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Worlds Largest Cruise Ship – $1.24 Billion

Royal Caribbean is sick and tired of "tiny" million-dollar cruise ships. It's time to take things up a notch. "Project Genesis" also known as the 'Oasis Class' ship was ordered by Royal Caribbean in 2006, and upon it's completion in 2009, it will become the world's largest operating cruise ship. I really hope the whole thing is Phil Collins/Genesis-themed. Do you know how hard that thing would …


Airlines Find New Ways To Screw Passengers Each Day

The big news today is that Delta is tacking on extra surcharges for passengers trying to utilize the frequent-flier program. Wow, not a nice reward for your most loyal customers. But you've gotta ask yourself, what's the worst thing you'd do to cut fuel costs? The new surcharge will take effect on August 15th and will add a $25 fee to all tickets redeemed with frequent-flier miles for the U. …


Change Your ‘WTF’ License Plates

Apparently old people are driving around with 'WTF' license plates and now they aren't happy about it. Silicon Alley Insider got this little gem from a local North Carolina news channel: Thanks to some text message-savvy grandchildren, North Carolina drivers whose license plates have the potentially offensive "WTF" letter combination can replace the tags for free. The News & Observer of R …


Business Travelers Hit the Black Diamonds

Airport security finally comes up with a good idea, hooray! For years now, tighter security precautions and more in-depth screening has caused the death of quick and breezy airport travel, but now with these new classified lines, you can blow past all the losers holding you up. The chart at the left shows the three new security checkpoint line classifications air travelers can choose to join. T …


Berlins 5-Star Hotels Lose Stars To Get More Business

Berlin is home to some of the world's most lavish and impressive hotels. However a few of the city's top-notch 5-stars are noticing that their high rank is hurting their business. Turns out the drug companies are to blame. Aren't they always? According to an article in Germany's Spiegel magazine, drug companies are under stricter vigilance nowadays to avoid spoiling clients and doctors in order …


When You Fake Your Death, They Arrest Your Girlfriend

The strange case of the convicted hedge fund manager who faked his own death before he was supposed to report to jail has taken another turn. His lady friend is a squealer. Samuel Israel III, has officially been deemed a 'not dead' fugitive by authorities after they found his abandoned SUV on a bridge over the Hudson River with the message 'Suicide is Painless' scrawled in dirt on the windshiel …


Who Should Get Visas? Hot Models or Nerdy Engineers?

Due to America's current policy on how it grants foreigners a visa to work inside the U.S., a decision is being weighed between the fashion and technology industries. Both the most gorgeous of fashion models and the smartest and nerdiest of high-tech workers need to apply for the same limited number of visa allowances. And apparently this competition is leading to a lack of beautiful skinny …


Insecure Business Travelers Beware

First air travel took our free checked luggage, then they took our free snacks, and now security for these airports will probably take our last shred of dignity and decency. Nudie X-ray scanners are coming! New state of the art digital imaging scanners used to detect weapons have made their way to airports all over the United States. Right now they are in use for random passenger screenings in …


$2 Million Lakers Bet

Phil Ivey, a professional poker player, made a huge $2 Million bet on the LA Lakers to win the NBA Playoffs this year. And with the Lakers losing the first two games to the Boston Celtics, Ivey was sweating big time. The Tao of Poker blog recounts the evening last night when he witnessed Ivey competing in the preliminary rounds of the World Series of Poker while trying to keep track of the Lake …


The Punniest Store Names

Some people might think local businesses with puns in their title are corny. Some might even go as far as to say they are 'lame' and 'cringe-inducing'. But personally, I always wanted to open an Indian restaurant called "Curry Your Favor". And it is because of this desire that I salute the fine people of Best Week Ever for compiling a list of the 50! Best Pun Stores. Some of my favorites …