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Life Fast & Die Young

At San Diego Shark Diving, they'll throw you in the big blue wetness until the big toothy greyness makes you release some big yellow wetness. Photos courtesy of the very ironically named Andy Sallmon. Go to for more.


Earth Days Sexiest Activists

Bust out the granola, your least dirty tie-dye shirt, and that horribly scratched Bob Marley CD from college because it's Earth Day! If you don't want to embrace your inner hippie, just turn off the air conditioning before you leave the house and don't club any baby seals today to show a little love for the planet.Whether your wear hemp-clothing everyday that's dank enough for Woody Harrelson to s …


Hottest Business Reporters

For the masses, Tax Day is a pretty stressful and unsatisfying day. You've spent a ton of time on Turbo Tax, bleaching your face a ghostly pallor from the computer screen (much like your faithful Chicki editors). Maybe you've decided not to pay your taxes and you decided to join a Tea Bagging brigade for most of the day, leaving you as exhausted as a frat boy during pledge week. Either way, you ne …


Sexy Bunnies for Easter

by Max G.Yeah, yeah, we know. Easter Playboy bunnies, huh? Real original, Chicki editors. It's just a great topic to resurrect around this time of year. You get one veiled Jesus joke and that's it. Quit complaining. Oh, and since the very fine folks at Playboy are (understandably) very protective of their precious depictions of their Playmates in actual bunny costumes, so...we don't really have ma …


Join the Mile High Club

Wanna get into the very sexy, very illegal, very airborne mile high club?  Made Man will show you the way. How To Join The Mile High Club - Watch more How To Videos


The 5 Hottest Women Named April

by Max G. Spring is a time of renewal. The world is waking up from its winter slumber, love is in the air...and hot women are starting to break out their mini-skirts and bikinis again. Vernal equinox, the term for the beginning of spring, is actually Latin for "show more skin," so it's clearly a pretty sweet season. Here are the hottest women named after the month in which this beautiful proces …


The Gold Standard

by Dr.  H. WestonNormally, Chickipedia is about all of the chicks that young men want; rarely do we take time to recognize the beautiful, talented women that the young men of today need. Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere, Jenna Jameson, Beyonce...they're all hot right now, sure, but they'll never play the integral part in the beautiful, cosmic interplay of gender that the four women I want to talk …

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