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The Gospel According to Made Man, Vol. 1

1. Having a Very Loud Motorcycle or Very Loud Car Is Not Impressive. If your goal is to get attention, then mission accomplished! If your goal is to get positive attention, then you’re a colossal failure. I could teach a blind monkey how to adjust a carburetor so the engine makes extra noise. All you’re doing on your motorcycle is moving your wrist around on the handlebar, the exact same moti …


Uncommon Knowledge

Much of today’s advice for men is weak and stupid. But behold these comMANdments, which be as irreverent as they be indispensable in helping you rule God's green Earth—or at least avoid acting like a d-bag


Rock The Bells

Rock the Bells is a hip hop festival that got its start in Southern California. However, it has grown legs and traveled all around the world since its first event in 2004. It really is the Lollapalooza (an alternative rock event) festival of rap music. The first 2004 show reunited Wu-Tang Clan, which featured Ol' Dirty Bastard four months before he died. They even mad a documentary about this firs …


Parenting Quotes

Read parenting quotes to get inspiration to be the best parent and learn new parenting techniques. Parenting can be difficult for some men because of heavy responsibilities, loss of freedom and complicated situations. Reading inspirational quotes can make a cloudy day sunny and make the future look brighter for a family. From dirty diapers to rebellious teenagers, parenting quotes can help parents …


Who Invented The Telegraph?

There is one question that baffles some: who invented the telegraph? This question can be confusing because there are so many versions of the telegraph. The word "telegraph" means a machine that can send messages long distances via technology. Telegraphs usually send codes that must be solved by the receiver. One of the first instant forms of communication, the telegraph reshaped the cor …


What Muscles Do Push Ups Work

When your fourth grade gym teacher demanded that you drop and give him twenty, you might not have asked, "What muscles do push ups work?" You probably should have. Push ups are a great upper body exercise because they require no equipment and can be done anywhere. By varying foot and hand positions, you can target specific muscle groups for a more intense workout. Push ups are called …


Allen Iverson Shoes

Although Allen Iverson is no longer strutting his wares in the NBA, these Allen Iverson shoes are still sought after by hard-core basketball fans. At his peak, Allen Iverson led the Philadelphia 76ers to the finals while picking up an NBA Most Valuable Player award that same season. Love him or hate him, most will agree that Allen Iverson shoes are some of the most comfortable and stylish basketba …


How To Give A Hickey

Learn how to give a hickey to make a mark of lust on the neck of a lover. Hickeys are small bruises on the neck that symbolize a moment of passion, loving ownership and playfulness. Show affection by nibbling and sucking on the neck while having an intimate moment with a woman. Place the mouth against the neck of a lover.  The skin of the neck is thinner, so it is easier to leave a hi …


What Is Gluten

What is gluten? Gluten is a type of protein that is found in foods like wheat, barley and rye. It gives dough that much needed elasticity, makes it rise and gives it structure keeping its shape and form. It gives bread that distinct chewy composition we all familiar with. Gluten has qualities that gives it the capacity to absorb which is why breads generally soaks up liquids quite well. Contra …


Video: Make Amazing Summertime Cocktails

Like many men, your go-to summertime beverage is likely beer, beer and more beer. Which is fine. The stuff is practically our lifeblood, after all. But at some point you may get the urge to sip on something a little more elaborate. That's where summertime cocktails come in. In this week's episode of For the Win, we teach you how to whip up four frosty cocktails designed specifically to be consumed …


Almond Milk Benefits

There are numerous almond milk benefits to help keep your body in tiptop shape. Almond milk is made from ground almonds and unlike animal milk, it has no cholesterol or lactose. Commercially available in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate or plain, there are so many ways to enjoy your beverage while getting your almond milk benefits at the same time. Weight Management. If …


Kidney Infection Symptoms

When the pain is in your back you might need to ask yourself, "am I suffering one of several Kidney Infection symptoms?" Back pain is one of the main symptoms indicative of a kidney infection. However, there are several others an individual must be aware of. A kidney infection is a serious condition. If you have one or more of the following symptoms, it is time to contact your physician: …


Kristin Cavallari Wears a Bikini Well

Reality TV sensation Kristin Cavallari recently donned a frilly blue bikini and stood in place with a beach ball for some sort of Skyy vodka promotion. The scene would have been altogether uninteresting had it not been for the whole "she's wearing a skimpy bikini" thing. But she was wearing a skimpy bikini, and looking at her in it is a much more pleasant experience then thinking about her stupid …


The Girls of Comic-Con

It wouldn't be Comic-Con without groups of scantily-clad cosplay babes roaming the San Diego Convention Center en masse. Something tells us the nerds in attendance have a lot more than comic books on their minds. Get yourself acquainted with some of the convention's sexier sights — click through to see 25 hot Comic-Con girls.


