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Things Arent Always As They Appear

Corn is too low. The yields are coming in 20 bushels lower than what most thought. How do I have such insider info. All you have to do is call the elevators, they will gladly tell your their takes. Commodities are struggling but corn is the place to be. I am a buyer of 07 fall as well. By the way, the picture to the right is made of burnt toast. Yep a burnt toast piece of art.


Decisions, Decisions Which Car to Buy

After being nominated by myself for pimp trader of the Year and former Nursery Pimp of the Year I've decided to get myself a car to match my image. I know this is spending my money before I made it but I have an image to uphold. Which one should I go for. One says successful and the other says muther f'in successful.


Photos Of New Playstation 3 Packaging

I really didn't believe it would ever come out but they have atleast made the boxes. I am assuming they are only display boxes . I just needed to see something like this to make me believe they were actually going to release this thing before Christmas. Here they come. Although they are using a 60 gig model, they boxes say 20 gig so the boxes are all for show. Either way, here comes the PS3. Look …


Rosie Told to Be “Less Gay”

Here's a picture of Rosie O'Donnell preparing for The View. She was told by Barbara Walters to appear "less gay" for her start on Tuesday. I think she did a great job. It's funny that gay is in or pretty much accepted in the media but it seems that "mean bitch" is not.


My Phone Stolen and These Crazy Pictures Taken

I need your help finding the person that took my cellphone. I installed a program for SneekaPeek that automatically sends any picture taken by my phone to my Flikr account. Hopefully these pictures will help me find who stole it. Hopefully these pictures will help me find the thief.


Remember Lemonade Stand?

Unlike many, I grew up with Apple Computers in the 70's. I knew I wanted to run a business as soon as I played Lemonade Stand. I was 10 years old and played the game night after night. It taught me cost control, advertising, inventory, and of course, how to make as much money as I could. Download the game and get back to basics.