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4 Romantic Gestures She Might Not Find Romantic

Valentine's Day! Anniversaries! Bingo Night! Made Man's got you covered when it comes to four Romantic Gestures She Might Not Find Romantic. 1. The Karaoke Dedication. So you've decided to take her to the bar where you started it all and surprise her by singing “your song” to her in front of everybody. You step up to the mic, pronounce your love for her in …


The 7 Biggest Parties In The World

  Everyone loves a good party. As much as some people want to deny it there is nothing better on this earth than sitting back with a cold beer, listening to pretentious music and attempting to make small talk with people you will never see again. However parties can manifest themselves in different forms and surprise, surprise take place across the entire world, of course they don't rival …


Anthem Tracks HD Headphones

Combine great sound and good looks in a single package with the Anthem Tracks HD headphones from Sol Republic.


Cut It Out II! 6 More Gym Mistakes

In the long-awaited sequel to an earlier piece on the subject, our fitness and nutrition expert breaks down additional egregious errors. (Not including working out in high heels, which is also not advised.) Steer clear or your body will pay the price.


The 5 Best Date Foods You Can Order

Dating can be a tricky proposition. A first date is essentially a job interview, only you might end up naked at the end of it. And on subsequent dates, you're still navigating a potential mine field when it comes to food. We all have to eat, but obviously some foods are more date-appropriate than others. For instance–Garlic Baked Fish? Probably not so good if some sweet lovin' is planned for later …


5 Lessons From Movie Playboys That Every Man Should Follow

If you are a playboy, or planning on becoming one, then you should know these five lessons from movie playboys that every man should follow. This article covers lessons that you may find useful to to get you ahead of the game. Use these tips to make yourself into a more successful player, or at least one that will stay out of trouble! Quit while you are ahead. As evidenced in the movie "Fatal A …


6 Ways To Pace Yourself At An Open Bar

  It's promising to be a wild night. The party just got started, and the bar is going to be open all night long, which means free all-night drinking. You've had a long day or week, and you want to tie one on. Majorly. But here's the gotcha: you don't want to get sick. A hangover is a definite no-no because you've got to go to work tomorrow fresh as the morning dew. Relax-here are six tips …


Everyone’s 0-0 Now!

It’s Wild Card weekend, and as Randall Cobb says, “the only thing that matters is finding a way to win and move on to the next level.” In his latest post, he talks up his team’s chances, breaking records and why it’s so tough in the tunnel before kickoff…


The 15 Sexiest SNL Hostesses

Jennifer Lawrence is set to host an episode of SNL in January, making her the latest in a long line of attractive women to take on that role.


Wise Eyes: Smith I/O Recon Goggle

When it comes to snow sports, there are goggles, and there are holy-crap-these-are-awesome-look-at-all-this-cool-data-i-feel-like-the-terminator goggles. Introducing the Smith I/O Recon.


4 Of The Most Extreme Workouts In The World

It’s not enough to just work out any more. It’s about taking it to the extreme so you can get bigger, stronger, faster and more explosive. The best way to do this is to stay in shape and build on your conditioning level every day, but sometimes you want the most intense workout possible. Here are four of the most extreme workouts in the world. Remember to always check with your physician before be …


4 Life Hacks That Can Improve Your Dating

Anyone who thinks that dating is simple hasn't had to find a date in quite some time. Just the act of finding a date is tricky enough, never mind the actual date itself which can range in stress levels from "stressful" to "super stressful." And dating is even trickier if what you're bringing to the table is less than enticing to the opposite sex. But what if there was a way around those shortcomin …


6 Things Every Man Needs For A Winter Trip

Winter time is a special time of year. The sun stays up for about ten minutes, Santa Claus comes and goes, and the thermostat drops low. And along with winter comes the opportunity for winter trips. Of course, you can't go on a winter trip with the same equipment that you use during the summer. Shorts and flip flops? Try hypothermia and frostbite. So what things should you bring along for some fun …


The 6 Best Un-Meat Muscle Foods

Yes, beef and chicken and salmon are great for bulking up. But our fitness expert has lots of nutritional options that contain no meat and still help you pack on lean muscle mass. (Yes, that’s vintage Tom Brady up there. And yes, one of them is milk.)


13 Hot Women to Watch in 2013

It's a new year, and big things are about to happen. That's particularly true for the women on this list.