good taste issues on a daily basis. Oh what a burdened existence they must live! I just imagine a bunch of …