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All Checked Luggage Incurs Fees, Should You Buy An Extra Seat For Your Suitcase?

Exactly one month ago we reported that several major airlines began charging a $25 fee for a second checked bag, then today things got a whole lot worse for high maintenance chicks. American Airlines announced yesterday that it will be implementing an additional $15 fee for each passenger's first checked bag on all domestic flights. That's right, now not even a single stowed bag will escape the …


Mozilo Cant Figure Out These Newfangled E-mails

Everyone's least favorite- and most tan - mortgage slinger, Angelo Mozilo, doesn't know the difference between 'forward' and 'reply'. The result: a public relations disaster. Mozilo's company, Countrywide Mortgage, has been blamed by many for causing the sub-prime crisis. Although it's not accurate to lump this all on one company, their policies, similar to others, are what led to the collapse …


Major League Eating Video Game

Major League Eating takes one more step toward being a reputable sports business. MLE, the governing body of all those (hot dog, sushi, hamburger, etc.) eating contests, is now releasing its very own video game for the Nintendo Wii. Created by Mastiff Games, Major League Eating: The Game allows you to play as all your favorite stars of the shoving-food-down-your-throat-leagues, such as Joey …


10 Movies With Horrible Product Placement

Product placement is a fact of life in the big movie business. Some do a much better job of it than others. But even still, some are so ham-fistedly clumsy about it, that it's sickening. Here's a list of some of the worst examples of product placement in a movie. 10. Iron Man - Yeah, I know 'Wow, that movie just came out, how did it make this list?' Well in one scene, main character Tony Stark, …


Jim Cramer and Iron Man: Together At Last

Everyone's favorite lovable kook is making a cameo in today's big blockbuster release, Iron Man. CNBC released photos from the film of the Mad Money host ranting about Stark Industries. As all you comic book nerds know, Star Industries is the name of Tony Stark's (Iron Man's real name) weapon production company. Maybe Cramer is telling viewers to buy and hold Stark Industries just days befor …