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6 Reasons Why Canada Is Awesome For Vacations

Canada has great physical beauty with its mountains, lakes, glaciers and forests. However,  there's a lot more to vacationing in Canada than a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. This country has some of the cleanest and most beautiful cities, an exciting French culture in Quebec and some of the most tolerant people in the world. It is also a sports-oriented country, with plenty of options for the …


6 Ways You Can Be Funnier To Women

If you have a face like Brad Pitt or a body like All-Pro receiver Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions, you're in. You don't have anything to worry about when it comes to the opposite sex because women are going to flock to you. However, if you're in the group that includes 99 percent of the rest of the male population, you have to work on your game if you're going to be successful with women. One …


5 Condiments Every Man Needs

Here is a quick lesson in the five condiments every man needs. There is more to a condiment than a package that leaks liquid substance. When it comes to good taste, condiments know how to bring it! So what are these five condiments every man needs? A1 Steak Sauce for the A1 man. The United Kingdom gave men what they wanted in 1831: a steak sauce that would prove flavor-enhancing to bland meat …


6 Of The Greatest Real Life Ladies Men To Ever Walk The Earth

Who among us hasn't dreamed of becoming a great ladies' man? What could be better than finding that nearly every woman you come across wants to go to bed with you. In most cases, it helps if you are something of a celebrity because that means more men' class='linkify' target='_blank'>women know who you are. If you have that special something—the Kavorka, according to Seinfeld's Kramer—you have …


4 Great All Around Body Hair Trimmers

Sometimes, men can be a little hairy—sometimes even more than a "little" hairy. In order to look your best, you need to keep your wild and wooly hair growth under control. There's no need for expensive electrolysis when you can use these four great all around body trimmers. Braun Cruzer6 Body Braun is well known in the world of men's grooming, and that's because their products have a track r …


7 Moustaches Men Should Wear

The manliest of men have intimate knowledge about the moustaches men should wear. Upper lip adornments are the pinnacle of machismo, but you can't just start growing hair under your nose with no regard for style, right? You've got to know which moustaches men should wear before you start growing your soup-strainer. There are a lot of choices out there. Lucky for you, this list will point out the b …


Knomo iPad 2 Folio

Equal parts leather, plastic and magic, this tablet cover is both beautifully crafted and brilliantly designed to make your digital life easy. Click the pic for more.


6 Ways To Deal With Rejection From A Woman

Learning how to deal with rejection from the fairer sex is something most guys just pick up over the normal course of time. A man's learning curve is a very slow one when it comes to women. From the time a guy first realizes he likes girls until college or so, he fails more times than he succeeds. It's sort of a right of passage when you finally figure out how to maneuver more effectively in socia …


4 Hot Sideline Reporters You Will See On ESPN

The value of sideline reporters at sporting events has been questioned for years. When a reporter asks a question of a disinterested football coach who wants to get into the locker room to yell at his players, it often produces little beyond boredom and cliches. However, a good sideline reporter will also get injury information, strategic changes and personnel moves as the game is in progress. ESP …


Cold Brew For The Game: 4 Of The Best Beers For Watching Football

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. The biggest game of the football season is back and what goes perfect with pigskin? Beer. Of course during every game there are about a dozen beer commercials, making you crave an iced cold one to help wash down that platter of wings and make life seem worth living—even when your team is down by three touchdowns. The Super Bowl only comes once a year …


Cheers! The 6 Best Super Bowl Drinks

In honor of Super Bowl 46, Made Man’s house mixologist presents beverages hailing from the two contenders’ hometowns. From New York’s Bronx Cocktail (left) to New England’s Ward 8 (right), they’ll guarantee that no matter who wins, you’ll be ready to celebrate.


8 Celebrity Men With Grey Hair Who Still Look Good

Growing old is a scary process, which has many dramas that you will confront along the way. You gain more weight, your appearance becomes more and more unkempt and your hair turns grey, and eventually begins to fall out. However there are a group of celebrities who have managed to age in a graceful manner and here's a distinctive list of eight celebrity men with grey hair who still look good. They …


4 Truths About Women No Man Should Ever Forget

Even though men think that they know how a woman's mind works, they often make mistakes or blunders that can cause arguments and fights, which is why you should acquaint yourself with the 4 truths about women no man should ever forget to ensure smooth sailing. These should and will help you understand women better, whether that woman is your mother, friend or significant other. We like stabilit …


6 Date Opportunities Most Men Completely Miss

Guys are oblivious to certain things. Most men are pretty good at being a third party. They can see things happening to their buddies a mile away, but when it comes to identifying scenarios you're personally involved in, you guys can be completely blind. You are at your blindest when women subtly hint at being interested. Maybe it's because you don't recognize the signs, or maybe you're an idiot. …


Mission Workshop Eiger Field Jacket

Just as comfortable as the ragged old thing you wore sneaking a smoke behind the bleachers in high school, but about 10,000 times more stylish. Click the pic for details.


