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55 Out Of Control Stock Traders (Part 2)

For the rest of the week we'll be bringing you our massive list of the 55 Most Out of Control Stock Traders in 3 parts. Given all the financial panic and the fast approaching Mischief Night before Halloween, we figured now is as good a time as any to scare the crap out of you with these recounted tales of greed and woe. Without further ado here is today's installment, Part 2, which shows off  #'s …


The Scariest Jack-O-Lantern

If the classic pumpkin carving patterns just don't do the trick for you anymore, you might want to check out this video: Personally, this year I'm going with an actual-size CEO of Countrywide Mortgage Angelo Mozilo carving for my Jack-O-Lantern. His ugly mug alone will probably scare my neighbors into foreclosure. Besides, you can't ask for a better match to his skin tone. You really can't, I …


55 Out Of Control Stock Traders (Part 1)

For the rest of the week we'll be bringing you our massive list of the 55 Most Out of Control Stock Traders in 3 parts. Given all the financial panic and the fast approaching Mischief Night before Halloween, we figured now is as good a time as any to scare the crap out of you with these recounted tales of greed and woe. Without further ado here is today's installment, Part 1 which shows off  #'s 1 …


Above Average Adult Film Stars

by TylerVBack in the golden age of Hollywood, when a new actress emerged in the world of film, you could count on some director wearing a ridiculous beret and poofy pants to say the old cliché: "A star is born!"Well, stars aren't always "born." The stars in the parallel universe of pornography, for instance, are usually described as being forced into their occupation, wo …


WaMu Graffiti

Is Banksy behind this one? Get it, 'Bank'sy? WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN from ABOVE on Vimeo.via UrbanPrankster


The ‘Sex Rod’ Case Gets Resolved

Since the Boston Red Sox don't have to worry about any of that pesky 'playing in the World Series' nonsense, they can fully devote their attention to other, more pressing matters. Like the 'Sex Rod' case. An interesting copyright/patent case for the ages. The background is that back in July of 2005, Brad Francis Sherman from New York, (which I'm sure didn't help the matter at all. Although in t …


Financial Collapse Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is this Friday and if you're sick of the sure-to-be-overused 'Sarah Palin', 'The Joker' and 'Ashley Todd' costumes, then maybe you should take a look at these. What better costume idea than something 'Financial Collapse'-themed? It's all the rage these days. Just turn on any TV channel at any time during the day and you'll get a face full of financial fail. Here are some of our fav …


Sheepdogs Make Everything Better

Great commercial for Dulux. These dogs must really want this paint stirred thoroughly and pronto! It doesn't make a lot of sense, what do Old English Sheepdogs really have to do with paint? I'm not sure, but when you have a whole bunch of them running around a city with some solid Indie music playing, it makes you just feel alive: Perhaps everything these days would be a little be easier to …


Mixing Powertools And Investing Metaphors

Stihl, the makers of manly tools like chainsaws, axes, and leaf blowers launched a new ad campaign recently which plays off the recent instability in the stock market and overall economy. The theme is to paint Stihl products as a 'sharp investment' that will retain value over time, unlike your now worthless mutural funds investments and Lehman Brothers stock. They took out full page ads in t …


Failing Economy Means Better Condom Sales

Really? I feel like we've talked about every potential trend story and this one was bound to happen next. First we were drinking more booze to cope with our crappy economy, then we were buying porn with our stimulus checks, now we're combating financial collapse with a little more protected sex? got this awesome quote from Ted Conley, the head of North American marketing fo …


5 Ways I’m Going to Get My Money Back

Like many Americans, I've lost some money over the last month in the market.  Unlike others, I plan to make it back quickly using unusual but possibly profitable ways.  Here of a few ideas that I've been mulling over 1. Writing Pay Per Post Positive Sarah Palin Articles.   Since there are presently no positive stories about Sarah Palin, I could possibly work out a deal where I write postive stori …


The Mac Vs. PC Advertising War Rages On

Here's the timeline of events: 1.) In 2006, Apple creates the 'Mac Vs. PC' ad series. It becomes wildly popular for making fun of personified, lame PC users.2.) Microsoft sits back and takes the abuse for years.3.) Eventually Microsoft decides on a new $300 million ad campaign attempting to make PCs cool again. Insert failed 'Gates and Seinfeld' ads.a.) Ad 1 - Shoe Store. Horribleb.) Ad 2 - Length …


A Profound WaMu Fail

A few weeks ago WaMu failed and sold its soul to JP Morgan. I really appreciate the Zen-like quality of this one: Seriously, did they only pay a quarter of the electric bill too? Things must be really rough for them. via failblog


Help A Stripper Out, They Earn 50% Less Now

In the financial journalism world, there is a popular little 'grab the reader' technique called 'using an anecdotal lead'. To employ this technique, the writer will start off with a little human interest story pertaining to someone relatively involved in the main focus of the story. Bloomberg News has friggin' mastered this technique to the fullest in their latest write-up about the Vegas econo …


The Wall Street Fantasy Football League With A $1 Million Prize

Since 2002, a group of 10 super rich hedge fund managers assemble each Fall to do battle in one of the world's most secretive and exclusive fantasy football leagues. There is a $100,000 entry fee for each of the ten teams, with $600,000 going to first place, $300,000 to 2nd and $100,000 for third. Amazing. Although they probably just refer to it as a "friendly wager for a pittance amongst gentl …


