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J.J. Watt Talks Super Bowl, Sweet Hair

The NFL has never seen anything like this Houston Texans star, who terrorizes offenses with both sacks and batted passes. We caught up with the AFC Defensive Player of the Year to discuss football, fitness, grooming and Metallica. Naturally.


11 Hot Chicks from Zombie Flicks

Zombie comedy Warm Bodies is notable for a few reasons. Two of those are sexy stars Teresa Palmer and Analeigh Tipton.


Win at Cards! Kid Poker’s Top 5 Tips

From a buddy’s mancave to a Vegas table, poker is a lot more fun when you’re steadily stacking chips. So we asked Daniel Negreanu, who has collected more than $16 million in live tournaments, for his best advice. Take notes now, thank us later.


7 Winter Hats That Beat Beanies

As temperatures hover in the “man, it's pretty cold” range, you might find yourself in need of a hat. Blend style and warmth with one of these 7 seven winter hats that put the beanie to shame.


Awesome Late Night Activities You Would Never Think Of

  It’s clear that night time is the right time. For what exactly? Oh, all sorts of things. Day time has its own appeal, with the sun and the warmth and all of that. But only at night do the rules change. City and country alike become whole new worlds, places ripe with opportunity. The opportunity for awesomeness. Now, there are the typical night time engagements, tried and true staples …


The 6 Best Late Night Spots Across The Country

From 24-hour diners to nightclubs and lounges, a night owl’s work is cut out for him when venturing into the big bad city. So here’s a helpful guide to late night for some of the most exciting cities in America so you can indulge your inner Jack Bauer all over the country. Schiller’s Liquor Bar, New York City New York City is even fuller of late-night spots than most big cities. But Schiller …


How to Avoid Being an Urban Yeti

Back in the day, if a man shaved and slapped on some Aqua Velva, his grooming for the day was pretty much done. But now there are so many options for us. Our expert explains what you must do to not look like you just wandered out of the woods.


More Than Flowers And Chocolates: 4 Ways To Make Your Mad Girlfriend Love You Again

  Every guy ends up sleeping with Fido at some point. You know, in the doghouse. Getting back on her good side can be extremely difficult. Whatever the issue, as long as you didn't cheat, you have a chance to get back in her good graces. But, making your mad girlfriend love you again is going to take some real thought. Stay away from the flowers and chocolates. You'll be kissing some major …


7 Places You Should Never Do Shots

Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and the soothing stream of Southern Comfort are not particularly welcome in the 7 places you should never do shots. Even if you don’t pull out a shot glass and make your drinking obvious, a nip on a flask is as detrimental as a shot from a glass in certain situations. Doing shots in these forbidden places puts you at risk of being ostracized, acting like a drunken fool, or e …


Going HAM: 7 Ways To Level Up Your Workout

There's no denying the health benefits of working out. You can reduce your risk for any number of ailments, improve your quality of life, and generally look and feel better by committing to a workout program. But there's also no denying that working out constantly can get a little stale. Sure, it's great and all, but a little variety can go a long way. Plus, the body gets accustomed to certain thi …


10 New Beers for the New Year

It’s late January, and if you’ve whiffed on any of your resolutions, we have another one that’ll provide barrels of sweet consolation. Resolve to try new brews! Start with this carefully curated lineup, and 2013 will suddenly start to feel pretty good.


Super Bowl, Super Stories

Made Man NFL blogger/Green Bay Packers star Randall Cobb recaps the season that was and previews the Super Bowl to come. What does he think of the Read Option, and who has the edge in next weekend’s big game? Read and learn!


Listen Up: The Super Bowl Playlist

Chest-bump and chug-out all you want, there’s nothing like a solid hour of pump-up jams to set the mood for football’s biggest game of the year. With that in mind, here’s a playlist designed specifically for that purpose.


Gadzeus! 16 Hot Gladiator Babes

Spartacus returns to Starz this Friday night with its reliable mix of graphic violence and graphic-er sex. And the beginning of its final season is the perfect time to check out this gallery of the finest sword and sandal beauties in TV/film history. Enjoy.


