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Interview With George Bush

FOX Business Network’s David Asman will conduct an exclusive interview with President George W. Bush, which will be presented on both FOX Business (4-5 PM ET) and America’s Nightly Scoreboard (7-8 PM ET) on Tuesday, November 13th.Asman will speak to President Bush from Louisville, Kentucky about the spending battles and tax proposals in Congress, particularly the Alternative Minimum …


Who Doesnt Love a Carnival?

There's nothing more beautiful and exciting than when the local carnival rolls into town. It's the only event that can be put up in a Subway Parking lot and completely erected in the time it takes to order a 6" sub. It seems like it's going to be just your ordinary day and then......Oh shit!!! Is that the Zipper? The first thing that attracts me to the carnival is the outgoing friendly staf …


Hillary Clintons Lesbian Affair Story About to Break Wide Open

I can feel this story building steam. True or not true it is starting to ripple and the big wave is a coming. Obama is getting real excited about this one. What is the story you ask? Here she goes. Hillary Clinton is supposedly a lesbian or at least bisexual. This has been rumored for years because she is a strong woman and all strong women are gay aren't they? And c'mon look and listen. But here …


10 Never Seen Before Completelty Awful Photos

I've seen millions of compilations of the "most awesome", "coolest photos you'll ever see", "amazing", "caught at the perfect time" photos. I decided to go to the bottom of the shoebox full of photos and bring you the worst photos you'll see today. All photos completely stolen because the photographers wouldn't want to claim these things anyway Bowling alleys are known for being the best local …