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Being Tired Does Not Make You Seem Cool

That guy at work who keeps yawning and complaining about how tired he is from working so hard is a tool. A complete tool. Aren't you sick of listening to these people whine about how overworked they are? DETAILS draws some much needed attention to this crisis with a recent article: "It's the first thing that comes out of someone's mouth when you ask them how they're doing," says Matthew Moss, …


What Happens to CEOs After They Fall?

The much publicized downfalls of these 6 high profile CEOs made front page news, but how are they keeping busy now? Living at home with Mom? African missionaries? Devoting a lot of time to local charities? Probably not. From Fortune Magazine and CNN Money, check out Wall Street's version of the 'where are they now?' file: 1. Gary Foresee - Sprint Downfall: Longtime telecom veteran was press …


Job Advice For Recent Graduates

Fox Business offers some helpful advice for recent college grads looking to get into the job market.Try not to be too scared by the woman doling out these tips. I just keep imagining her to be someone who would torture dalmatian puppies or something. Scary.Also check out the Wall Street Fighter take on these tips after the jump:First off, the expert speaking in this video is Betsy Richards from 'K …


Europeans Protesting Gas Prices

The price of gas in France is equal to about $8.20 a gallon, and they are taking to the streets, but are they justified or just a bunch of whiny frogs? These high prices are not a big surprise to consumers because, European prices have always been significantly higher than the U.S. This is due to half of gasoline costs going to government taxes. Gas prices in Great Britain have jumped 17% in …


Do We Really Need Gas Cap Locks?

Gas prices have been climbing for the past 22 days in a row. With the national average at $3.952 a gallon, stealing gas might become the crime of the summer. One company is profiting from all the fear. According to an article in CNN Money today, these 'gas cap locks' are getting a big boost from the high prices: Rising gas prices have been a boon to companies like Stant Manufacturing, Inc., …


6 Dream Jobs Every Guy Wants

We are big believers in the perpetual pursuit of your perfect dream job. And although superhero and astronaut might be out of your league, there are plenty of cool jobs out there you may be uniquely qualified for. CareerBuilder first assembled the big list of interesting jobs and interviewed these fine gentlemen, but now after careful analysis and prolonged meditation we present to you the 6 …


Biz Babes: The Foxiest Business Anchor

27 year-old Jenna Lee is the face of Fox Business Morning and is happily one of the first images many of the network's viewers see when they get out of bed. However, Jenna wasn't always the proper business reporter with the bubbly personality you see before you. As an undergrad on the beautiful beaches of lovely UC Santa Barbara she was also a division 1 softball player and drove a vintage 1963 …


Working At Night Pays Better

The night shift sounds like it might be a good choice only for those prone to grave digging and serial killing, but most jobs pay more for night hours and there are some other perks too. According to an article on MSN Money, plenty of industries reward night work with some significant pay jumps. "Pharmacists, police officers and Postal Service mail sorters make up to 10% more overnight, while s …


Say Goodbye To ‘Snacks On A Plane’

US Airways has announced today that it will cut all snack services on domestic flights. Starting June 1st, the airline will institute this new policy to cut flight costs. As we reported last week, airlines have been cutting back services due to high fuel costs. They have even started instituting fees for the previously free 1st and 2nd pieces of checked luggage. A load of old cynics and news …


When Spin Class Goes Bad: Two Wall Streeters Brawl

The case of the stockbroker who threw a hedge-fund manager into a wall during a stationary bike workout has finally made its way to court with all its unbridled aggression and hilarity. The initial incident took place on Manhattan's Upper-East Side during August of 2007 at an Equinox gym. Both Christopher Carter, a 44-year old stockbroker with Maxim Investment Group, and 48-year old hedge-fund …


Worlds Most Expensive Dress Shirt – $45,000

Everyone on Wall Street knows that having a great suit and tie is only half the battle. A great dress shirt brings it all together. So will any of the big bankers be interested in this very ornate arms, neck, and torso cover? Eton Shirts, a Swedish company celebrating its 80th anniversary, has constructed this, the world's most expensive dress shirt. The shirt is woven out of fine Egyptia …


Coors Light Desperately Trying To Be Cool

Coors Light has big plans for advertising this summer. With an all out blitz on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, they are ransacking the social networking craze. But do these tactics really work or do 'fake corporate viral videos' just seem lame? Here is one of the main video spots the Coors Brewing company is running on the web. After the jump, we'll take a look at how much deeper they are wi …


Renting Vs. Buying

People have claimed for years that renting was a big mistake choice, everyone jumped on the bandwagon saying that buying a home was 'a smart investment.' Even your dog had a 10 year adjustable mortgage on his pimped-out crib in the backyard. Looks like the tables have turned though. For now. As the subprime crisis and housing bubble showed, when people start thinking of homes as an investmen …


UFC Payout Figures

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) continues to expand and so do their payroll numbers. Our friends over at CagePotato explain the numbers for this weekend's UFC 84 and point out some major wage discrepancies. To read about it, go here.


Small Cars Becoming Smart and Cool?

With Ford, GM, and Chrysler making some big apologies last week for lagging sales, it seems like companies making smaller cars are riding high. The reason for the Big Three's decline in revenue was linked directly to rising fuel prices and increased environmental awareness. More people realized that those big trucks and SUVs were killing them at the gas station. BMW's MINI Cooper and Clubman …


Worlds Most Expensive Home Sold- $230 Million

In keeping with the theme of ridiculously expensive domiciles in London, let's take a look at the soon to be sold most expensive home in the world. UK Steel magnate and the world's 4th richest man, Lakshmi Mittal, is in the process of purchasing this lovely estate in West London for $230 Million (£ 117 million). The whole mansion will end up costing around $15,840 per square foot! Now, al …


Did We Pay For Dubais Growth At The Pump?