Classical Music Composers

The greatest classical music composers were all prodigies in their own right. Many people think classical music is any type of instrumental music that was written before the twentieth century, when technically the Classical Era only spans a 70-year period from 1750 to 1820. The composers who made that era popular continue to have a huge following in modern times. Ludwig van Beethoven Proba …


The Hot Wheels Video Racer

Looking for a father-son activity that combines toy cars, cameras and video-editing software? Hot Wheels knows what's up. Introducing the Hot Wheels Video Racer, a toy car with a built-in video camera. Capable of recording up to 12 minutes of video at 30 frames per second, the Video Racer lets kids shoot footage from the cockpit of their cars, upload the footage to a computer and edit it using Vid …


Great Places to Meet Women

Writer Meredith Hoffa offers a list of reliable, surprising and off-the-beaten-path places to meet women. Time to take your game to the Home Depot


What Your Comic Book Superhero Says About You

Superman Superheroes, especially those who’ve been around for decades, have more faces than Eve. If Superman is your favorite and you started reading him before World War II, then, like him, you might just be a rebellious social activist who mocked authority with a big s@#$-eating grin on his face and wasn’t above flying a crooked mayor out of town on a rail. Okay, you probably aren’t like that g …


Amanda Roadmen is Hot

Model Amanda Roadmen recently sent us a few of her shots and asked if we'd be interested in featuring her on Made Man. After seeing her photos, we were more than happy to oblige. We think you'll agree. Click through to check out the full Amanda Roadmen gallery.


Jennifer Lopez: Sexy and Single

That's right, gentlemen. J Lo is back on the market after she and longtime romantic interest Marc Anthony announced their split. While we're not suggesting that you immediately set out in an attempt to court her, we do believe this is an excellent time to remind you of Lopez's overwhelming hotness. Click through to see ten hot pictures of Jennifer Lopez.


Cara Zavaleta: “I’ve learned how to be sexy”

We got the the host of Playboy TV's new Sextreme Makeover to say "sexy" five times in one answer. (New record!) Our newest Made Babe also talks lingerie, turn-ons and Playmate grooming habits—her opinion will surprise you


Emma Watson and Other Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Hot

Throughout the Harry Potter film series, we've seen Emma Watson transform from a lovable child star into a burgeoning sex symbol. She's not the first actress to do so, and she certainly won't be the last. Here are 18 actresses who've gone from cute kid to gorgeous grown up. Click through to see them all. Emma Watson The best contemporary example of child star turned hot actress, Emma …


Play a Game of Comic-Con Bingo

In just a few short weeks, Comic-Con 2011 will kick off and San Diego, CA will be inundated by nerds. They will dress in Stormtrooper costumes, seek out obscure issues of obscure comic books and oggle the cast members of their favorite television shows. Now you can join the fun with Comic-Con Bingo, courtesy of the guys at Screen Junkies. Stroll the convention hall and see if you can spot all the …


Coleman Instant Tents

One sure way to lose your man-cred is to flub pitching a tent (no pun intended) while camping. It’s not hard to do with the confusing askew of shock-corded poles, sleeves and wimpy stakes that come packaged with most retail specials. But your woman only sees incompetence. Fortunately, Coleman has made it easy to woo men, women and nearby animals with a one-piece tent design that even people not na …


Ed Hardy Bathing Suits

Wear Ed Hardy bathing suits to show you're a "Jersey Shore" wannabe. Ed Hardy bathing suits feature the artist's vintage, multi-layered beach boy tattoo designs on fabric, perfect for all you guidos out there. Show your "Jersey Shore" taste in surfer apparel whether you hang ten or not. Snooki would approve. Ed Hardy "Smokin' Love" board shorts Com …


How Not to Get a Date With Mila Kunis

Yes, an online video asking Miss Kunis out worked for a US Marine. But sometimes creative dating approaches should be confined to stupid romantic comedies. Here are a few examples


Steer Clear of Super Gonorrhea

The world already has enough problems, but we can add one more to the pile: super gonorrhea (or as we like to call it, S-Gon). A group of international scientists recently announced this new strain of the world’s most common sexually transmitted infection that is resistant to drugs and is a “possible precursor to a global health scare.” Balls. So how can we avoid this undercarriage curse and …