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Grow Up! 5 Secretly Manly Acts

Society feeds us canned definitions of masculinity, but real men move beyond the stereotypes. And the following moves just might trump tossing the pigskin while drinking scotch, talking about girls and eating a raw porterhouse at the same time.


Coach Heritage Baseball Wallet

Coach gets back to its roots with an all-leather billfold molded and dyed to match the classic feel of a well-worn baseball glove... CONTINUED


Speakeasy, Episode 3: Andy Richter

Like drinking with a side of cursing? In the third round of our new series, Andy Richter drains a Bloody Mary while talking frankly with Paul F. Tompkins about coming back to Conan, life as a halfway failure and, yes, disrobing uncomfortable puppies.


The Easy Way to a Beach Body

Looking for a shortcut to fitness this summer? Our friends at Holland & Barrett have a few offbeat suggestions.


5 Ways to Beat Approach Anxiety

It’s that pit in your stomach when you think about chatting up a new lady, a natural reaction left over from our caveman days, when the stakes were much higher. But our dating expert knows how to overcome it—and meet all the cave babes you want.


BBQ Champ Chris Lilly Explains All

Gents, it’s Memorial Day. Ready to blow everyone away with your ridiculous meat heating skills? We’ve enlisted the help of Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q’s pitmaster, a 10-Time World BBQ champion, to show you how. Read, learn, and grill like a pro.


Sony SmartWatch

Tired of sweating on your Samsung during workouts? This sleek little gadget interfaces with Android devices to provide easier access to everything in your smartphone... CONTINUED


Paul F. Tompkins Has More Answers!

Speakeasy host Paul F. Tompkins takes questions about his best week ever and the decade in which he'd most want to live. Salud!


5 Beers That’ll Make Your Mom Blush

With names like Pearl Necklace Stout, Motorboat and Sexual Chocolate, these beers probably shouldn't be in your fridge when Mom's in town.


10 Ways Your Place Kills Your Game

Your home says a lot about your level of awesome-ness, and it can work for or against you when it comes to the ladies. So here’s how to turn deal-breakers into turn-ons.


New Era Stars & Stripes 59Fifty Cap

New Era celebrates Memorial Day with a cap collection that takes your favorite MLB franchise and blends it with a distinct and stylish dose of patriotism... CONTINUED


5 Ways To Fake Confidence Until You Actually Get Some

When it comes to dating women, advancing your career and life in general, you might have to fake your confidence a little until you actually get some. No matter what the situation, any man can have confidence issues. Luckily, there are five surefire ways to look like you’ve got all the confidence in the world – even if you don’t. Silence your inner critic. The easiest way to shatter your own co …


How To Date An Employee And Not End Up Jobless And Alone

Dating an employee is a serious risk. It's a direct conflict of interest to your current job situation. Great care is needed in ensuring that you can handle both your job responsibilities, as well as the intimate connection you've created with your subordinate. In order for this tight rope act to go smoothly, you're really going to have to cover all of your bases. Your plan, and follow through nee …


How to Impress Your Girlfriend’s Friends

Impressing your girlfriend's friends is very important to the maintenance and growth of your relationship. Her friends, at least the close ones, are her advisors. They'll be the ones she goes to for advice about anything, including you. So, it's imperative that you get these folks on your side. Believe it or not, it may not be as difficult as you think. Being yourself, and following these five tip …


How To Stop Drunk Dialing

Drunk dialing is an epidemic. Most people commit this act of utter tomfoolery at least once in their adult drinking lives. If left unchecked, drunk dialing can ultimately cost you friends, or at least piss them off. Drunk dialing can also be the reason you don't score with that hot chick you met three hours ago at your favorite bar. As you can see, drunk dialing is no laughing matter. It's up to y …


7 Reasons You Should Elope

Planning a wedding can end up less fun than planning your own funeral, which makes any of the seven reasons you should elope seem incredibly attractive. Even if you don’t fear getting married, it’s OK if you fear the big wedding planning phase. And with traditional weddings, that phase is huge in many respects—from the cost to the stress, the time to the dress, and the ongoing threat of wearing a …