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Why North Korea Is Better Than Vegas

Contrary to popular perception, the Democratic People’s Republic might just be the ultimate guy vacation destination. Sure, it’s a hopelessly self-deluded Communist quagmire, but having just returned from a little jaunt there, we can explain.


Blake Griffin: “Be yourself, man”

With an end to the NBA lockout finally in sight, we tracked down one pro who flies in the face of any stereotype about selfish ballers. Before you hit the court or flick on the tube, check out this hard-working All-Star’s advice on fitness, hoops and life.


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Promises Girls In Bras

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show doesn't try too hard to appeal to guys. Then again, it doesn't really have to—it's sort of a given that we'll do a quick Google search the next day to catch up on some of the show's racier outfits. These are some of the hottest chicks on the planet, after all. What are we supposed to do? Not ogle them? The models will be out in full force tonight, starting at …


7 Of The Craziest Trash Talkers In Sports History

Sports and trash talk go hand in hand, but who are some of the craziest trash talkers in sports history? There's no shortage of names to choose from, but some athletes stand out from the crowd. Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, these guys made headlines for more than what they accomplished in their chosen sports. It's tough to narrow the list, but here's a compilation of seven of the craziest t …


Video: Girlfriend Gifts to Avoid. Seriously.

Finding the right gift for your girlfriend is a high-stress experience, but it doesn't have to be, especially if you know what to avoid. Here's a primer on what not to give your girlfriend, unless you enjoy sleeping on the couch.


7 Historic Sites Any History Lover Should Visit

The U.S. is filled with historic wonders. Americans have experienced civil war, revolution, assassinations, terrorist attacks, two World Wars and the birth of rock n' roll, all of which have shaped and molded the United States of America into the greatest country in the world. There are historical landmarks dotted all across the country, from the east coast to the west coast, which have played imp …


Nine Unexpected Consequences of Being Smart

From longevity to drug use, sexual proclivities to vegetarianism, research shows that the byproducts of intelligence are good, bad, ugly and pretty damn interesting. Behold nine findings that can caution and guide your presumably genius-level self.


Frends Headphones

These phones boast souped-up sound, ridiculous good looks and a sweet built-in mike that lets you control your tunes and take calls right in the middle of a snowboard run. Click the pic for more.


Speakeasy: Nat Faxon

Paul F. Tompkins sits down with the multi-talented Ben and Kate star to discuss the show, surfing, shark attacks, ice hockey, improv and “slapping fives.” Oh, and winning an Oscar for co-writing The Descendants (guess that’s kind of a big deal).


Sexercise: 5 Positions That Will Get You In Shape

If you find you don’t have time for a gym workout but always have time for sex, you can combine the two with sexercise using these 5 positions that will get you in shape. Although not every pose works every muscle in the body, each pose does work major muscle groups–whether you need a lower-body romp that works your legs and buttocks or an upper-body session for your shoulders and arms. Each pose …


5 College Football Mascots Women Find Irresistible

College football mascots can either be intimidating, cute or downright creepy (The Stanford Tree comes to mind). Although there are many mascots that fall into the cute category, the five mascots listed here are irresistable to women even if they're not football fans. Don't worry, we won't tell if you find them irresistable as well.   Uga The University of Georgia Bulldogs real-lif …


The 4 Best Sports Cities In The USA

Ranking the best sports cities is clearly a subjective undertaking. However, objective criteria can be used to give the rankings more value. In our rankings, we look at sports history, sport venues, fan interest and team performance. Boston -- This is a city that has had a passionate love affair with its teams for decades. We use the phrase love affair because it is completely appropriate. Love …


Women’s Code: 4 Things She’ll Say That Really Mean You’re Bad At Sex

Most women aren't going to be excessively mean to you, especially if they're dating you. Most realize that insulting a man's sexual aptitude is one of the lowest blows, literally and figuratively, that they can give. With that being said, some of you guys need to understand "woman code". More specifically, you need to understand "woman code" when it pertains to things going on in the bedroom. If y …


