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10 Hot Older Women With Younger Men

This week's Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore dust-up got us thinking about older chicks hooking up with younger dudes. Can cougars and cubs actually make it? If Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey and these other unlikely pairings have their say, the answer is yes


Holly Madison Insures Breasts For One Million Dollars

Model Holly Madison took out a $1 million insurance policy on her breasts this week, once again proving that wealthy celebrities do strange, strange things with their money. Madison, best known for her role on Playboy-centric reality series The Girls Next Door, said her chest-mounted assets are her ...


10 Celebrity Babes With Insured Body Parts

When your livelihood depends on your looks, it's important to have a backup plan in the event of such unpredictable cataclysms as getting fat, developing saggy breasts or losing one or more of your teeth. No wonder celebrities like Holly Madison take out expensive insurance policies on their best ph ...


Christina Ricci on “Pan Am”

Twenty years after The Addams Family, Christina Ricci is flying high as a ’60s flight attendant in ABC’s Pan Am (Sundays, 10/9c), which celebrates a time when air travel was actually fun. This Made Babe, big word user and star of our Weirdly Hot Celebrity Women feature is psyched about her first reg ...


Can Older Women, Younger Men Relationships Work?

There’s no question that thinking about cougar-cub pairings like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher —or Jane Seymour chasing Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers—raises a lot of, well, questions. Why do women, who typically gravitate toward older men, decide they want to date significantly younger men? Why do ...


Sox, Braves Choke It All Away

In the span of about 20 minutes Wednesday night, we saw the two biggest September collapses in baseball history. The Red Sox gave away a 9-game lead to the Rays (capped off by a ninth-inning choke job to, of all teams, the Orioles), and the Braves blew an 8.5-game lead to the Cardinals (making ex-Br ...


The 13 Worst Collapses in Sports History

Athletes and sports teams love to roll up big leads, but sometimes, all that does is set the stage for even bigger freefalls—and the one-time leaders going down in history as unforgivable choke artists. Here are the unlucky 13 who wish we’d stop talking about them. Yes, 2011 Boston Red Sox, you made ...


NFL Survivor Pool Picks, Week Four

Last week, the Lions edged the Vikings by three, a point shy of the magic number. And the Chargers narrowly beat the Chiefs, keeping us perfect with our survivor pool picks. This week we like the Browns and Bears. Word of warning: a lot of favorites look like easy winners... and that’s just when the ...


Washington State Tourism Guide

Any Washington State Tourism Guide will include numerous national treasures. From lush parks and forests to wondrous waters, breathtaking mountains and beyond, Washington is home to much of the best of the great Northwest. Each travel destination offers gorgeous panoramic views, incredible flora and ...


How to Catch a Cougar

Ashton Kutcher did it—for a while, anyway—and you can, too. But you need to know what you're doing. Made Man's lovely cougar expert, Lucia, shares her top tips for bringing this rare and beautiful species back to your (well-appointed) man cave


Joan Jett, Heart and Donna Summer Nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

As a fan of music and women, we are happy to report that Joan Jett, Heart and Donna Summer have all been nominated for membership in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We won’t wade into the controversies about the Hall inducting the Eagles before the Ronettes or why they entirely ignore genres like pr ...


The 10 Hottest Women in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

While Joan Jett, Heart and Donna Summer were recently nominated, the following 10 fine-looking ladies stand out amongst the fewer than 30 female members of the overwhelmingly male club that is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We're not going to stage a protest just yet, but now's as good a time as an ...


The X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger: “You have to be a fighter”

Stirring the fantasies of millions who indeed wished their girlfriends were hot like her, Nicole Scherzinger brought sexy sizzle to the Pussycat Dolls and parlayed that into a solo singing career and a win on the tenth season of Dancing With the Stars. Now she’s joined Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and ...


Texas Hold Em Strategy

Texas Hold 'em strategy can take many forms depending on a number of factors. Size of the table, skill level of players, position of risk and style of opponents all can and do factor into how one approaches the game. If you are a new Texas Hold 'em player, it is vital that you gain a good fo ...


