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How To Get Rid of a Telemarketer

I find it hard to believe telemarketers ever successfully sell anything anymore. Give some respect to this guy for the way he handles it at the end, though. Good deal. Tormenting A Telemarketer - Watch more free videos Via Consumerist and Neatorama


What To Think Of Wal-Marts New Logo

The smiley face is completely dead, but now so is the hyphen and the 'battleship' blue color scheme. According to Clusterstock: Now that Wal-Mart (WMT) is everyone's favorite stock pick (including Jim Cramer's), the company will try to shed its dowdy image with this new logo. The news first cam ...


Worlds Largest Cruise Ship – $1.24 Billion

Royal Caribbean is sick and tired of "tiny" million-dollar cruise ships. It's time to take things up a notch. "Project Genesis" also known as the 'Oasis Class' ship was ordered by Royal Caribbean in 2006, and upon it's completion in 2009, it will become the world's largest operating cruise ship. ...


Colt 45 Trying to Get Back In the Game

A few Colt 45 mural advertisements in Philadelphia are angering local residents. Looks like another hip urban marketing campaign by the Pabst Blue Ribbon company is getting some street cred. The drink in question, Colt 45, was once a malt liquor brand synonymous with 'lower class drinking' and st ...


Airlines Find New Ways To Screw Passengers Each Day

The big news today is that Delta is tacking on extra surcharges for passengers trying to utilize the frequent-flier program. Wow, not a nice reward for your most loyal customers. But you've gotta ask yourself, what's the worst thing you'd do to cut fuel costs? The new surcharge will take effec ...


Change Your ‘WTF’ License Plates

Apparently old people are driving around with 'WTF' license plates and now they aren't happy about it. Silicon Alley Insider got this little gem from a local North Carolina news channel: Thanks to some text message-savvy grandchildren, North Carolina drivers whose license plates have the potenti ...


Ideas For Bill Gates’ Last Day At Microsoft

Today is Bill Gates' last official day at Microsoft, and despite his brilliant legacy the modern era for Microsoft isn't looking too great. Gates is only 52 years old, but is planning on 'retiring' as a full-time Microsoft employee. He will now be devoting the majority of his time to the Bill and ...


8 Countries With Weak Pesos But Hot Women

The peso is often criticized as being an internationally weak currency. Many countries all over the world use a form of 'the peso' as their unit of currency, each holding its own value and exchange rate compared to the American dollar. And, quite coincidentally as it turns out, some of the world's h ...


The Tiger Woods Apple Core Saga of ’08

Ever since Tiger Woods won the US Open in epic fashion and then announced he is taking the rest of the year off to rehab his knee, there hasn't been much to report in the world of golf. That is, until the 'Tiger Woods Apple Core Saga of 2008'. Darren Rovell, from CNBC, is keeping track of the rem ...


The Budweiser Kings Will Say ‘No’ To Buyout

Anheuser Busch, the makers of Budweiser, will reject InBev's generous buyout offer while announcing a plan to overhaul the company to cut costs. The cat and mouse game isn't over yet though. But for now it appears as if all the St. Louis/ American brand/family business/hometown operation talk put ...


What The Hell Is A Mutual Fund?

You hear the phrase mutual fund tossed around a lot, and although it's not as sexy as a "hedge fund" or a "strip club", it's an investment tool where a better understanding would benefit you. There are portfolio managers out there who think recessions and downturns in the market are the best time ...


How Compounding Gets You A Bigger Payoff

I came across this interesting cartoon slideshow illustrating how beneficial it is to start saving early and letting compounding interest do its magic. The slideshow comes from Vanguard, a personal investor group that specializes in mutual funds, IRAs, and other crap like that. Keeping in mind th ...


Can Offshore Drilling Lower Gas Prices?

The idea of offshore drilling is on everyone's mind, but are President Bush and John McCain's calls to start drilling off the coast of Florida and in wildlife reserves in Alaska going to help us save at the pump? Stephen Colbert said on his show the other night: "When I first started paying $4/ga ...


Business Travelers Hit the Black Diamonds

Airport security finally comes up with a good idea, hooray! For years now, tighter security precautions and more in-depth screening has caused the death of quick and breezy airport travel, but now with these new classified lines, you can blow past all the losers holding you up. The chart at the l ...


J.C. Penney Doesnt Like Its ‘Fake’ Teen Sex Ad

J.C. Penney, the wholesome clothing brand we all dreaded for back to school sales, has recently learned of the fast growing web video purporting to be one of its advertisements.The ad below was supposedly made by J.C.'s advertising company, Saatchi & Saatchi, without the store's knowledge. Somet ...


