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“The Scream” Recovered by Police

One of the world's most famous and valuable pieces of art has been recovered by Oslo police. The famous Edvard Munch painting was recovered with "Madonna", the other Munch painting taken by masked gunmen in August of 2004. Police aren't giving details of how they recovered the painting but only released a statement saying they were now in possesion of the paintings. Three men had already been conv …


Bored? Put on 120 T-shirts

I have been bored before but I have never been bored enough to put on 120 T-shirts just for fun.


So Sick of Motley Fool

They send an endless barrage of stories out there disguised as research and opinion and all it is a massive attempt to sell their wares. They make sure to mention as many companies as they can in each article so that it gets picked up as "news" in all the headlines of the companies in Yahoo. They are as worthless as trading markets and their little ranking systems. IBD has good info to work wi …