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6 Hot Actresses That Almost Look Like Angelina Jolie

Jolie's intensity allows her to play action roles with credibility. The full lips, the high cheekbones, the near-perfect body, the stunning self-confidence, that right leg—these are just a few of the characteristics that make Angelina Jolie one of the most exotic actresses in the world. She is gifted at her craft and she also has a conscience. With Jolie spending more of her time on charitable an …


6 Ways to Avoid Answering: Does This Make Me Look Fat?

During the course of any relationship, most guys will have their girlfriends or wives greet them with that most dreaded question: “Does this make me look fat?” And it seems like absolutely anything you say is the wrong answer. When you can’t read your partner’s mind like she expects you to, you might end up exiled to the couch, denied sex or will otherwise become a victim of her bitchy passive-agg …


7 Ways To Get Ready For A Date

<img id="4718" src="" alt="guy-on-date.jpg" /> Scenario: It’s late Friday afternoon and you’ve got to go blow up…err…pick up your date in a couple hours. You want to look presentable and not like the lazy slob you usually are, but you also want her to see some of the real you too. How do you find a bearable middle …


The Top 10 Male Celeb Clothing Lines

You’ve watched them do a variety of things—perform sports feats, drop beats, put butts in seats. But there’s one thing that unites the guys on this list: they’ve all got fashion sense. Here’s what we think of the styles they’re pushing. And where to get it, of course.


6 Tell Tale Signs You’re Being Used

You're a good guy. You don't mind being there for your woman. It makes you feel good when she comes to you for help. You don't care if she asks you for money, time, for you to build something. As a matter of fact, you do it for her without her even having to ask. You may as well be her personal Genie. You'd do anything and everything to keep her happy. But when does it go too far? When does it sta …


6 Five Dollar Meals That Taste Like 20 Dollars

By shopping at a no-frills discount supermarket where food is dirt cheap, you can make six five-dollar meals that taste like twenty dollars. Some are even date-worthy! Just take $30 and buy all your ingredients at once to prepare for six days of getting your grub on, on the cheap. Here’s how! You will need: 2 large chicken breasts = $3 2lbs ground beef = $5 1lb ham = $4.25 1 onion …


High Steaks 3: Rock the Rib Eye

This steak doesn’t just have a manly name—it also tastes so great it’ll knock your socks off. Not to mention the socks of whoever is lucky enough to be joining you for a meaty feast with it as the centerpiece. Here are all the expert prep tips you’ll need...


6 Tips For Breaking Up With A Crazy Girlfriend

Getting rid of a crazy girlfriend is not always easy, because, well, she's crazy. You don't know if she'll go quietly, or if she'll go all Lorena Bobbitt. And even after you get her to leave, there's a chance she'll linger. The thing about crazy is that crazy has no patterns. You can't quite read a crazy girlfriend. So, understanding where she's coming from can make quantum physics seem like the " …


6 Smart People That Went To Junior College

The most common way to get a formal education is to go to a four year university after completing high school. Many individuals don't go that route because a four year college can be very expensive and out of the student's price range. As a result, many individuals choose to go to junior college before continuing their education at a four year university. Junior and community college students have …


The 5 Best Ways You Can Rub Your Success In Other People’s Faces

Standing up and shouting how wildly successful you does not make people impressed. It instead makes you look like an idiot. Rubbing your success in people’s faces in a way that is a bit more subtle is much more effective. No one will care how big or powerful or rich or high up on the food chain you are if they simply can’t stand you. If you make a good impression from the get-go, on the other hand …


What Linsanity Is Really Worth

His game may have cooled off a bit, but Jeremy Lin is still so money when it comes to, well, money. From merchandising and ticket sales to MSG’s stock price and the value of his rookie card, here’s a closer look at the just how much cold, hard cash the kid is moving…


Gerber Steady Multi-Tool

You might not always need a fold-out tripod in your multi-tool, but when a memorable moment presents itself, you’ll be glad to have one. The Gerber Steady is perfect for photography lovers who aren’t afraid to rough it...CONTINUED


