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6 Horrific Thoughts To Help You Delay Orgasm

Sometimes, you're having such an awesome time during sex that you need to resort to horrific thoughts to help you delay orgasm. You don't want to go too far, to the "point of no return," because then the party is over. She's looking up at you all disappointed because your promises of impressive stamina turned out to be figments of your own imagination. Later on, she'll tell her girlfriends about t …


4 Of The Hottest Royal Women On The Planet

Royal families are often hounded by rumors of incest and inbreeding, which lead their offspring to grow up looking like Prince Charles. However, some members of this elite clan turn out beautiful and in doing so, immediately become some of the most alluring women on the planet. They have everything—money, wealth, fame—and just being alongside them affords the opportunity to wear a crown and place …


5 Legal Drugs That Could Still Easily Kill You

Most people often think of illegal drugs like crack, cocaine and heroin when they hear of death through drug use. However, legal drugs that can be bought with prescriptions or over-the-counter can lead to overdose and death. When legal drugs are abused or fall into the wrong hands, a catastrophic outcome can result. The same holds true when legal drugs are combined with alcohol use. Vicodin -- …


11 Signs You’re a Happy Man

Made Man donned its John Stossel hat (and moustache) and asked the touchy-feely question, “How do you know if you’re happy?” Then we dug through psychology papers and quizzed a happiness expert to uncover surefire signs. Read and learn.


Check Out Our New Series, Speakeasy

Made Man's new series, Speakeasy, features some of Hollywood's most iconic men chatting over drinks with host and comedian Paul F. Tompkins to offer viewers a unique glimpse into their lives—and spirits.


6 Arguments You Can Easily Avoid In Any Relationship

Relationship arguments are bound to pop up now and again, but there are arguments you can easily avoid in any relationship. You may have to change a few habits, but it's better to change than to constantly bicker with your girlfriend. Those little squabbles can pile up over time, slowly driving you insane. To avoid a trip to the crazy house, practice a little cleverness and a little consideration. …


How To Get Through A Bad Date

So, you've found yourself on the wrong end of a bad date. Figuring out how to get through said bad date is as easy as you want it to be. There's no pressure to put your best foot forward, the date's bad, it's not like you're going to ask her out again. The best way to deal with a bad date is to make it fun, for you. Seriously, turning a bad date into a game makes it much more bearable. A little bi …


How To Tip A Bartender And Get Free Drinks

Bartender's eat off the tips they get. It's no secret. Their hourly wages are pretty much a joke. Because of this, it's in a bartenders best interest to be personable, to give great service in order to make good tips. Being hot helps as well. What's not good for business is to give away drinks for free. In the grand scheme of things, a few free drinks won't hurt the bar's total income in an evenin …


Why Andrew Luck Just Might Suck

Analysts believe the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft is one of the best quarterback prospects ever. Indianapolis Colts fans dream he’ll turn their team back into a contender. And our NFL expert has a few reasons they might want to think twice.


4 Of The Coolest Jobs Any Man Can Have

When you were a kid, you thought the coolest jobs any man can have involved capes, masks, tights and damsels in distress; but just because you grew up does not mean you have to give up on achieving awesomeness. Some of the coolest jobs any man can have will make you feel like a superhero. Bounty Hunter Maybe you wanted to be Officer Friendly when you grew up, but now you're stuck in a cubicl …


7 Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Women

Guys make mistakes, and they definitely make mistakes when it comes to women. If it were only seven, guys wouldn't be that bad off, but here are seven mistakes of a more grand fashion that men make when approaching women. Pay attention. You probably do it, too. These so-called social snafus may not be what you think. The root mistake. The first and most universal of mistakes that men make is mo …


The 5 Longest Races People Actually Run

 If you can run a marathon, you are in good shape. When your body can take the rigors of running a 26-mile, 385-yards, you have passed a major fitness test. However, you are not running the longest race. There are ultramarathon races for those who just can’t get enough and 26 miles is just the beginning. Here are the five longest running races in the world. Trans America Footrace  This is an …


The 4-Week Beach Body Plan, Part 4

Our fitness expert has covered how to build ripped abs, powerful legs and a barrel chest. The final piece of the beach body puzzle is awesome arms. And he’s got the perfect workout to get ’em: a little something he calls “Sleeveless.” Arnold would be proud…


Lies! 5 Myths About Casual Sex

Somehow, sleeping with people you aren’t necessarily committed to gets a bad rap. But here's why casual sex can be awesome.


Nike Basketball Elite Series

The NBA playoffs tipped off Saturday, and Nike rolled out three updated signature hoops shoes that take both your game and your style to the next level... CONTINUED


The 5 Least Manly Things You Can Have In Your Kitchen

The kitchen will always be one of the key rooms in your home. When you are a single man or a man who does most of the cooking in your family, the kitchen is your domain. You want everyone to feel welcome, but there should be no doubt that it's your area. You don't want to have an unmanly kitchen. You can get the job done while avoiding feminine trappings that are often associated with kitchen desi …


6 Badass Ways To Walk Away From A Fight

 When you are involved in a confrontation, you may come to the realization that getting into a fight is not the right answer. You may or may not have a physical advantage over your opponent, but that is not the issue at hand. You may be with family members and perhaps you want to set the right example. Maybe you want to avoid a fight because it can lead to involvement with law enforcement. That ca …


5 Tips For Strip Club Etiquette

Yes, a strip club is a place where you can let loose. Alcohol, music, and most importantly, scantily-clad young ladies in cheap perfume create an atmosphere of total debaucherous behavior...within limits, of course. Believe it or not,  there is a certain etiquette one must follow when they patronize strip clubs. Failure to follow this etiquette is the quickest way to get thrown out on your head an …


4 Gentle Ways To Say No When A Girl Asks You Out

Gently saying no when a girl asks you out on a first date can be tricky. Although you might be tempted to keep it simple with a sweetly-uttered, “No,” you might end up with hurt feelings—and rage. Nobody wants to be the target of a woman scorned. A more effective approach is one of these 4 gentle ways to say no when a girl asks you out. The compliment approach Cushion the blow of your saying no …


6 Hot Secretaries From TV And Film

Secretaries have been alluring figures for man since the dawn of time. It's hard to pin point the reason why they make us so heated under the collar. Maybe it's because they attempt to cloak their sexuality under a modest, business appropriate blouse and we see it as an opportunity—neigh a challenge—to uncover. Unless you are a fan of sexual harassment lawsuits, the actual pursuit of a secretary n …


6 Ways Being A Better Listener Can Make You Better At Sex

It's no secret: Men value their sexual prowess. Knowing that you're capable of satisfying your lady in the bedroom is a source of tremendous pride, but sadly, men don't put the same premium on being good listeners. But guess what? The two don't have to be mutually exclusive. It's true; being a better listener can make you better at sex. Don't believe it? Well, open your eyes and ears, and check ou …


7 Ways To Hide An Erection From Wandering Eyes

Sure, you're not thirteen anymore, but hot chicks and hot thoughts can still leave a man in need of a very cold shower. Pronto. In your defense however, it's not always sexual thoughts alone that can arouse your man part; you can end up with an erection anytime blood decides to race to the corpora cavernosa, also known as the “erection chambers." Your choices include going with the flow (so to spe …


5 Low Impact Workouts That Will Help You Get Ready For Summer

When it comes to good health, strong muscles and a good mind, low impact workouts gets you there! Take it from a fitness staff member, there are multiple low impact workouts and exercises that most anyone young or old could try. From fitness center machines to using the great outdoors, workouts can be limitless. But what are the top five low impact workouts that tend to have the best results? E …