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Make a Name for Your… Team

Oh, what’s in a name? A lot when it comes to your social sports team. You want it to be so striking that people hype up your team before you even step onto the court or field. Try these tips to make a name that stands out!


5 Great Sports Bragging Apps

It’s important to let everyone who isn’t involved in your social sports league know how much fun they’re missing. Let them live vicariously through your photos, videos, and statuses. If they end up “liking” enough, maybe they’ll join you on the field next season. Show off your fun and success with these apps! 1. Vine Whether it’s capturing a teammate connect with the ball, then the ball soarin …


The Best Post-Game Drinking Games

There’s no better way to celebrate a win (or get over a loss) than with a cold brewski. But it’s even more fun to turn the celebratory activities into a competition as well. Here are some popular drinking games that can be done in a bar or after-party. Try them all and you’re bound to have a wild night! (And a rough morning, but now is not the time to think about that.)


Post-Game Bar Dances You Must Know

Chicks dig a teammate who’s the life of the party, but in order to be so, you need to get the moves down. And we mean literal moves, on the dance floor. Know what to do when these jams come on in the bar post-game!


Malia Jones Surfs Into Our Hearts

Make no mistake, we love beautiful women—and sporty women. And when those two qualities are combined in the same woman? Well, then we suddenly need a cold shower. Luckily, we pulled it together just long enough to interview surfer/model/ Cayman Jack spokesbabe Malia Jones about finding the best breaks, staying in shape and winning her over. Hint: curiosity counts!


How to Get Over the Glory Days

Pining for a past that probably wasn’t all that great anyway? You’re not alone, but it’s time to flip the script. We’re going to help you break out of that mindset and into a new world of living in the now, whether you’re 22, 32 or 52. It just takes three steps.


7 Things Every Sports Bar Should Have

There are at least 7 things that every sports bar should have. These features will set a good sports bar apart from a bad sports bar. Big screen televisions and beer are not the only features that will make a sports bar be the best.    Large HDTV's with a good sports package. No sports bar is complete without several large flat screen television sets. How many TV's a …


Cruising Solo? 10 Tips to Find a Date on a Ship

Taking a cruise alone can be a little daunting at first. You don't know anyone else on the ship, and a lot of the activities are made for couples or groups. However, with a few tips, you can easily have a great time. Plus, you may even find a great date. 1. Get in on Shore Excursions If you want to meet people who are interested in similar things, consider the shore excursions tha …


4 Bachelor Party Packages That Any To Be Groom Would Love

If you're in charge of planning a bachelor party, you'll want to go big or go home. You do, after all, (theoretically) get only one shot at this, so it pays to find the most extravagant package. New York When your bachelor's looking for all-out VIP revelry, New York is the place to go. New York gives your guy the chance to round out his single life with some nights on the …


Getting More Popular Every Day

Not yet two years old, LA clothing brand Popular Demand appears to be on a swift rise to the top. We caught up with creative director and C.E.O. Blake Ricciardi to get the scoop on the line, the mindset and what it takes to stand out from the pack.


Diva AJ Lee’s Body Is Slammin’

She may only be 5’2”, but WWE Diva Champ AJ Lee sure packs a wallop in the ring—and leaves us aching to be her tag team partner. So naturally, we tracked the pint-size pugilist down to ask about her favorite moves, fitness tips and dating tastes. Can’t get enough? Catch her on USA’s WWE Raw every Monday night…


8 Cruise Destinations You Should Consider

American theatre critic Brooks Atkinson once said that "Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit." But that doesn't mean that all lands were created equally. Read on to discover the summer cruising destinations that set the standard. Cayman Islands for Underwater Adventure Located in the western Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands is one of the most picturesq …


Action Factory Takes Stunts to the Next Level

Like eye-popping summer blockbusters? Behind the scenes, Jayson Dumenigo and Joe Ross of Action Factory provide a space for amazing stunts, innovative action and new technology.


Superpowers We’d Like to Have

In today's crazy world, there are some superhuman abilities that would really come in handy. See which ones we’re talking about in Superpowers We'd Like to Have.


