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Free Online Sniper Games

Free online sniper games put players behind the scope of high-powered action to take out the enemy from yards away. The visceral feel of putting a bullet between the eyes is unmatched and these online games deliver the goods. Gamers are like kids in a candy store as they love to hide out in the trenches or hidden areas and erradicate their marks with a timely shot to the dome. A sniper rifle offer …


Phenylalanine Health Risks

Warnings about henylalanine on the labels of diet sodas and aspertame products make some people wonder about possible phenylalanine health risks. Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that exists in many high-protein foods and diet drinks. There is no scientific consensus whether phenylalanine cures or causes any disease, but it is clear that schizophrenics and people with a disorder called phe …


Make Your Own Beats For Free

The ability to make your own beats—especially if you play an instrument—is exciting. Thanks to the internet and modern technology, the ability to make your own beats for free has increased. Professional musicians can use their computers to create entire musical scores and take a melody from their instrument to put on paper. There are programs for those looking for some good dance, rave …


Dog Tricks That Impress Women

The best dog tricks that impress women are the ones that get them approaching you instead of the other way around. If you want to greatly increase your batting average, it is wise to have a few tricks up your sleeve for this purpose. Fido's probably not too busy at the office to learn how to boost your mac daddy persona, so put him to work. There are many great dog tricks for just about every type …


High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid for Men

Think twice before you bite into that sardine next time because it's one of those high cholesterol foods to avoid for men. And you thought they were healthy, didn't you?  Just goes to show you that some of the foods that are often pushed because they're high in protein and Omega-3 Fatty acids can actually be bad, bad, bad.   Don't get carried away with breakfast. …


K-Swiss Microtubes 100 Fit

Nike and Adidas are monsters in the training shoe category, so K-Swiss hired Kenny "Mother F**king" Powers to promote their new line of Tubes footwear through online videos. Whether you love or hate the hilarious viral campaign, the California footwear company is getting more serious with runners. Their Microtubes 100 Fit shoe is a performance-oriented trainer with an EVA midsole base that's Swiss …


Haven’s Emily Rose: “Tats are just sexy”

As the supernatural Syfy series begins its second season, this Made Babe shares why brains, brawn and tattoos turn her on. She also reveals, once and for all, why chicks dig bad boys. It's one of the more reasonable explanations we've heard


Video: The Girly Drinks Rap

A man isn't measured by his ability to drink whiskey with a straight face; he's measured by his confidence. As most men know, few things in life call for more confidence than the act of sipping a sugary, neon-pink cocktail in public. Now, we're not suggesting that you make the switch from scotch and soda to appletinis. In fact, don't. Appletinis are not good. What we are suggesting is that you wat …


Three Quick Rants About American Soccer

This past week has been packed with soccer-related madness here in the USA. First, Juventus played Club America match in a freakin’ baseball stadium (yours truly attended). Then Manchester United kicked the crap out of the MLS All-Stars (yours truly attended). Finally, the US Soccer Federation fired national team coach Bob Bradley and replaced him with former German star and coach Juergen Klinsman …


Travis Pastrana Breaks Ankle, NASCAR Future Hazy

The inimitable Travis Pastrana makes headlines because almost every time he competes, one of two things happens. Either he lands a crazy new trick no one had thought of before, or he suffers a gruesome injury attempting said trick. Which is exactly what happened last night during the Moto X Best Trick competition at X Games 17. This one's a little different, though, in that he is trying to be a …


Trade: No Textbooks for No College Sex

A new survey reveals that college students would give up sex in exchange for not carrying textbooks. We suggest these five iPad alternatives to see them through those lonely nights


The Joint Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Test

Be forewarned: The joint bachelor/bachelorette party is not for everyone. It worked for one of our guys. Maybe it will work for you. Maybe it won’t. In fact, it probably won’t. If you’re not sure, take this 10-question quiz


