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Speakeasy Is Coming Back!

Thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews, Speakeasy is returning! We've got four boozy new episodes—featuring celebrated funnymen like Seth Green and Patton Oswalt—on the way next week. Till then, Paul F. Tompkins is taking your questions on serious topics like butt-dialing and facial hair


Chefs of Anarchy Is Coming Soon!

Relax, folks, we've got six freshly baked, smoking hot, gastronomically rebellious episodes of Chefs of Anarchy just about ready to serve. Check back here this Thursday (and on subsequent Thursdays) to see the gang in action...


15 Time Traveling Hotties

"The hottest actresses from time travel movies" sounds like kind of a niche subject, right? You'd be surprised.


Adversity… and Inspiration

A few days removed from perhaps the strangest, harshest finish in NFL history, Packers star/Made Man blogger Randall Cobb reflects on the return of real refs and what picks him up—a love of music dating back to gospel tunes in Alcoa, Tennessee.


Zero To Hero: Impressing People At Your High School Reunion

The high school reunion is a big event for many people whose glory years were those four years of adolescence or for people who have changed during their adult years and have really blossomed into top notch human beings. Either way, this reunion weekend serves as a chance for you to stand out. Check out some of the ways to impress people at your high school reunion. Lie. While lying is a …


6 Things That Will Tell Her You’re Good At Sex And How You Can Be Better At Them

If you want to keep the passion alive in the bedroom, don't forget to incorporate these six things that will tell her you're good at sex, while making sure to improve on each skill with some key tips. When it comes to pleasing a woman, there's more to take into account than just your overall performance the first time you get into bed. View the situation as a way to lay down a foundati …


3 Times You Can Legally Break The Law

Laws are certainly not made to be broken in the United States. However, many exceptions can be made when it comes to punishing people who do end up breaking the law. In certain situations, you may be excused from punishment even after you do something against the law. It all depends on what your reasons were for breaking the law in the first place and whether or not you can prove your reasoning to …


Your Guide to American Women

Women. There are a lot of them out there. If only we had some kind of guide to help us group them into a few distinct categories based on behavior, regional affiliation and cultural background.


4 Steps To Become A Space Tourist

The four steps to become a space tourist might be more attainable than you think. Since you were a child you may have dreamt of one day traveling to space. However, most children with wild imaginations assume to get to space you need to become an astronaut. The space tourism industry is now making it possible for regular people with regular jobs to experience the thrill of space exploration. …


The 4 Best New York Beer Gardens

Beer gardens are popular just about everywhere, but they seem especially enjoyable in New York City since there's a sense of friendship and wide open space that is rarely found in the Big Apple. There are a surprising number of them that you should visit, especially during October when Oktoberfest is in full swing. Four of the best beer gardens in New York are listed below. Bohemian H …


These Football Players Are Insane for Having These 7 NFL Tattoos

These football players are insane for having these seven NFL tattoos. Tattoos can be insane for a few different reasons. They can feature an exceptionally strange image or message, or they can be in a location that we can all assume would be exceptionally painful. No matter what your definition of an insane tattoo is, it would be hard to argue that these seven football players weren't pushing thei …


6 Bar Tricks That Will Impress Women And Gain You Friends

Nothing will get you more free beers, more quick money, more angry drunk guys wanting to kill you or more impressed women than knowing great bar tricks. Below are a few you should put into your repertoire for any time you are bored at the local watering hole. Remove Bill From Between Two Bottles Make sure the bottles are lined up so they won’t fall. Place a (high dollar) bill betwee …


4 Jobs You Can Get And Be Paid To Party

Do you wake up with a feeling of dread? You walk into that cold bathroom against your will to get ready for work at the same time as everyone else in America and you meet them out on the freeway creating your favorite thing in the world: traffic. The feeling is especially titillating on Monday mornings. If you dare to take the leap you can drastically improve your quality of life. You can get paid …


Football Is Dumb: A Fresh NFL Take

The replacement refs are actually the least of the NFL’s problems. The bigger issue: football itself is a really f’ed-up sport.


A Parkour Workout Every Man Should Try

Parkour is French. What good has come from France, right? Well, this might be that good thing. Parkour was adopted by the French military as a means of working out and training. The idea is to get from one place to another without taking any detours. If there is a bench in the way, run over it. If there is a ledge, bound to the other side of it. If there is a drop, drop softly on two legs and keep …


3 Sports Dates Your Girlfriend Will Love

Guys who are sick of doing all the gushy romantic dates like dinner and a movie, picnics and other sappy girlie things can easily turn the tables to make dating rituals all about sports. No, you don’t have to start bringing her to football games with the boys or drag her kicking and screaming to a basketball tournament. There are at least three great sports dates that your girlfriend will lo …


The Best Whiskey Under $40

Any man can pony up $60 to $100 for a great bottle of alcohol. But a true connoisseur can find those diamonds in the rough that are true miracles of alcohol. These lesser priced, higher grade whiskeys will hit the spot you're looking for and leave you enough money to buy a decent cigar or god forbid some mixers.   Jim Beam Black This fantastic bourbon might not have the same name rec …


Natalie Martinez Lightens End of Watch

In a film that's packed to the brim with guns, drugs and blood, it's nice to know there's a pretty face in there to break things up a little.


Baller! 10 Cool New High-Tops

You don’t have to be an NBA MVP on the comeback trail to up your style game with basketball kicks. These new sneaks look as sharp in social settings as they do on the court... CONTINUED


17 Seriously Sexy Sci-Fi Babes

With Dredd opening this weekend, we figured it was about time to take a look at some of the hottest chicks from recent science fiction movies. Enjoy.


Up in the Air: The New NFL

As we fly into another big weekend on the gridiron, Bengals star wide receiver/Made Man blogger A.J. Green explains why pro football has become so passing oriented. He also reveals how he got to have such good hands—the secret may surprise you.


Escape the Danger Zone: 5 Disasters, Averted

It’s 2012, and there’s a lot of scary stuff out there (the recession, foreign nukes, Snooki). We can’t help with those, but when it comes to classic threats like earthquakes and shipwrecks and bears (oh my), our survival expert has all the answers a man needs.


The Best Aged Whiskeys And Why They’re Better (And So Expensive)

Is age just a number? The short answer is no, when it comes to drinking whiskey, age matters a heck of a lot! By law—an American whiskey (Kentucky Bourbons, Tennessee whiskeys) must be aged for at least two years, but is generally aged anywhere from two to five.  Scotch whiskeys, on the other hand, must be aged for a minimum of three years.  So, by the very definition, all whiskey is ‘aged’ to …


The 20 Hottest Women Over 40

We can't stop the aging process (not yet anyway) but some celebrity babes have apparently found a way to slow it down considerably.


4 Things You Should Look For In A Good Whiskey

You’re a man. A man who is past the childish days of slamming soco and lime shots at the bar. Past chugging  jack and cokes like it’s your job and you’re looking for a promotion. It’s time to approach whiskey with a grown man’s attention to detail. To begin to love the subtle nuances of whiskey instead of the ham-fisted brashness of your old college whiskey drinks. There are four things every man …


6 Awesome New Ultrabooks

Out of the gates, ultrabooks appealed to the techie on the go, delivering critical functionality in a super-slim package. Now brands are adding standout features to leave traditional laptops in the dust. And these sexy new offerings rise above the pack.