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5 Great New Year’s Eve Cocktails

When the ball drops, you’re going to want two things: someone to kiss and something to drink. These fantastic champagne-themed cocktails will take care of the latter. And with a little luck, they might help out with the former as well...


6 Ways to Rock Your Resolutions

It’s early January, that special time when 93 percent of Americans bail on their New Year’s resolutions (or so we hear). But not you. Not this year. Not on our watch. These expert tips will guarantee you leave 2013 a better man than you entered it.


13 New Year’s Un-Resolutions: Promises You Can Actually Keep

1. I will not start exercising more. I’ve put in my time at the gym, struggling and sweating through a spin class, on the treadmill, lifting weights, all witnessed by fit pretty girls and men flexing muscles that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve tried the at-home DVDs with titles like Successful St ...


5 New Apps for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – time to make resolutions to build muscle, save some cash, and stop that nasty habit. When resolutions stick, they can make you healthier and happier. Unfortunately, most New Year’s resolutions don’t. Willpower alone isn’t enough. Thankfully, we’ve discovered a few new ...


7 Keys to Hosting a New Year’s Party That Doesn’t Suck

When you go to a bar or club on New Year’s Eve, you’re walking into amateur night. So why not throw the bash yourself? Here’s how to do it right, with expert advice from April Masini of Ask April. - Wine comes out of bottles, not boxes. And champagne can be made into some great New Year’s Eve co ...


Who Would Win in a Fight: Action Heroes of 1993 or 2013?

Our heroes have changed a lot in the last 20 years. The characters that topped the box office in that great year of 1993 won the day with their strength, cunning and all-around badassery. These were old-school heroes of purpose and honor who didn’t live in a comic-book universe or an alternate dimen ...


5 Out-of-the-Box Bachelor Party Ideas

Is there any tradition more tired than the average bachelor party? Strippers, steaks, shots, repeat. Been there, done that (not that it isn’t pleasurable). But in an era when women are rivaling the holy male triad of pre-wedding indulgence with penis cakes and pole-dancing classes, the whole ritual ...


Week 17: Win or Go Home

I’m holding my new daughter Elle as I blog from New Orleans, and when she was born I tweeted: “I've never fallen in love so quickly in my life! I'm so blessed and grateful for this gift!” As any new parent knows, a child brings a lot more responsibility and a new perspective about life and work. - ...


Study: James Bond Was An Impotent Drunk

This week in highbrow trolling: For the Christmas issue of British Medical Journal, scientists totaled how much booze James Bond drank in Ian Fleming's twelve 007 novels and two short-story collections. Their conclusions: Bond averaged 92 drinks a week, making him a major alcoholic prone to cancer, ...


10 Strong Spirits Perfect for the Holidays

When you were a kid, you looked forward to running down the stairs on Christmas morning and ripping open presents. These days, you just wonder what booze you've got handy help you deal with all the chaos of relatives, mall crowds and awkward office holiday parties. Enter these 10 tasty liquors, as c ...


What 10 Christmas Carols Really Mean

By the time you read this article, you'll be so full of holiday cheer that your next drug test will confirm tinsel in your urine. But while we're still hanging onto the back of Santa's sleigh (because airlines are too expensive), allow me to vent some frustration regarding one of Christmas' most sac ...


Friday Drink Special: Drunk in Love

I happened to be up late last week when Beyoncé surprise-released her self-titled album. I wasted no time buying it and haven’t been able to stop listening (or watching the videos) since. It’s fun, it’s aggressive, it’s sexy, and the track “Drunk in Love” featuring Jay-Z is totally raunchy, in a goo ...


The 7 Coolest Things to do in Houston

Despite its proximity to the gorgeous Gulf Coast, Houston isn’t often thought of as a tourist destination. But see if this Texas-sized helping of sights, sounds, eats, drinks and activities doesn’t make you reconsider its charms. Hey, worked for Dwight Howard!   Art Car Museum: Classi ...


Backstage Pass: supperclub LA

The hotspot known as supperclub is a restaurant, cocktail bar, club, gallery and experimental free state all rolled into one. To find out more, visit


Janji: Athletic Gear to Save the World

Competitive runners Dave Spandorfer and Mike Burnstein know something about going the extra mile. The duo behind Janji, a charitable athletic clothing company, formulated their idea for giving back to the world in 2010 while undergrads in St. Louis. On the bus ride to a track meet, Spandorfer and Bu ...


Crunch Time in The Queen City

Hey guys, I’d like to wish you and yours the very best for the holidays. We’ve had some crazy games at home with some wild weather, the fans have been loud and supportive and stuck with us. Football fans everywhere, remember to travel safely. - It doesn’t matter how tired you are or what aches or ...


Champ Speaks! David Koechner Talks Anchorman 2, Deleted Scenes, Church

David Koechner is a bit like the Detroit Pistons’ Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson in the late ’80s. He shows up and instantly things get more interesting. You’ve seen him in everything from The Office (as the awesomely inappropriate Todd Packer) to Thank You for Smoking (as the awesomely inappropriat ...


Cooking With Booze: Chocolate Bourbon Balls

We’ve been fans of the bearded, Brooklyn-based chocolate makers Rick and Michael Mast and their handcrafted Mast Brothers chocolate bars for quite some time, so we were thrilled when they published “Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Family Cookbook” this fall. Everything we’ve tried has been fantastic, inc ...


The Santa Clause: Horror Flick?

Some holiday flicks are really funny. And some are funnier when the trailer is recut as a thriller. How do we know? Because our friends at Crushable have done just that with their Christmas Recut of The Santa Clause. Suddenly, that empty Santa Suit is utterly terrifying. See what we mean in the vide ...


8 Real-Life Ron Burgundys of Local TV News

Ron Hunter Ron Burgundy, our favorite fictional buffoonish newsman, is returning to theaters December 20 in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Although we're eager to see what mustachioed antics Burgundy and his action news team get up to this time around—he’s already released a memoir and been the ...


Oh Romo! The Ballad of Tony

Here at Made Man, we try to give everyone, including pro athletes, the benefit of the doubt. But after the debacle in Dallas last night, we felt the urge to contribute to the national narrative. So here's a little ditty Made Man contributor Shawn Donnelly and I composed, to the tune of John Lennon's ...


Friday Drink Special: The Interpreter

Nelson Mandela’s memorial service may have been the week’s biggest event, but the news that came from it was less than somber. First, a photo of President Obama posing for a selfie with UK and Denmark officials went viral. Then, we learned that, yep, the sign language interpreter was totally just no ...


Bouncing Back in The Big Easy

Hey people, how was that for a weekend of college and pro football?! The bowls are set after all those conference championship games, with my Buckeyes now going to the Orange Bowl against Clemson thanks to a heartbreaking loss to Michigan State—after 24 straight wins over two seasons. - We got ...


The 10 Coolest Things to do in Miami

Known for its beaches, bikini babes and bars, Miami is culturally diverse, eco-conscious, foodie-friendly and one of the coveted vacation spots in the country. Make the most of a trip there with these insider insights.   Rec Room: Barely one year old, this hip, retro-style lounge pays ...


Backstage Pass: Los Globos

Site of the first legal rave in the United States, Los Globos has been a staple of the night club scene in Los Angeles for generations. The father-son team of Steve and Mitch Edelson show us around.

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