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Why Guys Are the New Girls

The code of conduct between men and women has never been more difficult to crack. What was once chivalrous can now come off as chauvinistic. One girl’s “sexy” is another girl’s “sexist.” So what does it mean to be a man in 2012?


Razor Tales: Bolt Barbers

In our fourth and final episode, we explore LA’s Bolt Barbers. Whether you’re playing shuffleboard, jamming out to the jukebox or getting a shoeshine, you’ll love the ultimate guys’ barbershop. As founder Mohawk Matt says, “If you don’t like it, go to a salon.”


Support Movember, Eat an Onion

When we released a video of Nick Offerman explaining Movember, we hoped it would encourage men to participate. But we didn't expect our newly recruited Mo Bros to take up his challenge to eat a raw onion.


Dates With Destiny?

Hey, how’re you doing, people? Let’s talk NFL, SEC and dating! It’s definitely cool to have another season with a thousand yards receiving. It’s a blessing to be playing and doing what you love. I did a lot of work during the off-season, and two of my goals were to get over 1,000 yards and get 10 touchdowns, and I’ve gotten both. And the team has 5 more games to get back to the playoffs and aim …


6 Of The Most Collectible Beers

When it comes to the most collectible beers, there are many different options to choose from. Beer lovers know that there is literally no end to the number of delicious, unique brews out there. However, if you're looking to start up a beer bottle and can collection, you're going to need to think beyond taste. From limited quantity beers to seasonal favorites and everything in between, it shouldn't …


4 Of The Hottest Canadian Actresses Working, Eh’

Despite being larger and less burdened with debt than its southern brother, Canada is often looked down upon by the United States and its inhabitants. But as soon as a Canadian actress starts to make an impact down in Hollywood they are instantly mistaken for American royalty. However most of these actresses are proud Canucks who love nothing more than eating Tim Horton’s donuts and watching hocke …


The 6 Best Military Jobs You Wish You Had

Signing up with Uncle Sam and serving your country is a big commitment, but it can also provide big opportunities. Sometimes, you get to cool stuff in the military, like jobs that you only wish you had. First, getting one of the better jobs can maximize your usefulness in the military, while putting you in a position where you are comfortable. Another reason to pick the right military job is to pr …


How To Play The Office Drinking Game

    "The Office" has been one of the staples of NBC’s prime-time programming. "The Office" features the often times hilarious exploits of the crew at Dunder Mifflin, a fictional paper supply company. Like a typical office, the characters in the show are given to fits of ego, boredom and strange behavior that often borders on the inappropriate. Fans of the show often enjoy it even m …


4 Tips To Help You Get The Best Deal On Electronics

Men can have tons of fun with all types of toys, and electronics can be on that toy list, right behind fast cars and boats. While you may need to pay thousands of bucks for a sweet ride or a sweeter sail, there’s no reason you have to follow suit when you can instead score some killer deals on your electronics. Several tips can help you save on any type of doodad you may be buying, even if you go …


The Butcher Block: How To Buy The Right Kitchen Knives

Unless you want your dinner guests wondering why their food was hacked up instead of sliced up, you're going to need to know how to buy the right kitchen knives. Sure, you can keep buying the same $20 set every year, but unless you're just using them to put slits in microwave dinners, a good set of knives is the best investment. Knives aren't just about making you look like you know what's going o …


The 6 Best Northern Lights Travel Destinations

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s greatest shows that you can view. Pictures and videos of this light show can be beautiful and impressive, but there is nothing like seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) for yourself. The Northern Lights are best viewed at latitudes between 65 and 72 degrees. Solar particles collide with atmospheric gases and these six sites are among the best Norther …


6 Ways Any Smart Fan Shouldn’t Dress

You love your sports. You love your beer. Put the two together, and you can have a rock and rolling great time at any sporting event. Add a really bad sports fan outfit to the mix, and you can instead be haunted by drunken photos of you making their way around the internet forever and ever. There is a big difference between a dedicated fan and an out-and-out fool. Stick with these six ways any sma …


5 Workouts You Can Do To Train For Sex

Spice up your sex life with these workouts you can do to train for sex. With the right knowledge and approach to working out, your stamina, flexibility and ability to maintain rhythm during sex can be increased tremendously. Learning how to train for sex will also lend itself to creativity, as new options become available to people with more flexibility and stamina. Not only will your lover be hap …


Warby Parker Mixes Style, Vision

Our first 2012 Men of the Moment honorees are pioneers of social entrepreneurship. Meet David Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal, co-founders of Warby Parker, an innovative designer eyewear company that does much more than sell cool frames.


Rugged Style: 7 Great Winter Boots

Retire your sneakers for the season and pick up durable footwear that offers protection from the elements without compromising on style, such as these seven great winter boots.


Ooh, Shiny: 7 Sweet Silver Products

From old-school goggles and pumped-up kicks to tricked-out controllers and super-slim laptops, check out a few of our favorite (silver) things.


It’s (Movember Gala) Party Time!

Well, the final week of Movember is upon us, and as you may or may not now, a big part of the big finale is a series of Movember Gala Partés! We’re talking booze, music, moustache-themed costumes, prizes and, yes, gorgeous girls.


SingleCut Beersmiths: Unique Brews

Looking for potent pints? In the second installment of Spirits and Hops, radio personality Richard Christy (The Howard Stern Show) heads to an upstart brewery in Queens, New York to sample their stuff and find out what makes the best craft beer.


Grit, Sweat and Touchdowns

Green Bay Packers star/Made Man blogger Randall Cobb has a lot to be thankful for this season. In his latest post, he breaks down his team's impressive five-game winning streak, upcoming challenges and the secrets of female-friendly personal style.


Your Moustache in 3 Words

We asked guys doing Movember, “How would you describe your moustache in three words or less?” The answers ranged from “Scratch ’n’ Sniff” to “Iranian Magnum PI” but had one thing in common: Solidarity.


Be a Man, Have a Plan

Unless you’re a member of the A-Team, planning never sounds all that cool. But when you get right down to it, planning gets you where you want to go. Study and mimic these three scenarios to dramatically improve your love life, career and health.


Carmen Electra Professes Mo Love

Between a new single, a 90210 appearance and movie work, Miss Electra is one busy lady. Thankfully, she took time to chat with us about her latest doings, mood music and a great reason guys should rock a Movember ’stache: she’s a big fan!


Threads: 2012 Winter Style Guide

Struggling to sort out your cold weather wardrobe? Relax, we’ve got you covered. In this exclusive video, the men’s clothing experts at Bonobos drop knowledge and showcase four looks that’ll take you from street to office to holiday party in high style…


Wise Words from 12 Great Men

Over the past year we’ve gotten to interview a lot of interesting gents, and they’ve left us with excellent advice on life, love, style, fitness, humor and more. Collected here are 12 quotes to live by from 12 guys to admire. Read and learn!


The 14 Hottest French Actresses

French girls have always held a certain mystique. Maybe it’s their accents, their rumored affinity for toplessness or some unknown force of attraction. Regardless, Marion Cotillard’s new movie Rust and Bone justifies this gallery of hot French actresses. Enjoy.


How To Get The Best Deals On Black Friday

Learning how to get the best deal on Black Friday is not as tough as it sounds, as long as you're willing to put yourself through a bit of an ordeal. In other words, you're going to have to face long lines, pushy crowds and rude people, all while only getting a few hours of sleep, if that. If you really want to snag the best deal, this will all be worth it for you in the end. Otherwise, it's best …