How To Tell Your Girlfriend She’s An Awful Cook

Few things in a relationship have to be handled with more care than trying figure out how to tell your girlfriend she's an awful cook. Women can be sensitive about certain things, but so can your taste buds. Unless you want to spend a lot of time trying to secretly feed your dog under the table, you're going to need to bite the bullet and tell her the truth. But how do you do it without destroying …


4 Rapper Styles That You You Should Copy, And 4 You Shouldn’t

Well before hip hop artists started spitting rhymes like "before he speak, his suit bespoke" (no names will be named—ahem, Kanye), rappers had already been major style icons for nearly 30 years, for better or for worse. That being said, if you want to attract a certain kind of woman (or any woman really) you should pay close attention these four rappers whose styles you should copy and particularl …


6 Tips For Asking A Girl Out For A Drink

Asking a girl out for a drink is supposed to be fun and flirty, but no one says it’s always easy. If you approach a girl with fear and trepidation over such a little question, she’s most likely to say no. Not many chicks want to hang out with a guy who looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. Keep your cool, don’t be a fool and try these six tips for asking a girl out for a drink. Avoid th …


5 George Clooney Girlfriends So Hot, Only George Clooney Could Get Them

George Clooney has had many ladies during his career, and most of his girlfriends are hotter than any woman you will ever touch. It's okay, don't be sad. After all, the man played Danny Ocean! No woman could resist a man who's that smooth. Whether he was working soap operas, rescuing people in the emergency room, or running from the law, George Clooney has managed to snare hot girlfriend after hot …


The 10 Best New Android Apps

Android’s ever-growing market is starting to leave iPhone users questioning their two-year commitment. Did you know you can file your taxes, jazz up your photos and even, yes, Snookify yourself using only your smartphone? Learn more here.


Video: Surprisingly Delicious Thanksgiving Leftover Meals

We all know Thanksgiving leftovers are one of the best parts of the holiday, but why settle for the same uninspired sandwich year after year? This week on For the Win, Mike Capes shows you how to get creative with your leftovers. Ever had a Thanksgiving pizza? That's only the beginning. Prepare to be impressed. And hungry. For more great advice every week, subscribe to Made Man's YouTube channe …


Safe and Smooth Ski and Board Trip Tips

Even if you are perfectly geared up to slay the slopes, your shred-venture will go sour if you don’t reach the mountain in the first place. So here’s how to arrive in style and in one piece, whether or not you have a hot-dogging Yeti to watch over you.


Dasha Astafieva: “Come and get me!”

She’s half of sexy pop group Nikita, Playboy’s 55th Anniversary Playmate, the face of an online dating service and a pretty funny interview. Jaw-dropping photos? Advice on romancing Eastern European babes? Chicken Kiev? We’ve got it all right here.


Jennifer Lopez Is Off the Market (For Now)

Several months after her well-publicized breakup with husband Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez is back in the saddle, having taken up with one of her background dancers. The lucky dude—24-year-old Casper Smart—accompanied Lopez to the American Music Awards after-party on Sunday night, where they reportedly proceeded to make out in front of everybody for an uncomfortably long period of time. The two ha …


Giant Reign 0, All-Terrain Beast

There are mountain bikes that climb great, cross-country great, and downhill great, but rarely does a single ride dominate in all three phases. Until now. The Giant Reign 0 is an all-terrain terror.


Danny Trejo: “When things go south, pray”

Everyone’s favorite badass has survived serious adversity to menace the big and small screens. Your moustache may never be as sweet as his, but you can still learn from Mr. Trejo’s tips on bouncing back, keeping fit and, yeah, meeting women.


Mo Fact of the Day

Men who participated in Movember this year are among the world’s manliest inhabitants.


Mo Fact of the Day

Nearly every man who has ever killed a bear in close combat has possessed the ability to grow a mustache.


Mo Tip of the Day

Shampoo your moustache at least a couple times a week to help keep it looking (and smelling) clean.


Mo Tip of the Day

Comb your moustache after every shower to help tame unruly whiskers.


Mo Fact of the Day

In a standard deck of playing cards, the king of hearts is the only king depicted without a moustache.