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Back in Black and Kicking Butt

This week, New Orleans All-Pro Malcolm Jenkins talks Ohio State, what he takes with him on the road and how this year’s 6-1 Saints compare to the Super Bowl-winning 2009 team.


Why You Should (Perhaps) Rock Fake Glasses

LeBron James, hipster Not long ago, David, a single, 46-year-old real-estate agent in New York, put on his friend’s thick-framed Masunaga spectacles and looked in the mirror. “It was like I was suddenly face to face with the man I’d always wanted to be,” he says as he reverently removes an identical pair from a case and carefully begins polishing the lenses with a small white cloth. “A more int …


16 Keys to Tailgate Greatness

Hosting a tailgate party? From scheduling and supplies to apps, beer and burgers, a hit gastro-pub’s star chef reveals all you need to know to turn your guests into super fans...


Fantasy Football: Golden Boy Blues

We make it our business to keep you on top of who’s moving up and down the value charts. So here are a few players we’re sizing up for Week 9.


Richard Sherman Meets the Seahawks’ Tiniest 12th Man

The Seattle All-Pro is a talented fellow, but even he may not have a memory like one of the Seahawks' tiniest/biggest fans, a three-year-old girl who knows the team inside and out. You've gotta see this video to believe it.


Sky High and a 34-ounce Ribeye

Not content to rest on its laurels (and perhaps suffering a hint of the greed it's also famous for) Vegas is eagerly vying for another moniker -- Bucket List Capital of the World. That means high-flying and huge steaks.


Sky High and a 34-ounce Ribeye

Las Vegas has more than it's fair share of nicknames. Sin City. Gambling Capital of the World. Entertainment Capital of the World. Marriage Capital of the World. And my personal fave -- Capital of Second Chances. Not content to rest on its laurels (and perhaps suffering a hint of the greed it's also famous for) Vegas is eagerly vying for another moniker -- Bucket List Capital of the World. …


Speakeasy: Katee Sackhoff

The Battlestar Galactica star talks about her big break (Fifteen and Pregnant), how she got the role of Starbuck, her new show Longmire and her brother seeing her (side) boob at the Riddick premiere. #scarredforlife?


Style Your Hair in Seconds (and Learn Stuff Too!)

That's right, folks, styling your hair is even easier than you think—and takes way less time than the grooming procedures of lovely ladies. Don't believe us? Just check out this AXE Styled in Seconds video. You'll not only pick up grooming tips, but also advice on how to wow the women. Win win!


Made Man Movember Mo’asis at Life is Beautiful

First stop on the Mo'asis Tour? The Life is Beautiful festival in fabulous Las Vegas! There was arm wrestling, barber shaving, Movember registering and lovely ladies (with and without mo's). See what you missed in the pics below!


Digging Las Vegas (But Not How You’d Think)

Billing itself as a "Heavy Equipment Playground," Dig This Las Vegas lets ordinary men hop in hulking earth movers and spend 90 minutes living out their dirtiest dirt fantasies...


10 Best Suits for Fall

From charcoal to navy, herringbone to houndstooth, here are the most up-to-the-minute fall suits for nearly every color, pattern and price.