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Inside Dating: How to Hook Up

Some online daters are seeking a soulmate, and others are looking for something a little more, um, casual. If you fall in the latter category, check out Mara’s take on the approach, sites and apps you need to make a quick and, um, dirty connection…


10 Songs for a Warm Weather Workout

The weather is warming up, and that means it’s a great time to take your workouts outside. Need a little extra motivation? That’s where music comes in. Hitting “play” on a list of upbeat tracks is the perfect way to keep moving through a tough run or bike ride.


The 10 Best Closer Walk-Up Songs

Kiss the cheesy organ music goodbye. Nowadays relievers take the mound like pro wrestlers, their soundtracks pumping up fans and building brands. Like the spectacles of Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, these hits and the men who chose them stand out.


Talib Kweli Talks Music, Manhood

Ever since he teamed up with high school friend Mos Def to form Black Star in the late ’90s, Talib Kweli has been one of the most critically acclaimed artists in hip-hop. We caught up with the Brooklyn native to talk music, style and manhood in the modern age.


Tres Grande Cinco de Mayo Drinks

It's the brink of Cinco de Mayo, and we don't know about you all, but we are feeling festive. So here's a cocktail, a new spirit and a salute to our favorite Mayo cerveza. Salud!


The 6 Best Craft Beers In The USA

The United States of America has the most micro-breweries of any country in the world. That's a lot of deliciousness. It is not recommended to taste this abundance of brews one by one; you'll gain a hefty amount of weight and you might end up developing a problem. Let the experts sort it out for you so you can cut right to the chase and enjoy the most incredibly delicious American made brews, guar …


Beyond The Sneaker: A Man’s Guide To Casual Shoes

Some men just regard the sneaker as the de facto casual shoe. And, why not? They’re easy to slip on and it doesn’t really matter if they get soiled as you walk through fields and the city looking for an adventure. But there are so many more options available to people beyond the sneaker. So to help those of you who only have pairs of Adidas, Nike, and Reebok in their cupboards, here is a man’s gu …


Natalie Martinez Talks Dating Tips

Sultry Cuban-American actress Natalie Martinez has been making a name for herself with films like Death Race, End of Watch, and Broken City, available on DVD and Blu-Ray April 30th. We asked her about dating tips, Marky Mark and her kickass workouts.


How to Make Grilled Lemonade

Barbecued cocktail recipes combine many of the best things in life—alcohol, food, grilling and impressing women. Offer a woman a grilled lemonade and she’ll follow you back to the grill to watch you make it.


15 Keys to Tailgate Greatness

Hosting a tailgate party? From scheduling and supplies to apps, beer and burgers, a hit gastro-pub’s star chef reveals all you need to know to turn your guests into super fans...


Weird Things You Can BBQ

You can barbecue almost anything. We know. We asked four top chefs to share their strangest BBQ ingredients and this is what they told us—rattlesnake included!


For the Win: How to Delay Paying Your Rent

Don’t quite have the dough your pesky landlord needs this month? Relax. On this week’s For the Win, Mike Capes has a boatload of clever tricks to keep a roof over your head for at least a little while longer. And some of them might even be legal!


Just Do It! 6 Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is great. You know this. What you might not know: it's also great for you. Read about a half-dozen excellent reasons to jump in the sack in Just Do It! 6 Health Benefits of Sex.


Craig Robinson Has a Big Problem

TV's Craig Robinson is doing really well. He's a successful actor and comedian, and he's probably raking in tons of dough thanks to all those residuals from The Office. But he's got a problem in his life. A big problem. Yep, you guessed it. He has a huge johnson. Here, he talks about the five worst things about his extra-large unit.


Inside Dating: More Crazy Real Guy Emails

Did you enjoy the first batch of outrageous real guy emails a couple weeks ago? Good news, Mara’s back with more! Should be helpful if you insist dirty sexual propositions or boasts about imaginary muscles are a surefire way to score. (Hint: they’re not.)


