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The Best New Beach Gear

The sun is shining and we’re all getting ready to head for the shore. But those board shorts are falling apart and you’re in need of fresh shades. Check out our roundup of the coolest upgrades and you’ll be looking at summer in a whole new way...


Memphis in May Puts on the Ribs

Ribs are extraordinarily popular (who doesn’t love ’em?), so this division of Memphis in May tends to draw the most contestants, including a whopping 122 teams in 2013. And so as we wrap up Grill Spectacular, enjoy one last taste of the action…


Of Semantics and Suds

It's a summer Friday, and our illustrious cartoonist is prone to daydreaming. Here's what happens when you're a lot more than halfway to happy hour...


The 8 Craziest Bets Ever

People throw the word "bet" around pretty lightly these days. Your buddy bets you won't tell your wife about that special weekend in Vegas, your brother-in-law makes some insane wager on the Cowboys, you bet all the kids will move out of the house at 18—but what happens when someone takes those insane bets seriously? Sometimes the bettor gets off easy and has to move to the Midwest and at other ti …


Memphis in May Goes Whole Hog

It takes a full 24 hours to cook a whole hog, and Memphis pros say the key is to cook the pig slowly over low heat, keep it moist by injecting apple juice and other liquids and retain as much of the fat as possible. See and learn more in our on-site roundup…


Win Russell Westbrook’s Style!

We're giving away a Russell Westbrook Air Jordan prize package featuring a sweet hat, shirt, shorts and kicks. Here's how to enter.


The 7 Most Underrated Basketball Players In History

You know all the big names in basketball by heart; if you're a fan, you can probably name their leading stats right off the top of your head. Even people who don't like basketball know Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and all the other mega-stars in the NBA. However, just because these guys are awesome doesn't necessarily mean they're the best players, or the most deserving o …


Memphis in May Does Pork Shoulder Right

One of the most prestigious categories at the competition, the pork shoulder division drew 55 teams this year, including the eventual grand champion. Meet some top contenders—and get some handy BBQ tips—in this exclusive photo gallery.


Ashley Tisdale Grows Up, Gets Hot

You might remember her from those High School Musical days, when she was singing, dancing and discovering herself. But gentlemen, take note: Ashley Tisdale is no giggly kid anymore. We caught up with the full-grown bombshell at a Cracker Jack’D event to talk about her role in the recent Scary Movie 5 and what she looks for in a fella. (Hint: “douchey dudes” need not apply.) Click through to learn— …


8 Things Men Should Never Own

Today's men are more open to things once considered feminine. You can now carry a shoulder bag (you know, the "man purse") without getting stared at. Men can even pull off pink shirts that were once the sole property of women. No matter how far men have come, though, there are some things they just shouldn't own. Ever. Anything Hello Kitty-related This is a hard and fast rule that you should …


BBQ Heaven? Scenes from Memphis in May

The “Super Bowl of Swine” is the largest pork barbecue contest in the world, drawing more than 250 teams to compete for $110,000 in cash, prizes and bragging rights. And even cruddy weather can’t prevent one big, ridiculous, meat-filled party…


Speakeasy: Donald Faison

The comedy star drinks Scotch with Paul F. Tompkins and talks up Scrubs, The Exes, his new prank show, Who Gets the Last Laugh?, and the upcoming Kickass 2. Also, uncomfortably close encounters with Andy Dick. (Are there any other kind?)


13 Songs That Mean Summer, 2013

Summer’s coming, are you ready? Along with your shades, sandals and six-pack (abdominal or otherwise), you’re going to need some fresh beats to really get the party going. So click on Nelly, cue up this diverse playlist and start the season right…


The Problem With Dating for Guys

As this graph illustrates, man's search for brains and beauty can prove elusive. If only there were more women like Trudy from Mad Men.


Eats: JR’s Barbeque

Meet the friendly purveyors of California’s only original, authentic Memphis-style BBQ. That means dry rub pork ribs and pulled pork, smoked 15 hours for supreme tenderness and flavor. Did we mention that it’s made and served with love?