Light Up! Win a Zippo Gift Set

Win four Zippo products every man should have in his arsenal: a wallet, a watch, a hand warmer and a bottle of fragrance.


6 Of The Hottest Teachers From Film

Everybody has at some point in their education developed a crush on a certain teacher. It's as important a part of your adolescence as smoking your first cigarette, kissing your first girl or being embarrassed about your terrible excuse for a body. You ask anyone and they will remember the name of the teacher, the subject they taught and the terrible pain of loneliness that jolted through their bo …


Full Frontal Assault: 3 Military Tactics You Can Use In The Bedroom

Attention, soldier! On the dangerous mission to deliver total sexual satisfaction, it's important to remember your training. The moves and tactics you've learned in your martial career are going to prove invaluable when you finally retire your bedroom (or kitchen, sofa, hot tub...). Seriously though, in the battle that is sex, there are actually quite a number of techniques that can be gleaned fro …


6 Things You Shouldn’t Say When Your New Girlfriend Meets Your Ex Girlfriend

There are probably a lot more than six things you shouldn't say when your new girlfriend meets your ex girlfriend. As a matter of fact, a scenario involving your new girl meeting your ex is one that no guy would wish upon his most arch of enemies. Will all the men in the congregation please say a prayer for any unfortunate brother that has had a run in with his ex and new girlfriend. OK, seriously …


5 Super Fast Super Bowl Party Foods

Got a lot of friends coming over and not a lot of time? No worries. Our expert-made lineup of winning dishes includes options you can whip up in as little as 10 minutes. Or about eight minutes less than it takes Tom Brady/Eli Manning to live/crush your dreams...


The 10 Weirdest Flavored Beers

Are you a daring drinker? It's hard to say until you sit down with a pint of beer made from maple bacon, key lime or, ahem, Rocky Mountain Oysters. Take a look at the 10 weirdest flavored beers.


Why ‘Nice Guys’ Deserve to Finish Last

The short-lived tumblr ‘Nice Guys’ of OKCupid showed us there’s more (or less) to these poor souls than meets the eye. But you’ve gotta read why our dating expert believes that, to truly succeed with women, you must avoid being one at all costs.


7 Cheap Restaurants In Miami That Sell More Than Cuban Food

Cheap eats in Miami don't have to involve Cuban food. If you've been in Miami long, you're probably sick of that garbage. Here you'll find an excellent assortment of dirt cheap Miami restaurants for any type of palate. Most of them are known not only for being cheap, but also for being good. Tasty Choices Cafe This downtown Miami coffee shop has some mighty fine wraps for less than six dolla …


How To Date A Chef And Eat For Free

While it might seem too good to be true, dating a chef can give you a hot woman and a hot meal at the same time. But eating for free isn't a perk that every female chef's boyfriend is entitled to. You need to play your cards right, without overstepping your bounds and without turning yourself into a nuisance. Play it subtle, and don't give any indication that her job means any more to you than any …


Busted! 10 Sports Champs and Their PEDs

So Lance Armstrong is finally going to admit he doped. While that’s hardly a shock at this point, it’s still a huge sports and human interest story. As the world watches him open up to Oprah tomorrow night, perhaps he will feel better knowing that he’s hardly the only drug cheat.


8 Ways You Can Be A Better Wingman

The art of being a great Wingman seems to be going the way of the dodo. In 2011, guys are much more worried about instant gratification... for themselves.There is no more "taking one for the team". This way of thinking has left many guys high and dry on a Saturday night, floundering about trying to talk to women with their mean friends eye hawking. What was once considered easy prey, has become a …


The 7 Coolest Products at CES 2013

We weeded out the silly stuff so you can put only the smartest, handiest new gadgets on your radar. (Yes, one is a waterproof phone.) Check out the seven coolest products at CES 2013.


All We Do Is Bowl

That’s what you get when Made Man blogger and Bengals star A.J. Green discusses his second Pro Bowl nod, the college season’s last bowl game and who’s getting a step closer to the Super Bowl this weekend. (Hint: he likes a fellow blogger’s chances.)