5 House Hunting Tips

These 5 house hunting tips can be used as general guidelines when it comes to the exciting, but potentially confusing and overwhelming prospect of searching for a new home. House hunting is hardly ever a short, clear-cut process, and hopefully the following list will act as cardinal points in this undertaking, which can be especially daunting for first time buyers. However, with patience and level …


The Most Beautiful Girls On Capitol Hill

The Hill recently released its annual list of Capitol Hill's 50 most beautiful people. That's a lot of people to go through, so we've done the hard work for you and pulled the top ten most beautiful women from their ranks. Click through to see them all. Megan Hermann Minority staff press secretary, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Cassiopeia Sonn Staffer, R …


Eight Signs a Woman Wants You

That beauty sitting next to you at the bar let you buy her a drink, laughed at your jokes and, wait, did she just brush your knee? She may be flirting—and maybe not. To clear up the confusion, our experts explain the key things to watch for


Jimmy Pardo on Being a Gentleman

It's #pardoday on Twitter. We talked to America's favorite fast-talking podcast host Jimmy Pardo about acting like a gentleman. In short, he's for it


America’s New Pastime?

Last night I went to Citi Field in Queens, the shiny new stadium where the New York Mets usually play. Only I didn’t see the Mets. I saw a Mexican soccer team, Club America, play an Italian soccer team, Juventus, in the outfield of the baseball diamond. I went because I thought it would be interesting to see a soccer game at a baseball stadium. If the two teams had played at Giants Stadium or R …


Five Places to Watch Sports Outside Their Natural Habitats

Last night, Italy’s Juventus and Mexico’s Club America played soccer at Citi Field, the home of the Mets. But this match was hardly the first instance of a sport taking place where you wouldn't expect it—think of that ridiculous Illinois-Northwestern game at Wrigley last year—and it will hardly be the last. Here are five out-of-their-element sports events to check out in the next six months. So …


Jamba Juice Secret Menu

Did you know Jamba Juice's secret menu? Jamba Juice is one of the largest and most popular of quick meal restaurants catering to those who enjoy their smoothies day or night, summer or winter. To many in this elitist group, the hidden flavors are probably the tastiest they've had. The Jamba Juice secret menu is actually made up of some of the discontinued flavors that have been featured fo …


Video: How to Cure a Hangover

There are a lot of alleged hangover cures out there, but few really get the job done. Here at Made Man, we cut through the bogus miracle cures and get down to the basics: Food, hydration and a healthy bout of vomiting. Learn how to cure your hangover like a man in this week's episode of For the Win.


Best Day Parties for Heat Wave 2011

Taking a beating from the recent heat wave? It's not all bad. Without all of this sun you can't enjoy the hottest day parties at these fun spots across the globe


Day Party Photo Gallery

KU DE TA, Bali It's on the other side of the world from the USA, but that's inconsequential. Good-life connoisseurs from California to Mumbai to London know that the ultimate idyllic-meets-hedonistic party scene is going on year-round in Bali, with peak season in July and August. For years, bi-level beachfront hangout KU DE TA has been the epicenter thanks to its mood-enhancing DJ sets, catalog-l …


Mini Goes Big With 10 New Styles

According to rumors flying through the auto industry, in 2013 the Mini line-up will include not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…but ten different models. That’ll include the classic three-door hatchback, a new Clubman wagon and wagon-sized beast called the Traveler. All models will be on a new Beemer platform called UKL1 that could accommodate a turbocharged 2.0-liter 230 hp …


Coffee County Schools

The Coffee County School District serves the Coffee County community. Public and limited private education is available in the area for students from pre-school through twelfth grade. That's a good thing because school is a great way to get your kids out of the house and into the world (or at least the local community), don't you think? Coffee Pre-K Academy You can't drop off y …


Busted Celebrities

You would think the spotlight would keep celebrities on their best behavior, but there are many busted celebrities to talk about. Even the most attractive celebrities have gotten themselves into some hot water. Some celebrities have even been busted for multiple offenses on more than one occasion. Lindsay Lohan Although she seems to be able to keep herself out of jail lately, it was a …

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