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How To Dip A Girl And Not Drop Her On Her Head

Women love dancing, and they love to be dipped. But knowing how to dip a girl and not drop her on her head can be a daunting task for some men. If you're not light on your feet, dropping your girl right on her head when you try to dip her might be a legitimate fear. However, with the right dance moves and appropriate precautions, you'll leave your dancing partner wanting more, rather than with a m …


4 Tequila Shots That Will Take Your Night To Another Level

Tequila is a wild man's drink. It's a rough drink, too. It goes down like fire, and it can lead to situations where your pants have mysteriously disappeared, and you suddenly find yourself wearing a huge sombrero. But why just drink the Mexican nectar straight up when you can add a little panache to your shots? Add some extra spice to your drinking with these four tequila shots that will take your …


7 Comedy Bands That Are Worth Listening To

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to both rock, and be funny at the same time. And that doesn't take into account unintentionally funny bands, like Creed, who are laughable for their ineptitude. It's tricky to be funny, given that comedy is such a subjective thing, but it can be done. The seven groups discussed below offer up undeniable truth of this statement. After all, we don't need to …


5 Rich Guys Not Afraid to Explore

Some men have a real jones for adventure. They want to see things, push boundaries and expand our grasp of the world. When those men—like director turned deep sea explorer James Cameron—get their hands on a bit of cash, interesting things happen...


The 10 Funniest Comedy Songs

Tenacious D has a new album, Rize of the Fenix, dropping in May. During Kyle Gass and Jack Black’s six-year hiatus, plenty of other musical comedians kept us entertained. In honor of D and April Fool’s, we present our favorite gut-busters. Now laugh, dammit.


Final Four: Alyson

Hometown: Addison, TX Profession: Twin Peaks Girl at Twin Peaks restaurant A Made Man is... "A man who's not afraid to go after what he wants and also looks good while doing it." Vote for me because... "You like my er umm... scarf?" See more of Alyson at and on Facebook


Final Four: Brittany

Hometown: Frisco, TX Profession: Twin Peaks Girl at Twin Peaks restaurant. A Made Man is... "In a word: confident!" Vote for me because... "I'm the 2012 Twin Peaks calendar cover girl!" See more of Brittany at and on Facebook


Final Four: Nicole

Hometown: Mesquite, TX Profession: Twin Peaks girl at Twin Peaks restaurant A Made Man is... "An ambitious man who's also a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead, boys!" Vote for me because... "I pour the coldest 29-degree draft beer in Mesquite, TX." See more of Nicole at and on Facebook


Final Four: Samantha

Hometown: Mesquite, TX Profession: Twin Peaks Girl at Twin Peaks restaurant A Made Man is... "Someone who works hard to achieve their goals but knows how to play hard, too." Vote for me because... "I am the girl next door!" See more of Samantha at and on Facebook


6 Ways To Fight Boredom At Work

Memorizing every crevice of your cubicle wall and reciting the office directory backwards and forward are sure signs of boredom at work. The only problem is, engaging in those and other mindless and meaningless activities don’t fight boredom at all. They make it worse! Not only do you become bored with your job, but you can become crazy at the mere sight of your cubicle wall and start seething wit …


How To Tell You’re A Good Kisser

Kissing can be a smooth and soothing art form, or it can merit you a slap across the face. The slap across the face scenario can come from kissing a woman who does not want to be kissed, but it can also come from being a really crappy kisser. Crappy kissers are selfish, pushy and frequently use way too much tongue. Good kissers, on the other hand, follow several tips that can turn a potential slap …


4 Nutrition Bars That Will Help You Get Jacked

There is a nutrition bar for every type of man and every type of workout, and each of these nutrition bars will be sure to get you jacked. Different men need to get jacked in different ways. For example, you won't want to pack on the calories if you're trying to lose weight. On the other hand, someone trying to bulk up can handle the extra calories, with their main focus being on protein. Nutritio …


Wicked Tuna Star Loses Anchor, Cool

This Sunday at 10 p.m. Eastern, the National Geographic Channel rolls out its latest look at a distinct subculture of badass men. One of them is Captain Bill Monte, who gets wicked mad in this clip.


