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14 Movies You Must See in 2014

The cinematic calendar promises sex addicts, sexy vampires, sexy co-eds, Sundance splashes and artfully concocted big-budget fare.


Dynamic Duos: TV Comedy Teams

If you like the laugh-out-loud absurdity of Parks and Recreation, you'll love these two new comic TV duos.


The 6 Best Smoky Beers

Nothing screams wintertime more than warm fire in the hearth—or one of these pleasantly smoked ales in your belly.


Cooper…Dominic Cooper

The veteran actor channels 007 in BBC America's Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond.


The Male Birth-Control Pill: A Timeline of Failure

Slap on a condom, get an irreversible snip, or abstain. For a sizable number of men, two of those three male contraceptive methods aren’t viable options. The good news is that several new developments aim to change that. There’s the so-called Clean Sheets pill (why not the “no more wet patch” pill?! FYI: We are available for branding work), a combination of two drugs no longer on the market, pheno …


2014’s Hottest Concept Cars

When it comes to unveiling new vehicles, nothing in the world comes close to Detroit’s North American International Auto Show. This year’s event features more than 50 global debuts. But as usual, it’s the concept cars that seem to draw the most attention...


Style Questionnaire: David Hart

One of menswear's brightest new stars on justifiable splurges and three things every man should have in his closet.


Friday Drink Special: The Bronco Buzz

As mentioned in this week’s Cooking with Booze, now that we know who’s going to the Super Bowl, we can turn our attention to more important things, like what to eat and drink while we watch it. If you’re cheering for the Denver Broncos, I suggest you make yourself a Bronco Buzz or two. This cocktail was inspired by the Colorado Bulldog — a drink made with vodka, coffee liqueur, cream or milk, and …


A Drink in the Life of a Stella Artois Chalice

Over the past week, the Sundance Film Festival has been delighting movie buffs with its usual blend of originality and brilliance. Made Man was fortunate to attend as a guest of Stella Artois—on the occasion of the nationwide launch of Stella Artois Cidre—and we did a little filmmaking of our own. Having packed a GoPro Hero3 to shoot snowboard footage, we decided to set it loose at Stella’s event …


10 Douchey Things Women Love

Did you notice something about The Wolf of Wall Street? Jordan Belfort was a complete douchebag. And he bagged a ton of women. (Also, this wasn’t a fictional movie. This was based on a real person.) So our point is: a lot of women actually like grand gestures of douchebaggery. With that in mind, here are 10 douchey things you should think about adopting for the sake of your sex life. 1. Power Sui …


The Video Games That Make You a Better Man

The biker Theo Rossi, Sons of Anarchy (@theorossi, "Hands down, you gotta play 'Madden NFL,' the king of sports games. There's no question that it was the most social game for me and my crew, because we would constantly pick up the sticks and start challenging each other. When the Owner and GM modes came into play, I was so excited to do my drafts and create players. I always c …


Anyone Can Ride a Harley (No, Really)

I had a lot of reservations before I attended Harley-Davidson's Rider's Edge New Rider Course. Topping the list of concerns would be the type of folks attending. I was pretty certain how this would go down. I'd find my polo-clad self wedged between Duck Dynasty and ZZ Top lookalikes, with perhaps a couple of feathery-haired Bonnie Tylers to round out the room. I'd stand out like a pork chop at a J …


Speakeasy: Yvonne Strahovski

The Aussie bombshell discusses her role in the upcoming I, Frankenstein, voicing a video game and rapping on Broadway.


Cooking With Booze: Super Bowl Beer Brats

Now that we know who’s going to the Super Bowl we can start thinking about more important things — namely, what to eat and drink while we watch it. And when we think Super Bowl fare, two things come immediately to mind: Brats and beer. This easy recipe for Super Bowl Beer Brats combines the two, and gives you an excuse to fire up the grill in February. Beer brats are the perfect tailgating food — …