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Party Like a Rock Star

When people say “Spend Money like a Rock Star” they mean spend money like there’s plenty more where that came from. There usually isn't in the rock world but they spend it anyway. Courtesy of Blender here are a few things your favorite rock stars have purchased with their hard earned money Bono spent $1700 to have his favorite hat flown from London to Italy because he forgot …


BE SMART: Visit my New Renter

Be a bit smarter than this guy and visit my new renter. The site is about the things that really matter in life not money. Its fun to make fun and ridicule but go to the site and read about the more important things. Make sure you come back though because I have alot more were this came from


The best options book ever Written

It is the the Bible of options trading. When I first started trading it was required reading by my firm. Buy this book, read it from cover to cover. It explains every possible thing you can do with options. It may keep you from making this page.