Ready to go One Day Without Shoes?

TOMS “One Day Without Shoes” is a global movement in which normally shoe-wearing people go shoeless for, yes, a day to raise awareness about the plight of less fortunate folks around the world. And it all goes down on April 10th.


Five Great Pranks for April Fool’s Day

Get prepared for April Fools Day by studying up with a few solid pranks from the Break archive. Need a little inspiration to set up your own gag? These should probably help. Milk Squeeze Milk Explosion - Watch More Funny Videos Simple and straightforward, this elegant example of dairy-related slapstick is the perfect prank if you have a carton-drinker living in your midst. The Snip …


4 Ways You Can Tell If She’s Good At Sex

Men want women who love sex, and more importantly are good at it. Some women may look at sex as obligatory in a relationship or a marriage and no man wants to have to spend his time with a woman who is overwhelmed by fear and doubt about her own sexuality. If she is not going to enjoy her time in bed with you, it will become tiresome, boring and ultimately unsatisfying. Here are four ways to tell …


6 Ways To Tell A Friend About His Cheating Girlfriend

Breaking the news of a cheating girlfriend to one of your best buddies is never easy. It's doubly as hard if he's all head over heels in love. You know, the guy's got hearts falling out of his ears and bleeding love songs from his ears. No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, but these six ways to tell a friend about his cheating girlfriend will at least be slightly entertaining to you. Just ma …


7 Reasons Not To Date Older Women

The prospect of dating an older woman can seem tantalizing. She's more stable, more mature, and generally has less "drama" in her life. But just because it seems like a good idea at first blush doesn't make it so, you know? Dig a little deeper and you'll see that a relationship with an older woman is fraught with peril. Don't believe it? Well check out this list of seven reasons not to date an old …


3 Ways to Ace Major Life Decisions

When faced with a tough call, you’d much rather make an excellent choice than a terrible one, right? Jon Finkel, author of The Three Dollar Scholar, explains how to nail every single seminal moment in your life. Hmm, we think that could come in handy...


A7 Camera Straps

A7 offers a collection of all-leather camera straps, handcrafted in the U.S. and sure to supply any kit with an upgrade in style and personality. ... CONTINUED


The 7 Hottest Celebrity Nerds

The term nerd was used to put people down for the longest time. Being a nerd was a bad thing. The eighties changed all that with a surgical strike from Lambda Lambda Lambda that made being a nerd almost cool. Bill Gates and company have shown that cool can be bought, and now millions of adolescent wet dreams around the world involve video games, computer hacking and librarian glasses.   …


The 5 Toughest Sport Workouts

Playing a sport gives an athlete pride. Not only in the competitive aspect of fighting for a championship, but in the sport that the athlete chooses. A soccer player likes to think that he might play the toughest sport, while an ice hockey player may politely cover his laugh when he hears the soccer player say that his sport is the toughest workout. Here are the five toughest sports that provide t …


The Butcher Block: Cooking The Different Cuts of Beef

Despite the health concerns of dieticians, nutritionists and the medical profession who are concerned about calories and fat content, beef remains among the most popular choices for Americans as a staple of their diet. In fact, new dietetic research suggests two or three servings of red meat is actually important and beneficial! Beef is relatively easy to prepare and it can cook quickly, depending …


6 Great New Spring Looks

Spring is here, gents. That means the sun is out, love is in the air and it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe. Need a little jumpstart? This video has you covered with not three, not four, not five but six head-turning ensembles.


Dine Out Like a Man, Lose 30 Pounds

So you’d like to shed some excess winter insulation, but you don’t want to make sweeping lifestyle changes, learn how to toast flaxseed or choke down cardboard-flavored Kashi? Follow this real-life advice to slim down while eating out.


The 4 Best Breakfasts To Cure A Hangover

Drinking can be fun, but it comes with a price. After a hard night out, if you plan to get up and moving, you're going to need one of the four best breakfasts to cure a hangover. Unfortunately, this will be your last chance to feel better, since stopping a hangover is best done during the night when you're drinking. Mainly, the goal is to stay hydrated between drinking, with large amounts of water …