How Not to Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their ilk have brought us lots of cool ways to express ourselves that we couldn’t have dreamt of a decade ago. But they’ve also created lots of opportunities to act like a complete jackass. Here’s how to not be that guy...


Wes Welker on Fans, Broncs, Brady

The way we see it, with most teams hitting the field this week, it’s officially NFL season again. So as Denver’s training camp kicks off, we ask their new Pro Bowl receiver about getting fit, switching teams and scary fans. And Brazilian soccer, of course.


The “Blurred Lines” Babe Speaks!

Every once in a while, a woman comes along—usually in a music video, sometimes in a lifeguard-themed TV show—and captures the male imagination in a major, major way. This year, that woman is Emily Ratajkowski, the gorgeous brunette in Robin Thicke’s extremely viral “Blurred Lines” video (104 million views and counting!). We tracked down the Internet sensation at Comic-Con’s AXE Black Chill event t …


How to Build a Sharp Suit Ensemble

Every man needs one great suit, and then he can grow from there. But how? We asked image and style expert Grant Harris to make sense of it all, and he answered the big questions about cultivating a smart professional wardrobe. Take notes.


4 Expensive Mens Grooming Products Worth The Money

More and more men are beginning to understand that grooming is not only important but is becoming necessary. Whether it’s about wooing another woman or impressing your colleagues at work, a well-groomed appearance always leaves lasting impressions. Here are 4 products that we believe will are good investments: 1. Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Cream Kiehl’s produ …


British Actors And Actresses You Thought Were American

Some British actors and actresses are so crafty that they actually spend most of their careers pretending to be American. They must be jealous. But to be fair to most of these thespians, they are actually able to adopt our various accents with relative ease. Still you must feel pretty peeved if you’re actually an American actor from that particular region who has been rejected for the role i …


5 Asian Cocktails That Will Get You Drunk From Bangkok To Shanghai

When you booze it up a lot you got to mix it up, too. Otherwise you're going to experience the drinker's plateau and the drinker's doldrums. The plateau happens when your body gets used to the same types of alcohol you put into it. The buzz is not as satisfying and your favorite glass of suds doesn't taste that great anymore. Think about it. You wouldn't want your favorite meal …


6 Things That Make For An Epic Stag Party

Your stag party is a once-in-a-lifetime deal (hopefully) that sends the groom into wedded bliss. So, make it epic with these six must-haves for every stag party. Go the Extra Mile Heading to an amazing location should be one of the most important aspects of your stag party. You need a location that's exciting, has plenty of fun things to do, and captures the mood of a bachelor party. If you …


Speakeasy: Nate Corddry

The affable comedian sips Jameson on the rocks and discusses how bad weather makes people funny, his family of “Massachusetts Protestant art haters” and the rise and fall of Studio 60. Also: The Heat, Sandra Bullock and his upcoming sitcom, Mom.


4 Girls Next Door That Look Like Jennifer Lawrence

 Four Girl Next Door Types That Look Like Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence exemplifies the beautiful girl next door type, so naturally we found four more girls that look like her. After starring in movies such as “X-Men: First Class”, “The Hunger Games”, and her academy award winning performance in “Silver Linings Playbook”, Jennifer Lawrence ha …


The 8 Most Important Things to Remember When Bachelor Party Planning

People have been having bachelor parties since the Spartans in the 5th century BC. It is traditionally a night of toasting the bride and groom and having fun. Some men dream about their bachelor party as much as the bride dreams about her wedding, so you want to make it an unforgettable night. Here are eight important things you need to remember to do while planning the bachelor party. Create the …


Hot Chicks from Comic Book Flicks

Comic-Con kicks off today in San Diego. Which gives us a great excuse to admire the finest females from recent or soon-to-be-released comic book movies. Check out these babes and see if your Spidey sense doesn’t start tingling…


Threads: ISAORA

Co-founders Ricky Hendry and Marc Daniels take you through the latest and greatest from their line of sportswear that transitions seamlessly from snow and surf settings to the urban world. Lots of brands have tried it—these guys actually pull it off.