10 Celebrity Babes in Danger of a Nancy Grace-like Nip Slip

We don’t really watch Dancing With the Stars, but missing the news about Nancy Grace flashing a nipple to a terrified world was impossible. The Wicked Witch of HLN claims it was actually a nipple cover. Whatever. After washing our eyes with soap and water (twice!), we decided to concentrate on the a ...


Video: How to Wax and Shave (Your Chest)

A lot of men out there are turning to chest-hair grooming. It's not for everyone, and we're not necessarily saying you should go for it, but in case you feel compelled to rock the bare-chested look, we've got you covered. This week on For the Win, host Mike Capes walks you through the ins and outs o ...


Rihanna Bikini Top Offends Irishman, Not Us

Rihanna inadvertently managed to offend a Northern Irish farmer recently while filming a new music video in a wheat field east of Belfast. After agreeing to let Rihanna and her crew film in his field, farmer Alan Graham got upset when he saw Rihanna wearing a red bikini top for the video. "I thou ...


10 Rihanna Bikinis That Don’t Offend Us (PHOTOS)

Rihanna is currently one of the best-selling R&B artists in the world. This particular bikini top offended an Irishman, somehow. For a bigger version, click the pic. For more photos and facts, click "Next Page." She has been performing since she was 16. Her debut album, Mus ...


Six Signs She Might Leave You… For a Girl

There's no question Sapphic behavior is pretty much every guy’s fantasy. But what if your lady realizes she likes women better? These expert-explained red flags will keep you from being blindsided by Wild Things-like mischief


Will the New Facebook Cost You Your Job?

Water is wet, drill sergeants are mean and every time Facebook updates, it’s terrible. The latest update, however, seems more controversial than previous ones. Before now, you could easily cruise without incident. The new Facebook, however, isn’t content to just data mine you— ...


The 20 Best Celebrity Busts

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you love a woman, be it your wife, sister, girlfriend, mother or aunt, encourage her in the least awkward way possible to get a mammogram. Meanwhile, in anticipation of NBCAM, we've anointed the last week of September NBAW, National Breast Awaren ...


Monday Cheers: Week 3’s Hottest Cheerleaders

We continue our weekly roundup of football's hottest cheerleaders, from the teams you watched this weekend. Because sometimes there are better things than the ball to keep your eye on. New Orleans Saints Oakland Raiders St. Louis Rams Minnesota Vikings ...


Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tips

Grab your controller and get ready to dominate with these "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer tips. Whether you’re on Xbox or Playstation, know how to down your enemies before they down you. "Modern Warfare 2" is the sixth "Call of Duty" title and one of the most popul ...


10 Reasons Real-Life Moneyball Is Overrated

Brad Pitt and friends made millions at the box office this weekend. And while there is much to admire about the Michael Lewis book, the new movie and actual Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, here's the other side of the story


Deglon Meeting Knife Set

Can't cook? Look good trying with the clever-est knife set we've seen in a while. From Belgian industrial designer Mia Schmallenbach, Deglon's nested stainless steel knives are more sculpture than kitchenware, so expect to pay fine art prices ($574). But consider that along with the stunning visual ...


Depression Medication List

A depression medication list is very beneficial for assisting you with the choice of antidepressant medication to use. There are numerous depression medications available, which all have benefits and risks involved. One depression medication may work well for one person, but can have adverse reactio ...


4 Ways Rock Climbing Can Make You Better At Sex

Rock climbers are freaks when it comes to musculature and are often stronger athletes than the ones with huge endorsement deals and their own shoe lines and posters. These buff climbers are actually dynamos in the sack because they are in shape and can do things most of us can’t do anywhere, e ...


Hollywood Cookie Diet

The Hollywood Cookie Diet is not without controversy and skepticism. However, if you want to jumpstart your weight loss program and see results fast, this program just may be for you. Of course everyone wants to see results right away. But most become bored and unmotivated fast if they do not see at ...

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