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What NOT To Do With A High-End Prostitute

Ever since the Eliot Spitzer scandal, the story of the high-end prostitute has been on the tip of everyone's tongue. I wouldn't be surprised if a major motion picture came out sometime in the next few years with a similar story. Actually, that should probably be a definite. Next month, Radar Magazine has an intense 5-page feature story coming out written by a young woman in New York named Jessi …


50 Cent Is The New Cash King of Hip Hop

Last year Forbes magazine, chroniclers of all things money and list related, unveiled a new 'street cred worthy' list where they analyzed the biggest money ballers in the hip hop world. And after coming out of retirement, marrying Beyonce, and signing a new concert and album deal, Jay-Z was the top dog on the list. But listen up, after a little shake-up in the standings this year, none other th …


Kids Disney Underwear Shouldnt Say “Dive In”

A pair of Disney's High School Musical 2 themed underwear is causing a bit of commotion after a very observant parent noticed the pair of panties say 'Dive in!' on them. Big mistake, Disney. The Mickey brand has really been dropping the ball lately. After doing a crappy job handling the big publicity that the Miley Cyrus naked in Vanity Fair controversy brought on, then star of HSM2 Vanessa …


5 Ways To Beat The College Textbook Game

These days, crazy threesome-ing college students can spend between $700 to $1500 a semester on textbooks. Seems like a lot of cash to spend on an Organic Chemistry book that (despite having an awesome picture of a skier or snowboarder on the cover) is the least fun thing in the world to read. Here's a few money saving suggestions that should provide a boost to that Smirnoff Ice fund of yours (y …


The Best of the Worst Corporate Songs

When are big corporations gonna learn to keep this stuff in-house as tight as they can? The holy men over at Holy Taco have put together a great list of videos featuring 5 Amazingly Embarrassing Corporate Songs. Watch and relive the glory days when Ernst & Young and Bank of America were celebrating in song well before this saddening era of the current recession. No one is singing anymore …


Lewis Black Says “America Is For Sale”

Lewis Black did one of his rants on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last week. As usual, he makes a lot of broad assumptions, shouts a lot, and basically looks like a crazy person. Does he have some good points though? Check it: I've got no beef with Black harping on the Chrysler Building and Trump's Mansion getting sold, but so callous and mean-spirited to the King of Beers? If we lived in a …


After Charging You For A Pillow, JetBlue Wants You To Help Them Out

JetBlue is looking for a little help.  They need 1000 volunteers to trial their bag check and security systems at its new John F. Kennedy International Airport terminal, which is set to open in September. Evidently, American and British Airways had terrible problems when they opened their new terminals and JetBlue is bound and determined not to let it happen to them. This is how it's going to g …


Will Jet Blue Start Charging For Everything?

Since Jet Blue had decided to charge us for everything we touch on the plane I figured I would put together an advance list of things I expect to be charged for soon.  I guarantee one of these will actually become true "We Won't Lose Your Bag" Insurance $15 "We Won't Damage Your Bag" Insurance (presently not offered) Carry on Bag Storage $10 Pressing of Button to Recline Chair ........ …


What If Steve Jobs Had A Comic Book?

Whether or not you think Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, is a superhero for saving the world with his consumer electronics or the ultimate villain for acting like a douche and calling reporters slime balls - you've gotta admit the guy needs to be in a comic book. You shall go wanting no more! The lovable hooligans over at Holy Taco have an awesome post about what a comic book version o …