The Top 5 Australian BBQ Techniques

World-renowned chef, Top Chef Masters host and Melbourne native Curtis Stone knows a thing or two about outdoor cooking. The author of the new book What’s for Dinner? Delicious Recipes for a Busy Life drops some knowledge...


Vin Diesel Dishes on Fast & Furious 6

Few actors have managed to brand themselves quite like Vin Diesel has. While primarily known for his action roles, Diesel revealed himself to be a savvy business operator and appreciator of quality cinema when we caught up with him on the London-based set of Fast & Furious 6, coming to theaters Friday. Check out what he had to say—plus exclusive pics and an extended first look at the film—belo …


Gina Carano Talks Fighting, F&F 6

We sat down with Gina Carano on the London set of Fast and Furious 6 to discuss fighting, acting and whether she can take the Rock.


Nas Talks Cognac, Cars, Cooking Out

In 1994, Nasir Jones released Illmatic, one of the hottest hip-hop records of all time. Two decades later, he’s still scorchin’, with his last three albums topping the charts. We asked about his favorite things and his best advice. Also, Priuses.


Speakeasy: Simon Helberg

The precocious Big Bang Theory star tells Paul F. Tompkins about emergency landings, performing in bookstores, show business false starts and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Also, the surprising challenges of being a 10-year-old black belt...


Chef Rock: Doug Psaltis’ Cookout Jams

The Chicago-based barbecue master of the upcoming Windy City Smokeout shares the tunes he rocks out to while bringing his favorite outdoor cooking recipes to life.


The 4 Quirkiest Girls Who Look Like Zooey Deschanel

The only thing better than Zooey Deschanel is four more quirky cuties that look just like her. Whether it’s “Elf,” “500 Days of Summer,” or the hit television show “New Girl,” we just can’t get enough of the quirkiest beauty of them all, Zooey Deschanel. Not to worry, these four ladies will definitely fill the void when jonseing for that type of sexy …


A BBQ Sundae, the Huckberry Way

Ever had a BBQ Sundae? No? It’s just like an ice cream sundae, only much, much meatier. Here, our guest columnist dishes his method for creating this mad, mind-blowing carnivorous treat. You’ll never look at sundaes the same way again.


Bozeman Mutual Bids Farewell

It's true. After one helluva a little gambling run, Kevin's going off the air. But because he's not bitter or anything, he's leaving us with one final ramble covering Kickstarter, the IRS, his secret algorithm (revealed!) and half a bottle of top-shelf tequila. Salud!


The Best Truck for Every Job

It’s easy to admire trucks, simply because they are awesome feats of heavy-duty engineering. What’s not so easy: choosing the right one for you. But rest assured, no matter what job you need to get done, there’s a Ram truck that can do it. Keep clicking to see which tough-as-nails Ram is right for you...


Souvlaki Fit for a Greek God

Looking for an awesome grilled treat that’s easy to make, healthy, delicious and sorta ethnic? Here it is! The “Mama” of NYC’s MamaGyro Greek restaurants explains how to whip up chicken souvlaki so good, it’ll make an Athenian bow down…


Win Meat from Steakhouse Elite!

We’ve covered grills and grilling tools and grilling advice in our Grill Spectacular package, but one thing’s still missing: the actual meat! Win a grill party prize pack from Steakhouse Elite! Here's how.


Eats: Bigmista’s Barbecue Catering

Meet Neil and Phyllis Strawder, the happy couple behind Southern California’s tastiest “mobile barbecue establishment.” At farmers’ markets and celebrations of all kinds, they serve up a combo of top-notch ’cue and nonstop laughs that can’t be beat.


4 Things Every Man Should Pack In A Survival Kit

If summer blockbusters have taught us anything, it is that the world will end in a special effects heavy bloodbath. It's never too early to learn the four things every man should pack in a survival kit. Planning ahead will make it much easier to survive any forthcoming apocalypse caused by asteroids, climate change, clandestine world governments or lunatic zombies.   1. Water Purificati …