6 Of The Hottest Female Oscar Winners To Ever Thank The Academy

Winning an Oscar is the pinnacle of any actresses’ career, even more so than starring alongside Eddie Murphy or Jim Carrey. They are immediately thrust in front of the greatest directors, actors and actresses on the planet, as well as the billions of people watching from their homes, and if that doesn't scare them, to within an inch of urinating in their elegant attire then the fact that they have …


The Idiot’s Guide To Making Out

When it comes to making out, some guys don't have a clue. Some would even say they're idiots. Well, this is the idiot's guide to making out, and it'll outline certain dos and don'ts in the make out game. By the end of this tutorial, you'll at least be able to make out well enough so she doesn't run away scared of your uncontrolled lips. With anything worth learning, practice makes perfect, so take …


How To Make A Lunch Date A Real Date

"Let's do lunch!", a catchy phrase, usually indicates a brief interlude and a chat over goat cheese and. But, you have a mad crush on a lovely co-worker. You two have been bantering and flirting for a while. Maybe you suggested trying the new Thai place down the way for lunch tomorrow, and she's in agreement. Sweet. Take it out of the friend-zone and make your casual lunch date count. Guys, get re …


5 Things Women Never Actually Mean

Whether or not you truly believe all women are crazy, every guy knows there are certain things they say that they don’t really mean. But this knowledge alone isn’t enough. You need to know what they actually do mean by them. Our dating expert explains...


To Hollywood! 2 Cool Oscars Drinks

The 84th Academy Awards is this Sunday. For some people, this is a really big deal. For the rest of us, it’s just a great excuse to get a little tipsy.


NASCAR Star Trevor Bayne Revs Up

What were you doing the day after your 20th birthday? Trevor Bayne was winning the Daytona freakin’ 500. This Sunday he’ll aim to defend his title. But first, he swapped paint with Made Man about dream cars, racing movies and a sick driving trick you can do.


The 3 Healthiest Chinese Fast Food Options

When you're ordering something quick from an Asian restaurant, you might wonder what the healthiest Chinese fast food options are. Chinese take-out can be delicious, but sometimes that flavor comes at the cost of your dieting. A lot of the food is fried in oil and loaded with salt, and those are both no-nos when it comes to keeping your heart healthy and your blood pressure low. That's no reason t …


5 Ways To Fix A Bad Haircut

The best thing about hair is that it grows back, which is a particularly useful trait when you’re slammed with a bad haircut. Although getting a bad haircut may make you feel like your life is over—or at least like your love life will end up at a standstill—all is not lost. You can hide the thing, try to fix the thing, or turn the bad haircut into a prime opportunity to have a little fun. …


The 6 Best Face Washes For Men

Your face is generally the first thing people notice about you. And by "people", you know we mean "women". Given your face's prominent role in attracting the opposite sex, it makes sense that you'd want it to be in tip-top condition, right? Back in the day, men never worried about facial cleansers, but today's man is a different breed, and we know about the benefits of properly cleansing our faces …


The Casual Fan’s Guide to Jeremy Lin

He’s more than a crossover-dribbling, stereotype-smashing inspiration for increasingly terrible puns who has averaged 24 points and 9 assists a game in leading the Knicks back to relevance. We answer all your burning questions in this breakdown...


6 Hot WNBA Players Who Can School You On The Court

When the subject is hot looking female athletes, talk does not usually turn to the WNBA. While the athletes who play women's professional basketball have remarkable talent, they are not perceived as having the same level of glamour and attractiveness as tennis players, golfers, gymnasts and swimmers. However, when you go down the rosters of the WNBA teams, you may be pleasantly surprised at some o …


6 Things Your Car Says About You To Women

How many times have you driven up to pick up your date, only to have her wide smile sink to a grimace once she caught a glimpse of your car? Once is more than enough to convince you your auto may need an overhaul–or you may need a new vehicle altogether. Before you run out to buy the flashiest car on the lot, check out six things your car says about you to women so you can make a more informed cho …


8 Reason’s Why A Tailor Should Be A Man’s Best Friend

Move over Fido, it’s high time for the tailor to be a man’s new best friend. While the honor has long gone to the dog, a tailor can be just as much as a chick magnet and even more helpful when it comes to looking good in whatever you wear. His needle and thread can work magic for your image, and keep you and your belongings safe, to boot. Here are eight reasons why a tailor should be your new best …