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Nathan Bogle’s B.S.-free Style

Who says male models are one-dimensional? This outspoken Brit, cofounder of Rag & Bone and eschewer of the term “metrosexual” talks trends for spring, his new line, Jardine, and how a dude who cares how he looks can still be a dude.


World-Class East Coast Luggage

Alex Realmuto ditched a corporate job to start Blue Claw Co. with his buddy Adam Blitzer. We asked the 26-year-old about shifting from office guy to entrepreneur, what makes their goods stand out and the hardworking people of New Jersey, of course.


Threads: Don Ville

Staying true to traditional cobbling, LA’s Don Ville creates bespoke American shoes with a European flair. Owner and head shoemaker Raul Ojeda takes you through the shop, shows you his tattoos and explains how he crafts the finest footwear you’ll ever lace up.


Seth Howard Elevates Your Look

Having lived and worked in men’s fashion for years, the new style director at custom clothier Alton Lane knows a bit about looking good. We talked with him about the perfect suit, breaking rules and how Mad Men is helping us all dress better.


Emilia Clarke Makes Us Watch Game of Thrones

Thank you, Game of Thrones, for introducing us to Emilia Clarke. Since the series premiered on HBO in 2011, Clarke has built a loyal fanbase among viewers, and rumor has it the British babe is newly single.


Backstage Pass: The Echo

In the heart of Echo Park lies a club that has transformed with the area around it. Featuring artists like The Airborne Toxic Effect and Silversun Pickups, The Echo provides an intimate experience with unforgettable performances. Proprietor Mitchell Frank gives you a tour.


Rule the Beach! Alpinestars Boardies

It's not quite beach weather yet, but now's a good time to check out the recently debuted boardies lineup from Alpinestar. And win a pair!


The Next Level of Urban Style

LA-based Crooks & Castles merges streetwear and high fashion to create a signature look that represents the lifestyle of its fans. We asked design director Emil Soriano about the company’s backstory, celebrity endorsers and what’s to come.


Speakeasy: William Fichtner

The actor you’ve seen in countless films—from Heat to Contact to The Perfect Storm—chats with Paul F. Tompkins about his roles, his man cave, driving race cars, voicing video game characters and, yes, how to pronounce his last name.


Top Trophies From the Twin Cities

Minneapolis teams might not be racking up hardware these days, but the trophies coming out of Titlecraft can’t be beat. Founder Edward Reichow talks fantasy football awards, participation medals and design secrets. Stanley Cup makers, take note.


Threads: Apolis

Raan Parton and Hilmar Skagfield take you through LA’s Apolis, an up-and-coming clothing store founded on the simple idea that people can live better lives when they are given equal access to the global marketplace. And sweet duds, of course.


Sharp! New York Street Style 2

Regardless of where you live, it’s tricky to channel trends without sacrificing personal style. During our second foray into and around New York Fashion Week, we met several gents seeking to strike that balance. Did they succeed? Check ’em out and see…


11 Celeb Babes With Crazy Hot Fashion Sense

As the Elements of Style series progresses, the rewards of dressing sharp are starting to emerge, proving that being a dapper gentleman is a sure ticket to becoming a confident ladies man. This time, we take a cue from the ladies on how to turn heads. Take a look at these 11 irresistibly dressed ladies to remind you what dressing well is all about.


Backstage Pass: The Churchill

With European hospitality and a rustic industrial aesthetic, LA's The Churchill serves up stylish American cuisine and striking signature cocktails. We'll drink to that!


Deconstructing the Classics 2

In this style dissection of classic icons, we show you how to dress like a reggae legend, a Hollywood rebel and the original Alfie himself. Check out Deconstructing the Classics 2.


MAGIC Moments: Vegas Style

We’ve studied NYC street style, but what are gents sporting across the country? We headed to MAGIC, Sin City’s big, twice-annual men’s apparel and accessory trade show, to find out. And let’s just say things got pretty, well, colorful…


Katrina Bowden Keeps It Clean

Katrina Bowden is teaming up with Gillette to help get guys kissably smooth skin in Spring Break hotspots like Miami, Daytona Beach, Panama City and Vegas.


What Happens in Dublin…

If you find yourself in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day weekend, we highly recommend doing the following. Good craic!


Speakeasy: Russell Peters

In the latest installment, the world-renowned comedian, actor and Indo-Canadian drinks tequila with Paul F. Tompkins and talks about hanging with the King of Jordan, his experience on Source Code, how stand-up compares to boxing and more…


High-End Sound, Straight Outta Cali

Alexander Rosson sells $1,000 headphones that take an $80,000 home audio system and drape it over your ears. We asked the Audeze CEO about his typical day, American manufacturing and why his products are worth every penny.


Threads: Sandast

You don’t have to fly to Italy to score fine distressed leather goods. Los Angeles-based Sandast is a throwback to traditional handmade craftsmanship. In the latest episode of Threads, co-founders Milan Franeta and Chris Pak give you the full tour.


Nordstrom Men’s Shop Creative Director Andy Comer Talks Style

As the clothing retail giant’s new Men’s Creative Director, this man is on a mission to make us all look sharp. We caught up with the sartorial star to find out how well men are dressing these days. And believe it or not, we aren’t doing half-bad...


Hot off the Runway: The Future of Lingerie

Behold what trends the future brings (yes, there are trends in the world of lingerie), hot off the Parisian runways. Note: This gallery is for educational purposes only.


Backstage Pass: Dim Mak Studios

Expect the unexpected at Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Studios. Featuring performances from hip hop artists like Kid Cudi and electronic dance music from Skrillex, Dim Mak Studios is an intimate Hollywood club that's low on pretention and high on fun.


Fresh! New York Street Style

During last month’s Fashion Week, we hit the streets of Manhattan in search of guys who exemplify NYC style. Get a glimpse of what we found in Fresh! New York Street Style.


Style Tips for the College Grad

College is a blast, but when you leave it, your wardrobe has to evolve. So we’ve lined up expert advice on how to dress for success, respect and, yes, your first real job. Take note of these helpful tips.