6 Reasons You Should Not Workout With A Girlfriend

There are plenty of reasons you should not workout with a girlfriend. Men and women have different philosophies when it comes to working out. What seemed like a neat idea to spend time together can quickly turn toxic when you workout with your girlfriend. It's important to keep your body healthy, but not at the expense of your relationship's health. There are several key reasons you should not wor …


4 Men’s Lotions Men Should Use

The man of today has to look his best. Years ago, that meant a sharp suit and a nice haircut, but nowadays we men have to go beyond that. We need to take care of our skin, something our forefathers would have said was "for the women." Moisturizers and lotions have long been the domain of the ladies, but it's time for the men to get in on the action. But which men's lotions should you use? Differen …


8 Signs A Girl Isn’t Worth Your Time

Who said guys can't be romantics? The truth is, a guy can be the most hopeless romantic around, even when the chick he's swooning over isn't quite worth it. How many times have you seen a buddy of yours fall head over heels for a woman that really didn't treat him right? Maybe you've been the victim of IUS (Instant Unwarranted Sweating). Guys have a tendency to fixate on one or two superficial thi …


Drink This: Glenrothes Vintage 1995

This 16-year-old single malt might not be old enough to get into bars, but that won’t stop you from wanting to spend quality time with it.


The Idiot’s Guide To Kissing

Becoming a good kisser isn't that hard. All you have to do is pay attention the the woman you're kissing. You see, being a good kisser is relative to the person you're actually smooching. It's the ability to make your lips and tongue dance with hers, but it's also the ability to make her come after you. People want what they can't have, right? Make her want your lips because you won't readily give …


5 Beers No Man Should Drink After 25

You had your fun in college. Now it's time to stop drinking crappy beers. Pour yourself a good micro brew from Vermont or Colorado and take a few lessons here. If you're 25 or older and drink any of the following beers, you're simply stuck in the past. You're one of those hangers-on. All your friends are talking behind your back and speculating about when you'll get a job and get on with your life …


Madness! How to Hate Like a Pro

We’re all haters. Yes, everyone, no matter how sweet they seem, hates. But there’s nothing wrong with hating, as long you do it the right way. The author of a new book on the subject shares seven essential tenets. Hey, it’s working for Newt Gingrich…


Ohio Tourism Guide: All Things are Possible

The crack of the bat at Cincinnati Reds game accents only a scratch of what Ohio tourism has to offer.  The sound of Van Halen and Ozzi Osborn. A blood curling scream from the sudden and unexpected drop on a roller coaster. What do all these have in common? These are all just a part of the components of a great time in the state of Ohio. The following is a guide to Ohio tourism in regards to …


4 Tips That Will Help You Stay Faithful In A Long Distance Relationship

One of the biggest challenges of being in love with someone far, far away is staying faithful in a long distance relationship. Your far-away sweetie may be holding your heart, but it can be tempting to break your promise of monogamy when a nearby sweetie is promising to hold other body parts. Here are 4 tips that will help you stay faithful in a long distance relationship. Communicate Often A w …


4 Ways To Tell People About Your Break Up Without Crying

When it comes time to people about your break up, even the manliest of men might feel the urge to cry. This is especially true if the break up was not your decision. Letting go of your emotions and crying about the break up should be reserved for close friends, and there are a few ways to avoid this outburst of emotions when talking to everyone else about the break up. Let yourself cry in priva …


The 7 Worst Kinds Of Football Fans You Will See On Game Day

In 2010, 175 million people watched at least one NFL game that season. With numbers that staggering, it's inevitable that the NFL would attract a few jerks and morons. What is normally a mild annoyance at any game can turn unbearable if you just dropped two grand for tickets to see the Giants and Patriots face off at the Super Bowl. Now, we wouldn't want that. So, here they are: the seven worst ki …


Debriefing: The One Percent

While you might think these folks subsist solely on a diet of Beluga caviar and gold, that’s not, strictly speaking, true. In fact, the One Percent is a diverse group that may include people you actually know. In the debut of Debriefing, we break it all down.