Did You Know: Dubai And Our Gas Dollars - Watch more free videosThe place is definitely going through some serious growth right now, but can we really trace it all to gas prices? Does this have more to do with the rise of sovereign wealth funds?Besides, this kind of stuff does not look very sustainable. If it all happened in less than 20 years, doesn't it seem even more likely it will be gone in t …


Generation ‘Y’-ers Dont Save Enough Money

Today, Fox Business got on the horn and revealed some 'startling' statistics about 'today's young people' not saving enough money.Of course the horrible job market they just stepped into and the financial crisis caused by decades-old home lending policies might have something to do with that? Get our take on the video after the jump...Alexis Glick, while sitting comfortably on that big couch, clai …


Outsourcin’ Your Sports Teams

The rise of sovereign wealth funds benefited big banks on the verge of ruin last year, could the same happen to some of our suckiest sports teams? I swear, if they get rid of our cheerleaders, I'll take up chess. Soccer's top league, the English Premier League, is facing serious issues of foreign ownership. Billionaire Russian oligarchs, Chinese businessmen, a few sheikhs from the Middle East, …


Traveling This Memorial Day Weekend Will Suck

Maybe you're saying 'duh' to that headline, but few people realize what all these oil worries look like in number form. Let's take a look at some of the travel statistics facing us this Memorial Day weekend: In the U.S., national gas prices rose today for the 17th straight day. The average price of a gallon of gasoline rose from $3.831 yesterday to $3.875 today. Last year at t …


One Beer For The Whole World? : The Anheuser-Busch Deal

There have been talks of the Budweiser owners merging with other big brands for some time, but this new deal sounds legit and there are plenty of strange details to boot. The most alarming possibility: Global beer consolidation. What the hell does that mean? A Financial Times' Alphaville post today revealed that InBev is launching a $46 billion plan to takeover Anheuser-Busch. InBev, a Be …


The Big Three Choke On Their Own Trucks

It should have been obvious: a car company heavily selling gas-guzzlers would hit a snag when oil prices flew off the charts. However, the good people at Ford are having some problems coming to grips with that very idea. Where did it all go wrong? The Big Three (Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler) were riding high on the SUV wave (which sounds like an incredibly dangerous metaphor) for years …


All Checked Luggage Incurs Fees, Should You Buy An Extra Seat For Your Suitcase?

Exactly one month ago we reported that several major airlines began charging a $25 fee for a second checked bag, then today things got a whole lot worse for high maintenance chicks. American Airlines announced yesterday that it will be implementing an additional $15 fee for each passenger's first checked bag on all domestic flights. That's right, now not even a single stowed bag will escape the …


Are The Credit Rating Agencies Evil Bastards?

Moody's, one of the world's best know and silliest named credit rating agencies, is in for a world of hurt as computer errors are being linked to the causes of the credit crunch. Moody's and Standard and Poor's were on the chopping block last fall when many of their top notch credit instruments began to default. Even after it was revealed these these 'sub-prime' loans were full of dodgy mortgag …


Worlds Most Expensive Guitar Picks- $4,674

This is one little piece of plastic that has a massive price tag. Those seemingly worthless pieces of plastic that your guitar heroes throw at the crowd might not ordinarily be worth anything, but Starpics, an Australian company, puts those other crappy chips to shame. Starpics is a top shelf brand known for fashioning guitar picks out of precious metals. This particular pair of picks is val …


From NFL Wide Receiver to Morgan Stanley Intern

Steve Smith, wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, is one of Morgan Stanley's bigger clients and now he's also one of their newest interns. According to an article in yesterday's Charlotte Observer, Smith got interested in financial planning from his teammate, Panthers kicker, John Kasay. Figures, leave it to the kicker to be a finance nerd. Smith then started reading a few books on finan …


Mozilo Cant Figure Out These Newfangled E-mails

Everyone's least favorite- and most tan - mortgage slinger, Angelo Mozilo, doesn't know the difference between 'forward' and 'reply'. The result: a public relations disaster. Mozilo's company, Countrywide Mortgage, has been blamed by many for causing the sub-prime crisis. Although it's not accurate to lump this all on one company, their policies, similar to others, are what led to the collapse …


9 Sites That Will Save You Money

We've explained in the past what some of the Worst Money-Saving Tips were, but now we're showing off some of our favorite websites that can save you money. These recession-like symptoms the economy is producing, look as if they will continue for a while, with some analysts predicting we won't see a bottom till the end of 2009. So prepare yourself by banking some extra dough with these 9 helpful …


Kobe and Duncan Stuck Flying In Coach?

The unfortunate timing of 'Champion Airlines' going out of business might leave two NBA playoff teams sitting on the tarmac. Things weren't looking good for Champion Air recently. They were struggling to stay alive during the current economic recession and were barely able to keep up with these record-high oil prices. As the prices continued to increase, the luxury airline announced it will be …


Bribing Employees To Quit Helps Customer Service

Zappos, the hottest online shoe warehouse company, trains its new employees and then offers them $1,000 to quit. They claim this bizarre technique is the future of great customer service. The thinking behind this process is that if new employees are willing to take the deal over a long term career with the company, then they aren't going to be good for customers. This is kind of a 'deal or n …