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Win Cash! 5 Expert NFL Betting Tips

The NFL season is almost upon us, and those who like to wager are doubly psyched. In related news, the head of a Vegas sportsbook gave us sweet advice that should make you as ecstatic as Eli will be if the Giants beat the Cowboys next week. Wanna bet?


Behind the Lights: Flipping the Field

The Oakland Coliseum is the last stadium still used for both MLB and NFL games. How do they make the switch? From moving 24,000-pound slabs of concrete to dropping in seats for the “Black Hole,” here’s an inside look at the quick change.


Freaky Good Sound: The Soundfreaq Sound Stack

The Sound Stack ($400) is loud. Really loud. For a device that's a little under a foot-and-a-half wide and outfitted with a pair of small full-range drivers, it delivers a forceful sound that'll fill a room, shake the walls and send bass tremors running up your legs. Part of that power comes from the Sound Stack's dual sub-woofers, which work in time with their driver counterparts to pump out a …


7 Awesomely Unusual Watches

Your standard, everyday field watch or digital timepiece is fine, but a unique time teller can convey character, start conversations and just plain look cool. Try on one of these... CONTINUED


Major Leaguers Who Can’t Let Go

Over the weekend, 50-year-old Roger Clemens threw 37 pitches for the Atlantic League’s Sugar Land Skeeters. (Yup, still frosting the tips!) Think what you want, but he’s just one of numerous baseball has-beens who kept going way past their prime…


Summer Glau Graces Alphas

Fan-boy favorite Summer Glau reprises her guest role as a reclusive super-genius punk rocker on a new episode of Alphas.


How To Throw A Knife Like A Ninja

If you've envisioned your knife's blade going straight into the bull's eye of your target, you'll need to know how to throw a knife like a ninja to be able to get it done. A ninja doesn't just take target practice with a knife with the hope that he'll improve. A ninja starts from the bottom and works his way up by developing basic skills first. Once the foundation is developed, you can move on the …


5 Things To Say To A Girl At The Apple Store

So your Apple laptop has broken, you dropped your iPhone again, or you're looking to spend a lot of money on a new computer: basically you end up at the Apple store that's packed with tourists, yuppies and a bunch of dopes who are wearing the same shirt. However, there is something else here catching your attention other than the futuristic computer products and slight discount on the Harmon Kardo …


4 Horror Movie Themed Cocktails For The Slasher In All Of Us

Getting friends together to have a party and watch a horror movie or three is a great way to spend an evening, as it will undoubtedly lead to jumps, laughs and thrills, and ultimately, a lot of drinking. Rather than swill beer or some cheap trash can punch like the high school kids who get gutted in slasher movies, make some original horror movie themed cocktails that are not only strong and delic …


Stephen Moyer Is One Lucky Vampire

Er, guy. He’s hitched to sexy True Blood co-star Anna Paquin, and the HBO show remains hugely popular as it steamrolls toward its Season 5 finale Sunday night. We asked this fine British actor about vampires, accents, TV, cars and, you know, his wife.


3 More Ways to Bench Press More

The bench press is by no means the ultimate gym move, but we guys can’t help but love it. Want to start pushing up serious steel? Our fitness expert reveals the secrets to boosting your bench-osity. Time to stock up on those 45-pound plates…


Ashley Greene Talks Apparition

Ashley Greene’s new horror movie, The Apparition, makes us afraid to stay indoors. Then again, if this haunting beauty were lounging on the couch we’d forget all about it.


People You Want On Your Road Trip, And People You Don’t

There’s no better way to experience America than to jump in a car and venture out across the country for a good old-fashioned road trip. But never make the mistake of hitting the road with whoever happens to be standing around. Selecting the right group of friends to accompany you on this adventure may require some tough decision-making, in order to ensure a good time is had by all. So before you …


Key Items To Keep In Your Trunk

  Any road trip veteran knows that there are certain valuable things you should bring on any road trip. After all, out on the road, it pays to be prepared. It's doubly true if you have a schedule you need to keep, because one small bump in the road can be your undoing. By keeping your wits about you, but not to mention reading this guide, you’ll have all the items you need for your road tr …


Best Ways To Document Your Road Trip

Road trips are an American right of passage! Whether it was a summer vacation spent trekking across the country in the back seat of a station wagon, or just you and a group of buddies making a spring break run to Daytona Beach, Florida, you’ve no doubt shared in the road trip experience one or twice before. The question is, how much of those trips — and all the amazing sights and scenes you passed …


Behind the Lights: Building the Stanford Tree

It’s the ugliest mascot in sports. On the verge of college football season, we experience everything that goes into creating the 7-foot, 20-pound Stanford Tree costume (welding!), wearing it with pride and, of course, using it to chase pretty girls.


Office-Friendly Messenger Bags

For the pedal-pushing couriers and commuters of the world, the body-encircling messenger bag is a badge of distinction. The rest of us require something a little less aggro for everyday gear transport. Check out these work-appropriate options... CONTINUED


RG3 and the Heisman Curse

He’s expected to go second on Thursday night, but just because Robert Griffin III lit it up at Baylor doesn’t mean he’ll do the same in the NFL. The list of Heisman winners who bombed at the next level is not exactly short. Witness these 10 busts...


7 Best Road Trip Cars

  Go West, young man. The way of your fathers and grandfathers.  Americans have been going on road trips since before the Oregon Trail. We used to do hitch our wagon to horses and oxen. Now our road companions are tape decks and Twizzlers. Here are 7 of the best road trip cars.   Ford Fusion Hybrid - Gas? We don't need no stinking gas. US News ranked it the #1 Hybrid car …


Bruce Lee Kicked Fashion’s Ass

You know him as a martial artist and a film star. What you may not know about Bruce Lee is that the man was a style icon who sported the choicest threads of his day. He even made leisure suits look good. Not that anyone would tell him otherwise.


6 Essential Road Trip Foods

There are few things in life that are better than hitting the open road behind the wheel of your own automobile. The long stretches of pavement, the sights and sounds of the freeways, and some good friends all make for a pretty awesome time. But on a road trip, the destination is pretty important too, even if the journey is sometimes the best part. And if you have a destination in mind, you probab …