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3 Lovable Women Who Look Like Jennifer Aniston

This actor-slash-actress turned director and producer has some serious look-a-like competition following her lead. Who are these well defined overachieving posers who may be clueless to their cloned appeal? Just some of the most beautiful minds and bodies that Hollywood has to offer. They are all naturally adorable and lovable women, just like Jenny. Colbie Marie Caillat. Could this be mi …


4 Curvy Tan Women Who Look Like Kim Kardashian

With all of the talk about Kanye West dating someone secretly that is the spitting image of Kim Kardashian, we thought we’d write a list for him of four curvy women who look like Kim Kardashian. That’s if he is looking for actresses of course. If you’re a fan of those dangerous and delicious curves of the sexiest Kardashian, then have a look at these actresses that resemble Kim i …


3 Actresses Who Look Like Megan Fox

With the filming of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” wrapping up, we thought we’d help Hollywood casting directors by finding three actresses that look like Megan Fox. Megan is one of the biggest searches on the internet and the star of many a man’s dreams. Although she has some of the most exotic and compelling features and curves, there are some other actresses out the …


4 Women Who Look Like Kate Beckinsale But Sadly Aren’t

While it is utterly obvious that there is only one Kate Beckinsale, there are at least a few more actresses who look like her. Kate Beckinsale is not only one of the most beautiful actresses of today, but of any time. Her breathtaking good looks and her sweet demeanor have left her near the top of the list of the world’s most perfect creations. Whether she is a sexy vampire in the “Und …


4 Confused Ladies Who Look Like Kristen Stewart

One Kristen Stewart is okay but how about for more ladies that look like her? Now we are talking. While she has been working for years as an actress, most of us probably know Kristen Stewart from her leading role in the “Twilight” series. Ah the series that sissified vampires to new levels of low. But hey, Kristen Stewart still looked good, good enough to find a few more ladies that could pass for …


Bail Out! 5 Signs She Ain’t the One

In any relationship, we must look past some flaws, because we all have a few of our own. However, certain hangups are more than hiccups. If you can check off a number of items on this list, it’s time to pack your bags and make a run for Mexico, hombre.


Threads: Staple Design

Creative agency, design studio, menswear collection, retail store and more. Jeff Staple explains his operation, his love for pigeons and how his looks end up on everyone from LeBron to Jay-Z to Mike Tyson. Plus, bold new styles for summer. Take notes.


On the Front Lines: Making It in EDM

What’s the deal with EDM? Why is it so popular, where do all its artists come from, and what’s up with all that neon clothing? To find out the answers, we sat down with Jake Weinstein and Ethan Bruno, the duo behind the up-and-coming EDM group Live City.


The 7 Manliest Ways To Beat The Heat

  There’s heat and then there’s HEAT. Most people only want to find the nearest air conditioner and have a cold drink in the dark when the mercury rises to more than 90 degrees. That may keep you cool, but it’s not very manly. You can do some very enjoyable activities and beat the heat in these seven manly ways.   Water Skiing   Slather on …


How To Cook A Meal Like Mario Batali

When you're ready to take Italian food to the next level, you can learn how to cook a meal like Mario Batali. While you may not want to go so far as to wear shorts and put your hair in a ponytail like the great chef is known for, there are some basic elements to his cooking that have gotten him to where he is today. Luckily for you, chefs have become celebrities in our culture. Where visiting …


4 Amazing Hidden Rooms You Wish Your House Had

Everybody wants a unique house, with its quirks and hidden charms. But very few people are actually able to pull it off. Imagine a house in which you had hidden rooms to relax in. Or a hidden library to help you get away when you just want to read a book or two. And of course all of know how much we would have loved to have a hidden playroom when we were children! Whether you're in the process …


8 Video Game Sex Positions Every Gamer Should Try

  Sometimes, gamers get a bad rap The media tends to stereotype gamers as “undersexed.” Not true, not at all. In fact, gamers can actually be better lovers when it comes to sex. It’s true. Need proof? Look no further than these eight videogame sex positions that every gamer should know.   1. The Link to The Past – Like the “Zelda” title of the same name, this one’s a classic. Th …


13 Fresh Acts to Check Out in 2013

Are your playlists desperately in need of an update? Relax. We’ve singled out 13 performers (including Walk the Moon, above) that could be lighting up the charts—or at least your smartphone—the rest of this year. Check ’em out today…


Get Smooth! Manscape Like a Man

Most women prefer a man who is well-dressed and well-groomed—from head to toe. So while you might not be ready to slip into a pair of skinny jeans, it’s probably time you started doing a little manscaping. A top grooming expert shows you how.


