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The 6 Worst Halloween Costumes Any Man Can Wear

Remember the days when dressing like a drunk for Halloween was acceptable? All you needed was a brown jug with "XXX" in large black letters and some ripped up clothes. Times have changed, and the choices have gotten worse. The unhealthy skinny guy riding the bike through town should warn us of these Halloween costumes. How far would a man go to reach the Worst of Halloween's Hall of Shame status? …


4 Halloween Dates You Should Plan

No matter what part of the country you live in, there are four Halloween dates you should plan. Halloween doesn’t seem like a particularly romantic holiday, but if you play your cards right and plan the right type of date, you and your girl will be laughing and having a great time together before you know it. The trick to spectacular Halloween dates is always making sure you have an excuse t …


Speakeasy: Patton Oswalt

The renowned comic drinks a Harvey Weissbanger and discusses the rigors of stand-up touring, his changing relationship with metalcore and the concept of bed-flavored cupcakes. Which he somehow makes sound appetizing.


Ken Norris, the Catch-Inspired King

Portland’s Riffle NW and its back-to-basics approach have won over hipsters and food critics alike. We caught up with the man behind the hot fish joint to talk Northwest cuisine, how to score fresh scales and the future of food. Hint: it involves wolf eel.


The 15 Hottest Surfer Girls

Temperature’s may be dropping, but hotness abounds. Hawaii-based surf babe Alana Blanchard’s eye-catching new reality series, Alana: Surfer Girl, just launched online. And she’s hardly the only good-lookin’ wave rider.


7 Crazy, Creepy Coma Cases

From rising back to life after decades spent comatose to responding mere hours before the plug is pulled, humans have proven that disturbing things can happen when you’re not… quite… dead.


Nick Offerman Explains How to Grow a Mo

In honor of Movember 2012, actor and renowned moustache grower Nick Offerman gives you, the everyday man, advice on how to grow a proper soup-strainer. Take notes, he’s a professional.


Picking Up The Pack

Rising Green Bay star Randall Cobb weighs in on big TDs and key road wins, gives a shout-out to his family and reveals his love for Apple gear and something called the Zeo Pro+ Sleep Management System. Hard to argue with a guy who has 1,076 total yards...


The Taste: 7 Decadent Desserts

The third installment of our LA Times The Taste photo series is all about dessert. Cupcakes, regular cakes, ice cream and a couple things we'd never seen before. All make for a fine viewing experience.


10 Great Ways To Go RVing

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, accommodating passions as diverse as tailgating, winter camping and high-end traveling.


The 12 Hottest Vegan Celebs

In the US alone there are 7.3 million vegetarians and a million vegans. Over half are female, and most are between 18 and 34, meaning the ratios are in your favor. Just check out PETA-lovin’ Pam and 11 other women who don’t need animal products to look unquestionably tasty.


Win a WallGirl, Make Your Home Sexy

Decorate your man cave, garage, shower or other personal space with something that's actually worth looking at: a life-size cutout of a scantily clad woman.


Ricardo Zarate: LA’s Hottest Chef?

His first restaurant had Food & Wine magazine naming him “Best New Chef.” His second is a semifinalist for a James Beard Award. We caught up with the Peru-born culinary phenom to talk home cooking, favorite dishes and the future of food.


The 15 Sexiest Political Pundits

There's a sizable lineup of attractive political pundits you're likely to come across on television this election season. Here are a few of them.


6 Slutty Halloween Costumes Women Wear That Men Hate

There are at least six slutty Halloween costumes women wear that men hate. Just because an outfit shows some skin doesn't mean you're going to find it appealing. If your girlfriend or wife asks what she should wear to this year's Halloween party, be prepared to stay away from these six slutty costumes that you're likely to hate. Lady Gaga. Sure, Lady Gaga might have her appeal, but this is cert …


7 Elective Plastic Surgeries That Can Make You Look Like Conan The Barbarian

Let's clarify who Conan is. It's Arnold Schwarzenegger and we all know it. We all want to look like him. Unfortunately, you have to be lucky to look like that. You have to be blessed with the right genes and an insane work ethic. The rest of us are left to look flabby and helpless. The rest of us are left to cry out for Conan the barbarian's help. I've got good news for you. You live now, in the m …


6 Of The Best Oktoberfest Beers

Oktoberfest started in Munich, Germany with a royal wedding in 1810. It then evolved into an agriculture show and slowly morphed into a three-week binge drinking holiday celebrated around the world. People want to get their drink on so bad that Oktoberfest starts in the middle of September and ends on the first Sunday of October. A special fall-season strong beer is brewed for the celebration and …


5 Health Foods You Won’t Hate

How many times did you hear your mother say, "Eat it. It's good for you!'' And how many times did you hide said food and throw it away discreetly at the first opportunity? This probably happened a lot. What you really want and really need is health food that is both good for you and good for your taste buds. You need healthy foods you won't hate. The good news is that your mom may have been missin …


4 Hair Products For Men That Are Not Gel

Hair gel served its purpose back in the 1980s, with its penchant for creating god-awful spikes and crisp, slicked hair. But you’re in the 2000s now, and gel should be as dead to you as Brylcream. If you have no clue what Brylcream is, you are certainly on the right track for keeping your hair looking cool with useful and effective products. Four of these products can work particularly well, especi …


Razor Tales Is Coming Soon!

Ever wonder about the stories behind the scenes of cool, classic grooming spots? Places like LA's The Barber Shop Club, where perfect fades, straight razor shaves and manly banter are the order of the day. In our new series, Razor Tales, we're bringing those narratives to you


Speakeasy: Seth Green

A couple of nattily dressed fellows—Paul F. Tompkins and the man behind Robot Chicken—walk into a bar and discuss desolate open mic nights, teenage failures, 100 Cartoon Network episodes and the unpredictable Harrison Ford. Cheers!


Adam Garone Explains Movember

In less than two weeks, the moustache-growin’, cancer-fightin’ charity kicks into gear. So we asked the mastermind behind it to share his worldly advice on health, wealth and all things mo.


New York’s Best Secret Restaurants

New York is home to an impressive collection of underground restaurants. Operating off the grid, they offer a unique dining experience with creative menu options and style of service. These nine are the cream of the crop.


The Illustrated Guide to Facial Hair

It's Movember, the month of the moustache, and men everywhere are beginning to embrace the bold testament to masculinity that is upper-lip hair. Here are some styles you might encounter over the next few weeks, including beards, sideburns and a couple we're not really sure of


Keep Your Power Balls Safe

Huevos. Family Jewels. Stones. Whatever you call them, few things are more identified with masculinity than the boys down under, and you want to take care of them so they give you many years of reliable service, rather than kill you. Here’s how


Tough Breaks and Tight Beats

After two close losses, the NFL’s leading receiver (628 yards, six TDs) discusses how Cincy plans to rebound vs. Pittsburgh, talks up breast cancer awareness and gives a shout-out to “Gangnam Style” celebrations and his pop star girlfriend. Who Dey!


The Taste: 7 Seas of Seafood

Part three of our photographic excursion to the LA Times The Taste festival is all about the seafood. Ceviche, unagi, oysters and more, all prepared by LA's best chefs and presented in mouth-watering food porn form. Enjoy.