Life After Lehman Brothers

One former broker tells us his story. "What I miss most...paying bums to blow each other. It never got old." via UntuckedFilms


Warren Buffett Channels ‘The Great One’

And by 'Great One', I mean Wayne Gretzky. Warren Buffett, the world's most famous and successful investor, took some time to write a comforting op-ed piece* in today's New York Times. In it, he attempted to encourage investors to buy American stocks by quoting the profound advice of #99, Mr. Wayne Gretzky. Gretz said, "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been." …


Erin Burnetts Hot Tub Business Meetings

Wow. Just wow. Could this be the mother lode of all biz babe news clips? Perhaps. Yesterday I received a tip from a reader that at the end of CNBC's 'Squawk On The Street' program, Erin Burnett made an offhand comment about being in a hot tub. After doing some digging, it looks like she admits the first time she met Joe Kernen, one of her veteran Squawk Box co-anchors, was when she was in a …


If Chipotle Is Doomed, What Hope Is There For The Rest Of Us?

A disturbing trend analysis came out of EconompicData today. It would appear that Chipotle Mexican Grill is not coming back from the dead anytime soon in spite of their delicious cuisine, ethical approach to ingredients, and cool interior design. As the stock declines there are a few reasons for the downfall: a) 8 bucks for a burrito isn't a feasible lunch option when you're broke. b) The c …


NASCAR: Up In Smoke

Wide swaths of empty seats at Talladega. Acre upon acre of the same at Charlotte, NASCAR's spiritual home and the backyard of virtually all of the sport's teams. True, attendance has been off for much of the year and the second Charlotte race rarely sells out, but so many empty seats? Things are bleak. That bit of rocket science aside, that times are as tough as they are is especially troublesome …


Exchange Floor Trader Prank

While giving a live report on futures at the Chicago Board of Trade, reporter Steve Cohn is interrupted by an enraged trader asking the age-old question, "Who put this dick on my back?": Putting a white and neon pink novelty penis on a young trader's back is a gag as old as the very concept of capitalism. As if wearing those lame colorful jackets wasn't bad enough, now they've gotta be on c …


What Is ‘Rich’ In Your Area?

After the final presidential debate last night, there has been a lot of discussion about 'Joe the Plumber' and his take on Obama's tax plan. To sum it up, he doesn't like it because it would tax him higher if he were to purchase a business which would earn him more than $250,000 a year. Fair enough, Joe. (Check out the video of Joe's initial chat with Obama that started it all). I won't delve t …


Price Is Right Liveblog

The 'Price is Right' liveblog: I tried to get on an earnings conference call this morning but got shut out. So...I decided to liveblog this morning's episode of the Price Is Right instead. Just as good, right? I mean if CNBC can air hours of 'Deal or No Deal' reruns, I think we can let this one fly. 11:00 AM – It’s starting! First 2 contestants called down – both hot blonde chicks with bi …


Plunge At The Close!

Wow, that was a rough close. Dow closes down another 733 points, making everyone forget those happy days on Monday when we had the largest single day raise. So I guess things are going to continue to get much worse before they get any better? One step forward, 3 steps back? I need a beer, I'm out of here.


A “Sad Trader” Image In The Making

I've figured out the winning recipe for capturing an epic 'Sad Trader' image (e.g. the 'Sad Guys On Trading Floors' blog, and as the accompanying photo for every stock market disaster story in print publications): ♦  1 part great location (outside the New York Stock Exchange) ♦  2 parts photographer (must have telephoto lens, backpack full of camera gear, sports jacket, and a goofy bandanna) …


Wall Street: Financial Collapse Epicenter And Now… Movie Set

I'm not sure what it is they are filming down here, but there is a full blown movie set less than 100 feet away from the entrance to the NYSE. I've walked by it a few times now asking questions, but everyone is pretty tight-lipped. Anyone have any ideas what this could be for? Judging from the photo after the jump, it appears to involve a lot of guys in suits standing perfectly still on t …


Is There Some Sort Of Metaphor Here?

The liveblog rolls on! To continue with our theme of talking to some of Wall Street's least influential people, I asked this guy what he was spraying. His response: "Blood!"* So there ya go, take that for what it's worth. A proximity shot after the jump. *He actually said 'dirt', but does he really expect us to believe that with all the turmoil down here these days?


The Real Guy Cleaning Up Wall Streets Mess

Amid all the news about Paulson's bailout plan, I spoke with this guy today about those big public protests that went down while Congress debated a few weeks ago. Back on September 25th, we wrote about the angry journalist who started the grassroots bailout protest movement with one passionate e-mail. That day hundreds of disenfranchised citizens mobilized to throw their 'junk' on the streets n …


Official Escape Vehicle If Dow Falls Below 8800?

Idling right behind Optimus Prime outside the NYSE today is another new Navistar product, the "International MaxxPro Dash". (Not pictured - Hank Paulson cowering in fear within) According to the press release it's a "lighter and more mobile Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle designed for the unique conditions in Afghanistan. The v-shaped design of the crew compartment deflects blast …