11 Eye-Catching Summer Shoes

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you should be wearing sandals everywhere you go. Turn the heads of a few bikini-clad cuties with these 11 Eye-Catching Summer Shoes.


Are You the Next Great Filmmaker? Take Your Shot!

Secretly believe you’re the next David Fincher? This could be your shot! Made Man’s parent company, Break Media, is teaming with New Regency Productions (Fight Club, Mr. & Mrs. Smith) to introduce Prototype: The Search for the Next Great Filmmaker...


Why Women Love Losers

Ever wonder how smart, attractive girls can get hung up on guys who totally suck? In a brutally honest and revealing essay, writer Anna David reflects and explains. Great reading for anyone who has witnessed this scenario. In other words, everyone.


Threads: Saks Fifth Avenue

Ready to upgrade your seasonal style? Saks VP and men’s fashion director Eric Jennings takes you through three fresh looks that’ll make you the hit of every summer gathering. Khaki suits, dressy sneakers and built-in pocket squares included…


The World’s 16 Hottest MILFs

Mother’s Day might have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate all the moms in the world. Or at least, all the really sexy ones. So without any more pointless introductory jibber-jabber, let’s all take a nice long look at the 15 hottest MILFs on the planet. Insert your own Oedipus complex joke here!


6 Sex Injuries You Should Fear

Sex, sex, sex. Great, right? Sure it is. But like any physical activity, it’s not without risk. Not like, hang-gliding risk, but injuries can still happen. And when dealing with such sensitive parts, the injuries can be terrifying. Don’t scoff! Sex injuries are serious business. You need to know the risks before you get busy. Hit the sheets free from fear by getting educated about sexual injuries …


6 Actresses That Look Like Kaley Cuoco

Pay attention “Big Bang Theory” fans because the six actresses that look most like Kaley Cuoco are just ahead.  Teenage boys around the world first fell in love with her in the hit television series “8 Simple Rules” and the infatuation with Kaley Cuoco has only grown along with her career. While there is only one Kaley Cuoco, here are six beautiful actresses that look most like our favorite televi …


11 Bike Commuting Must-Haves

A controversial cyclist once said, “It’s not about the bike,” and whether he was really referring to relentless determination, God or performance-enhancing drugs, we may never know. But it’s a worthy point that your bike alone doesn’t complete the cycling experience. Accessories are what allow you to ride with maximum comfort, convenience and safety. And here are top picks for doing exactly that—i …


Rickie Fowler Doesn’t Do Khakis

With the US Open starting tomorrow, there’s a lot of chatter about Tiger, Rory and Sergio. But don’t sleep on the kid with the bright outfits and the killer swing. We asked him about bold fashion, fast cars and big shots. And Caddyshack, obviously.


10 Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts

It’s next weekend, so you’ve got some time to get Pop something he really wants by browsing this selection of gear that covers every dad, from the gym rat to the speed racer to the grill master. Bonus: You might find a few nice things for yourself, too.


Emily Ratajkowski Makes Us Blurry

Everybody’s talking about that unrated Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” video—and specifically, the ridiculously hot brunette in it. Well, her name is Emily Ratajkowski, and we figured it was about time you got to know her a little better. So keep clicking to find out some interesting facts about this sexy up-and-comer—and ogle at more pictures of her—in this bio-gallery.


The 6 Best Bachelor Party Cities (Besides Vegas)

When it comes time to send a buddy into matrimonial slavery in style, some locales are far superior to others. Assuming you can’t make it to Bangkok, here are six debauchery-friendly bachelor party spots where every dollar will be well spent.