Berlins 5-Star Hotels Lose Stars To Get More Business

Berlin is home to some of the world's most lavish and impressive hotels. However a few of the city's top-notch 5-stars are noticing that their high rank is hurting their business. Turns out the drug companies are to blame. Aren't they always? According to an article in Germany's Spiegel magazine, ...


IRS Allows Higher Gas Deductions

As of July 1st, the IRS has retooled its gas price deduction for business vehicles. If you commute to work or use your car for work, now you'll be able to write off a few more cents for each mile you travel. See, they care a little. Previously, the allowable deduction was fixed at 50.5 cents per ...


Germany Cant Check Its GMail

Starting last Friday, Google users in Germany were no longer able to check their GMail accounts for new messages. A cryptic message on the Google homepage only left users with more questions. According to The Local, an English language German news site, the message that appeared stated: "We can' ...


No Go For ‘Cigarettes That Dont Kill As Bad’

Looking through old cigarettes ads like the one shown is both a hilarious and scary experience. To think an entire generation of people was brainwashed into thinking doctors and medical professionals believed some cigarettes were "good for you". But apparently Altria's Phillip Morris USA has been ...


Escort Services Represent $109 Million in USA

Client #9's most recent saga with Ashley Alexandra Dupre brought plenty of spotlight to the escort industry, and recently Portfolio mag has some numbers of the entire 'pricey hooker' industry. Portfolio magazine's writers, Duff McDonald and Miriam Datskovsky, cite the National Health and Social L ...


Career Options: Corporate Whore or Bleeding-Heart Servant

It comes as no surprise that college graduates are looking for the big paychecks on Wall Street, but many educators are asking why that seems to be the only acceptable option for many Ivy League graduates. Is everyone selling their soul? Don't get me wrong, jobs on Wall Street are impressive and ...


We Built This Citi On Big Layoffs

Citigroup, the owner of Citibank among other banking properties and one of the largest financial institutions in the country, has announced so many layoffs and cutbacks recently that it's getting hard for anyone to keep track. Yesterday the bank announced it will be laying off 'thousands' of empl ...


Some Dark Truths About Credit Cards

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Major League Baseball Beer Pricing

In recent years the price of a cold one at the ballpark has grown astronomically. It's almost as if I can't afford to get drunk enough to like my crappy team anymore. But which MLB fields are the most conducive to getting plastered without breaking the bank? The chart to the left and these sta ...


Drive A Billboard and Save On Gas Money

High gas prices have inspired some employees to convert their cars into de facto mobile billboards. Is looking like a complete loser worth the savings? Misha Di Bono gets paid an additional $500 on top of her salary to plaster her car with her company's logo. On top of that, her employer pays for ...


When You Fake Your Death, They Arrest Your Girlfriend

The strange case of the convicted hedge fund manager who faked his own death before he was supposed to report to jail has taken another turn. His lady friend is a squealer. Samuel Israel III, has officially been deemed a 'not dead' fugitive by authorities after they found his abandoned SUV on a b ...


Condom Ads Are Now In Your Beer Glass

What’s the big deal? It’s two things guys like -condoms and beer- merging together to make the perfect cross promotional marketing scheme. Great idea, right? Wrong. The story goes, one guy was polishing off a brew at his local watering hole and looked down to see the distinctive Tro ...


Continental and United Tentatively Dating, Holding Hands

Two of the country's major airlines are taking one step closer to finalizing that merger they couldn't complete this spring. Who doesn't like second chances? But will it help passengers get cheaper plane tickets? Continental and United Airlines will join in an 'unholy' alliance to share rewards, ...


Judgement Day Begins With Two Bear Stearns Arrests

Two former Bear Stearns hedge fund managers are among the first to take the perp-walk to court for the huge sub-prime collapse. Let the fun begin. Ralph Cioffi and Michael Tannin (pictured in middle)were indicted by a federal grand jury in Brooklyn today. At 7AM this morning, Cioffi was arrested ...


Burger King UK Sells $200 Burgers, Brits Eat Them and Get Mad

The $200 burger has landed in jolly ole London, England.Burger King, which apparently employs a 'Head Chef', is now selling this premium bad boy that is simply called 'The Burger'. The head chef says it's well worth the high price tag because it's made with Japanese-style Wagyu beef, Pata Negra ham ...

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