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The 12 Hottest Women of 2012

Is it possible to pick just 12 women to represent the hottest of the hot for the entire past year? Maybe not, but we gave it a try.


Eyes on the Postseason Prize

Maybe good things come in twos. Made Man blogger/Bengals star A.J. Green just made a second straight Pro Bowl while Cincy’s making a second straight playoff trip. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of a great NFL success story in his latest post.


Behind the Scenes With Diddy

Looking for a laugh? If you like those Macy's ads with Diddy, you'll love the outtakes. Check 'em out in the exclusive clip above, and enjoy.


How We All Became Creeps

As we continue our exploration of modern manhood, our thoughts turn to love. And we discover that in 2012 it’s almost impossible for a man not to be creepy around women. Why? According to essayist Eric Kester, we have the Internet to thank.


4 New Year’s Grooming Recovery Tips

There are as many silly cures for hangovers as there are hiccups, but what most guys overlook are the cutting-edge ways to heal a hung-over face and body. Try these Birchbox Man-approved tips.


4 Tricks To Help You Hold Your Liquor

With these four tricks to help you hold your liquor, you can become the life of the party, rather than the dud that taps out earlier than everyone else. If you prefer hard liquor to other types of alcohol, you may need to employ some tricks to help you hold it. This is mainly because liquor can have a much higher alcohol content than other drinks, such as beer or wine. Drink water. A simple tri …


5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Sick Girlfriend

Taking care of your sick girlfriend can seem like a drag, but don’t miss this golden opportunity to score some major points. If you show the right amount of sympathy and do your best to be an excellent caregiver, your girlfriend isn’t likely to forget once she’s all better. She may even be so grateful that she rewards you in an extra special way. At the very least, you’ll know that she’ll be there …


How to Cook Prime Rib Right

It’s the time of year to step up your culinary game, and serving proper prime rib is a manly way to impress the whole damn fam. Well, everyone except the vegans, anyway. So heed these notes on seasoning, cooking and serving with success.


Holding Tight to Football and Family

In the spirit of this time of year, Green Bay star/Made Man blogger Randall Cobb is thankful for the Pack’s second straight division title and a chance to gather with loved ones. He’s got a funny little tale about his first meeting with Santa Claus, too.


A Present Day Problem

Gift-giving only gets harder as advances in technology slowly encroach on our lives.


16 Warm, Wonderful Whiskeys

We’ve spent the past month sampling from several bottles to pass along our thoughts on what to drink this holiday season. We heartily recommend these 16 warm, wonderful whiskeys.


20 Great Men We’ll Miss

This year, we lost a lot of legends. So many that we couldn’t pick just 12. Instead, we decided to honor a solid 20. Here’s a tribute to icons who died in 2012, great men we'll miss.


Buzz-worthy: The Starbucks Verismo

There’s been a lot of chatter about the new Starbucks Verismo, billed as the first machine to produce coffeehouse-quality lattes, espressos and brewed coffee, one cup at a time. So you might be wondering, is it any good? We gave it a test-drive to find out.


The Day Of

If you're selected to attend a friend's bachelor party, it's up to you to to make sure his pre-marriage life goes out with a bang.


The Night Out

Before you set out for your night of debauchery, be sure to have a plan.


Defeating the Hangover

The day after a bachelor party doesnt need to feel like the end of the world. Take these tips and knock those hangovers out.


4 Ginger Ale Cocktails Perfect For Any Occasion

Ginger ale isn't a beverage to be consumed only when you're feeling a little queasy. A crisp, refreshing ginger ale is a perfect mixer for cocktails. It's neutral enough to work with different types of spirits but has that distinctive bite that will bring your booze to the next level. These four ginger ale-based cocktails are perfect for any occasion and they might even make you feel good when you …


6 Ways Marriage Can Improve Your Sex Life

This just in. Apparently being married can actually improve your sex life. Who would have guessed that spending time with one woman could actually make you better at sex. All this time guys have been thinking that they needed a boat load of sexual partners to really achieve sexual greatness. Well no more. Why deal with multiple women with multiple hang ups, attitudes, problems and such? Just find …


4 Reasons You Should Take Your Girlfriend To A College Football Game

The next time you’re stumped for a date idea, you should take your girlfriend to a college football game. While she may not initially view a game date as romantic as a candlelight dinner or as groovy as a jaunt to the hottest nightclub, it makes a great date for several reasons. We came up with four fabulous reasons to take your girlfriend to a college football game—and don’t be surprised if she’s …


Speakeasy: Doug Benson

In our latest episode, the star comic tells Paul F. Tompkins about the role of stuffed penguins in stand-up comedy, the magic of Super High Me and his experience being a background dancer in Michael Jackson’s Captain EO. Bottoms up!


23 Sexy Celebrity Santa Babes

What is it that’s so appealing about hot girls dressed up in an old fat guy’s clothing? Hard to say, but the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without them.


4 New Years Eve Destinations Guaranteed To Be Crazy

New Year's Eve is a season meant for revelry, merriment and, let's face it-downright decadence. Who wants to be sitting quietly, pen in hand, contemplating the ruins of the past year? Or worse-composing that useless list of soon forgotten New Year's resolutions? No doubt, New Year's Eve is the night to get wild and crazy. Check out these wild and crazy New Year's Eve destinations to get the all-ni …


12 Shining Moments in Manhood

It’s easy to get jaded, focusing more on the muck of humanity than that which makes us proud to be human. But over the past year, plenty of guys stepped up and inspired the world. Study these manly moments, then go out and do something awesome.


Aiming for a Smooth Finish

As the Bengals scramble for a playoff spot, Pro Bowl receiver and Made Man blogger A.J. Green breaks down what separates the contenders from the pretenders, why road games are different and, most important, how he keeps his complexion so clear.