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10 Next Jobs for Keith Olbermann

History suggests—nay, demands—that the famously contentious TV host won't stay in his new ESPN2 gig for long. Because we're fans of the ol' firebrand, we've thought up 10 moves he can make next.


How to Hook Up on Tinder

On this new dating app, everyone's looking for no-strings sex. But you can still screw things up, unless you follow these 8 tips.


Clever Cooking Gadgets We Love

For the guy who likes to cook, scoring a cool new kitchen or grilling instrument is on par with unboxing the latest smartphone (minus any fear of it becoming obsolete in three months). So just consider this gallery a healthy serving of food gadget porn. Enjoy.


10 Crazy Good Burger Toppings

If your burger with ketchup and mayo routine is getting stale, so are you. Try these wild ideas and you’ll impress everyone at the cookout way more than that guy with the foreign sports car—and tantalize their taste buds, too.


The 10 Tastiest Canned Craft Beers

A decade ago, canning craft beer was a rebellious thought, but now even the heavy hitters have recognized the benefits. So get a load of these palatable, portable brews. Your tailgate mates will thank you.


5 Cheap Costumes No One Will Know You Skimped On

It's not socially acceptable for adults to trick-or-treat, so don't spend all your candy money on your costume. If you're looking for ideas that are as clever as they are cheap, then haunt no further. These five costumes will attract admires from even the darkest corners of your next Halloween party. Note: some of these costumes require carefully crafted facial hair or a cultivated sense of sty …


The 9 Coolest Modern Movie Car Chase Rides

This weekend, a Shelby GT 500 Super Snake takes center stage in the new Warner Bros. film Getaway, starring Ethan Hawke and, yes, Selena Gomez. That prompted us to reflect on some of our favorite rides from relatively recent flicks.


LA’s Best Secret Restaurants

Roughly 80 years ago, a fellow named Lawrence Frank opened an unlicensed restaurant in his Beverly Hills home. Now off-the-grid supper clubs are hotter than ever. And if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, we recommend seeking out one of these…


Hangover Cures That Actually Work

The hangover is nature’s way of telling you to start drinking first thing in the morning. But barring the proverbial hair of the dog that bit you, you need something to stop feeling like someone is hammering a nail into your forehead all day. Start here.


The Best Bomber Jackets for Fall

The easygoing bomber is the coolest outerwear piece of the season--they may be varsity-inspired, but these polished versions ensure you'll never look underclassy or dated. Here are 19 great options at a complete range of prices.


Heidi Klum’s Hottest Instagrams

The America's Got Talent judge and way-still-got-it modeling icon can't stay off Instagram this summer--and now, neither can we.


Erin Andrews’ Game Plan

Name a six-foot-something, strong, confident game changer with a flowing flaxen mane. Nope, not Clay Matthews. We’re talking FOX College Football anchor Erin Andrews. Made Man met up for a workout with this leading lady to learn how she stays fit and rocks a male-dominated industry, plus the simple secret to becoming part of her playbook. Read on for tips and pics.


A Recipe for Sweet, Sweet Love

There’s no denying it: food and sex go hand in hand. Which means if you want to get a woman in the mood, you’d be wise to use food as your wingman. An expert chef—who happens to be one of our 15 hottest food personalities—explains how.


12 Crazy Races Even You Can Do

Planes, trains, and automobiles aren’t the only ways to get around. Office chairs take it to the streets and bikes go down under in offbeat races around the world. Check out a few of our favorites, then fire up your Flugtag and enter one yourself…


7 Great Pumpkin Beers

The air is getting crisp, the leaves are turning and pumpkins are appearing at grocery stores and farmer’s markets. But that’s not the only place you’ll find ’em—they also show up in brews along the shelves of bottle shops and on the tap handles at taverns.


Speakeasy: Bill Hader

And we’re back! Paul F. Tompkins returns and grills the hilarious, Emmy-nominated comic about his big break, behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live, the genius of Kristen Wiig, writing for South Park and… Oklahoma funeral parties? Watch and see.


The Perfect Labor Day Cocktail

This tasty end-of-summer beverage comes to us from renowned Cocktail Chef Matthew Biancaniello, whose fresh, original creations emerge from seasonal ingredients and unlikely pairings.


Score Your Opponent’s Digits

There’s a stunner in your co-ed sports league, the kinda girl who knocks your (knee) socks off. Only problem? She’s on the other team. Relax. Our dating expert tells you how to procure her phone number with ease. Omar Epps crossover not required.


Tony Gonzalez Talks Training, Tebow

Is the Falcons vet the best tight end ever? Countless NFL records and 13 trips to the Pro Bowl say “hell yes.” As his team preps to take on the Titans in preseason action this weekend, he opens up about smoothies, kettlebells and Super Bowl dreams…


Talk Trash Like the Pros

One of the greatest things about sports? It’s totally acceptable to verbally bash your opponent. So whether you’re a serious rec player or a dodgeball rookie, here’s how to raise your competitive conversation to professional levels of disrespect.


Post-Game Etiquette
 Dos and Don’ts

Sports are an expression of competition like no other; they can ignite an unquenchable fire deep within us—then dash our dreams to the ground, just like that. But whether you win or lose, your post-game etiquette matters. Here are a few tips to help you demonstrate the exemplary sportsmanship your game deserves.


12 Shots of American Honey(s)

No social sports contest would be complete without a bevy of competitive beauties to admire. And no Definitive Guide to Social Sports would be complete without the same! So take a gander at this formidable lineup of Times Square-rocking, kickball-socking Wild Turkey American Honeys and be happy that fit females, tasty whiskey and coed sports exist…


Marissa Raisor is Hooters’ Hottest

When you think of Hooters, the popular white tank and orange shorts donned by smokin’ hot chicks bearing smokin’ hot wings may come to mind. But take note: The ladies in those outfits work hard to look the way they do—and show it off during the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant. We caught up with this year’s champ to talk fitness, bad pickup lines and, of course, what it really takes to impre …


11 Sharp Men’s Style Suppliers

The modern man’s dilemma: You want to look good, but you don’t want to spend any time shopping. Relax, and rely on someone else’s good taste. From suits and shirts to shorts and shades, the modern man’s subscription sites have you covered…