Refined Sugar, Part 3: The Babies

We’ve heard from the folks running the sites and the sugar daddies using them, but there’s one more angle to explore. What are the women whose lifestyles are subsidized by well-off men like? In a provocative final piece, Anna David shares their secrets.


Speakeasy: Jake Johnson

The New Girl star joins Paul F. Tompkins for a Stoli on ice with a bit of lime and gets real about the agony of the casting process, what it’s really like on set, his new movie Drinking Buddies and getting the lovely Anna Kendrick sauced on IPA…


How Facebook Ads Can Get You Dates

The Social Network suggests Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to win over a girl. Well, guess what: you can use it to win over lots of girls. How? Through the power of Facebook ads, of course. Check out one dating expert’s field-tested advice.


Brook Lopez on Brooklyn, Teen Wolf

With the NBA playoffs tipping off this weekend, we thought we’d check in with one of its best big men, Brooklyn Nets seven-footer Brook Lopez. Read on to get the former Stanford man’s thoughts on NBA style, pregame music and… Teen Wolf.


For the Win: How to Look Busy at Work

Screwing off in and out of the office is something Mike Capes takes very seriously. Master it with moves like “the sad whisper call,” “the extended lunch,” “the coffee break” and “the chair jacket”... and you’ll be actually enjoying your job in no time!


Meet Jersey’s Finest Beach Babe

She might’ve played a young, hot blonde coveted by every guy on 30 Rock, but in real life, Katrina Bowden is… a young, hot blonde coveted by every guy. We caught up with the 24-year-old stunner at a Gilette K.I.S.S. campaign event in Miami to ask about New Jersey, Tracy Morgan and bad pick-up lines. Keep clicking to see her answers… and more pictures, of course.


4 Historical Styles You Can Still Wear

Sometimes, things are left in the past for a reason. For instance, castor oil isn’t exactly a popular remedy for ailments, and that’s a good thing. The telegraph has also faded out, and that’s also probably for the best. But sometimes, we humans discard things that have value. We throw away and bury great artifacts, and unless someone makes a push to revive them, they may remain buried. And sadly, …


The 6 Best Gaming Apps For Any Gamer

The best gaming apps for any gamer can help take your gaming experience to a new level. These apps are fun, simple to download and can be a challenge to even the most experienced gamers. Download a few and try them out for yourself.   "Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour." To help get yourself from the classic video game system to playing with an app, try "Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour." It might b …


6 Kid’s Toys That Are Now Worth More Than Your House

You won’t be able to forgive yourself if you’ve ever thrown away one of these six kids toys that are now worth more than your house! Some are worth more than others, and of course, the better condition they’re in, the more money they are now worth.   Set of Rare Pokemon Cards. Pokemon cards were all the rage in the '90s, and you may have been collecting up a storm. The one thing everyon …


These 6 Workout Apps Will Get You Swole Bro!

These six workout apps will get you swole, but you better be ready to work for it. The apps are a great workout aid and will help motivate you and keep you on track.   "Vitogo." If you’re nowhere near buff, this workout app is a great place to start. You add all your fitness information to determine your level. Then, the app gives you a custom plan for strength training. Simple as that! …


8 Useful Lessons from Pickup Artists

When you think of pickup artists, you might envision creepy guys who dress like clowns and smell of bad cologne. But one intrepid writer penetrated their world and came away with eight lessons you can actually use in real life to meet women. Read on to see them.


Inside Dating: How to Choose a Username

The right moniker could be the difference between getting deleted and getting a date. Mara Marini reveals dos and don’ts using actual usernames she’s seen. Hope you’re taking notes, LongDuckDong, Always_Alone_Andy and MyMotherSaysImPoison…


Behind the Label: The $5,500 Suit

Is an expensive suit really worth it? Our ace fashion reporter investigates the story behind legendary Italian label Brioni's gorgeous garments—and breaks down what you’re paying for, stitch by stitch.