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Hyped TV Series Is A Fake

A major ad-campaign on the web, TV and billboards for a fake TV show turns out to be a big ad for new LG flat-screen televisions. The ads for 'Scarlet' were popping up on Gawker, Variety, and E!, and they all featured smokin' hot model-actress Natassia Malthe kicking-ass and blowing stuff up. Even the website, plugged in the ads, didn't give any inkling that this wasn't really a new TV series, …


The WB Network Lives Again

The defunct worst basic television station will now become the worst online video website. The WB network, first created in 1995, as combination of bad ideas and the eventual home for Dawson's Creek, was banished from the airwaves in 2006. Well, not so much banished, as it was purposely ignored into oblivion by viewers. The old WB and UPN (which would be equally horrible if it weren't for th …


All the Fun of Monopoly In Videogame Form

The 'Z' button will probably control how much money you steal from the bank when Mom isn't looking. Electronic Arts, the makers of Madden and all the other decent sports video games, are now branching out to board games with their Casual Entertainment Label of Electronic Arts. It's good to see that this company is distinguishing between the intense devotion and non-casual fandom of games like H …


Craigslist vs. eBay: The Ultimate Online Auction Catfight

The giants of online auction are battling, but it sounds a lot like name-calling. eBay sued yesterday for 'diluting' its 28% shareholder ownership of the company. Craigslist then fired back with some pointed blog postings and claimed the bad guys over at eBay were acting "unethically." Most of the real details are confidential in these court hearings, but let's break down all …


Airlines Get Nasty and Charge For Second Bag

Maybe leave that extra corpse at home? New extra fees for a second bag might make you rethink your packing choices. 5 of the 6 major airlines are mandating a $25 extra bag fee for a second piece of checked luggage. The new fees imposed by Delta, Northwest, Continental, United, US Airways, and AirTran (which is charging a lower - $10 fee) are being implemented to offset rising fuel costs, and …


A Pro-Wrestling, Sex-Potion-Selling, Investment Banker

This modern-day Renaissance man just took things to a new and bizarre level. He's a professional wrestler with the WWE, who also happens to be an on-air financial news commentator with Fox Business, and now he's getting into the herbal sex potion business with his new product 'Mamajuana Energy'. I kid you not. John Layfield (aka wrestler JBL), the genius behind it all, calls his newest ventu …


Butlers Making a Comeback and Interrupting Sex Politely

The traditional butler is making a big comeback in London. Although plenty of normal people are struggling in this economic recession, Rich Dicks will always need ways to be extravagant. After a whole load of rich Russian dudes/ hedge fund billionaires wanted their 'newspaper creases ironed out' and 'private jets flown' by a well-dressed old polite guy, butlers are back on the scene. A trained …


A Few Jokes To Take You Into the Weekend

Once three men were out sailing when they capsized on a deserted isle. They were met by a tribe of hostile natives. The encircled the men, and then the leader came up to them and announced, "It is our custom to eat foreigners. However, if you join our tribe, we'll let you live." The three men looked at one another and nodded. A big, burly native stepped forward and took off his loincloth. The chie …