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8 Signs You May Not Be Very Good At Sports

Being smaller or a little geeky doesn't guarantee you won't succeed at sports but the following 8 signs point you towards a slight lacking in athletic ability. Nothing says "I don't have a good jump shot" like the colorful "two bicycles and a helicopter" rainbow sweater that Aunt Susie made for you Darth Vader costume = likely to be bad at sports Violin= very likely to be bad at sport …


8 Signs That You May Be A Drunk

There is nothing easier than spotting a drunk. It doesn't matter who they are or where they're from, they all have the same characteristics. Here are the 8 sure signs you're a drunk. The strangest shit is always happening to your car. One day you get your mirrors kicked off , the next you have a giant fork through the top of it. You ALWAYS want to wrestle. One second I'm standing in line for t …


10 of the Most BadAss Disco Shirts as Found on Ebay

As many of you know I love to stay ahead of the fashion curve. As a man of wealth and culture, occasionally I have to take a step back in time to stay ahead of future trends. I'm getting a jump on Soho and starting to rock the hard core vintage 70's disco shirts. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you my 10 Bad Ass Disco Shirts As Found on Ebay. A few simple rules to the kind of shirts I'll …


Kenny G Is Not Cheesy. Hes Making the Cheese

You may ask yourself, "How in the world do the words Kenny G and shrewd investor find themselves in the same sentence?". First, let me tell you I love Kenny G. He has provided me years of comedic material. There is nothing better than slipping in a Kenny G CD into the stereo at the beginning of road trip with friends to get everyone laughing. I always follow with "What? You guys don't like Kenny G …


My Romance with a Scammer From Ghana

You know you've always wanted to. I finally responded to one of the scammers that send you those messages about money waiting for you if you'd help. I got the typical help me letter and I responded with this I am interested but send me a picture of the money. I want to see it first Sincerely, Ihava Grandepinga Like my name? Ihava Grandepinga This is the first response I received. …


I Dont Think I Can Take 8 More Months of The Election Process

This is frickin ridiculous. Every station, every website, every where I turn, they're talking and speculating about the election. I used to love going over to Digg and enjoying some real news combined with "7 crazy things you never cared about but is funny or interesting" stories. Now they barely make it to the top being drowned out by political stories. And forget about Reddit, it's gone until …


10 Signs That Hillary is Getting Desperate For Votes and Money

10. Set up a dunk booth at the last campaign stop with a "Dunk Hillary for $5.01" Sign9. Pushing rumors to the media that she has a sex tape with Jessica Alba and Carry Underwood8. Has hired Morgan Freeman to narrarate all stories about her on the news for better effect7. Has decided to switch from the power suit to the Catholic School Girl outfit for the rest of the campaign stops6. Has star …


Interesting Pictures That Look Photoshopped But Arent Part 2

After the reaction to my first group of interesting photos I've decided to post a second group of photos. Again, all of these are regular photos and none of them have been altered or photoshopped. Usually I'll comment on the photos but I'll let everyone submit their own this time. On the first one, take a step back and take a look. It's like she's behind a curtain. One of the most beaut …