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8 Mistakes You Will Make At Your Office Holiday Party

Oh yes, the yearly office holiday party is on the horizon of your near future. The music is never that good. You can do with or without the food. No one ever invites any cool guests. So, what's the mass appeal of an office holiday party? Simple. You get to see all the people you work with for 40 or more hours a week cut loose. The people that only display a rather professional side to them can't h …


4 Dancing Tips That Make Cutting A Rug Easy

Not everyone can be a trained dancer. And for the purposes of getting down in a club, you don't have to be. Men tend to think too much when they dance,which gives them a rather stiff, and well, unnatural appearance on the dance floor. Stiff Zombie-like movement is only cool in horror flicks and a certain Michael Jackson music video. Sure, some women equate the way you move on the dance floor to th …


Video: Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Anyone can drag their Christmas tree out to the curb. It takes a resourceful man to turn a Christmas tree into a beer mug. This week on For the Win, Mike Capes shows you how to get the most out of your tree after the holidays have ended. Ready your saws, gentleman.


The Girls of The Darkest Hour

If you’re any kind of moviegoer, chances are you’ve seen them both Olivia Thirlby and Rachael Taylor on screen at some point in the last few years. If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out. Check out this gallery to see what we mean.


4 Badass Explorers You Should Emulate

Exploring the globe is a much more feasible possibility today than it was in the 15th or 16th century. Now you can book an around-the-world flight, and before you know it you'll be sipping alcohol from a coconut while surrounded by palm trees. However earlier explorers had to do battle with the seven seas if they were to find new adventures to partake in. This involved months, years and sometimes …


X-Factor’s Most Inspirational Tunes

We asked X-Factor's final three what songs we should drop on an “inspirational” playlist. Sneak ’em on to your girl’s iPod and she’ll melt.


Made in Sweden

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, based on a Swedish book, is hardly the first fantastic thing from Sweden to wash up on American shores


The 11 Coolest Album Covers of 2011

The death of the CD has meant a resurgence in album artwork, and the past year has featured a number of truly impressive covers. We don’t necessarily endorse all the actual music on these records, but the aesthetics alone make them worth keeping around.


6 Stand Up Albums That Will Make You Laugh Again And Again

Not since the heady days of Richard Pryor, Monty Python and George Carlin has there been such a fervent audience for stand up albums. But the greatest stand up albums are created by seasoned pros who have taken years to hone and perfect their craft, traveling the country and pouring out their inner most turmoil to a crowd that laughs straight back in their face, and they wouldn't have it any …


10 Perfect Holiday Gifts

Mid-December. Yup, that’s about the time the smart but busy man starts seriously thinking about what to buy everyone on his holiday gift list. Relax, friend. Everything you need for parents, siblings and that special lady in your life is right here.


Funny! 6 Kids Crying Over Football

Rough weekend for your NFL team? Cheer up while watching these kids ball their eyes out about the NFL. Oh come on, it's hilarious.


10 Really Expensive Christmas Gifts

Even if you aren’t a Saudi oil baron, it’s fun to gaze at the extravagant items upscale brands roll out around the holidays. From a $68 prophylactic to a $2,000,000 car, it’s all here. Put your credit card under lock and key before reading.


4 Drunk Pranks Everyone Should Pull On Their Friends

Getting drunk is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic week at work. Sometimes an evening of beer, tequila and cider is the best way to release your frustrations. Just remember, being in a drunken state can lead to you being in the prime position to receive a torrent of abuse from your friends. This can range from the hilarious to the borderline sadistic. But if you find your friends in this co …


5 Free Things To Do In Austin That Will Keep You Weird

Visiting (and enjoying) Austin doesn't have to cost you a dime; really, all you have to do to have a blast there is walk around outside. From wildlife watching (Congress Avenue Bridge boasts North America's largest urban bat colony) to people watching (Leslie The Transvestite—more on shim later), Austin's streets are loaded with free entertainment. So next time you find yourself in this weird litt …


Why North Korea Is Better Than Vegas

Contrary to popular perception, the Democratic People’s Republic might just be the ultimate guy vacation destination. Sure, it’s a hopelessly self-deluded Communist quagmire, but having just returned from a little jaunt there, we can explain.


7 Historic Sites Any History Lover Should Visit

The U.S. is filled with historic wonders. Americans have experienced civil war, revolution, assassinations, terrorist attacks, two World Wars and the birth of rock n' roll, all of which have shaped and molded the United States of America into the greatest country in the world. There are historical landmarks dotted all across the country, from the east coast to the west coast, which have played imp …


Speakeasy: Nat Faxon

Paul F. Tompkins sits down with the multi-talented Ben and Kate star to discuss the show, surfing, shark attacks, ice hockey, improv and “slapping fives.” Oh, and winning an Oscar for co-writing The Descendants (guess that’s kind of a big deal).


The 4 Best Sports Cities In The USA

Ranking the best sports cities is clearly a subjective undertaking. However, objective criteria can be used to give the rankings more value. In our rankings, we look at sports history, sport venues, fan interest and team performance. Boston -- This is a city that has had a passionate love affair with its teams for decades. We use the phrase love affair because it is completely appropriate. Love …


Safe and Smooth Ski and Board Trip Tips

Even if you are perfectly geared up to slay the slopes, your shred-venture will go sour if you don’t reach the mountain in the first place. So here’s how to arrive in style and in one piece, whether or not you have a hot-dogging Yeti to watch over you.


Danny Trejo: “When things go south, pray”

Everyone’s favorite badass has survived serious adversity to menace the big and small screens. Your moustache may never be as sweet as his, but you can still learn from Mr. Trejo’s tips on bouncing back, keeping fit and, yeah, meeting women.


Ashley Greene Is Hotter Than Kristen Stewart

In a Twilight-themed Chickipedia Facebook poll, fans voted overwhelmingly in favor of this dark-haired stunner. So here’s a gallery of Ms. Greene’s finest photos, plus trivia. If nothing else, she’ll help you survive your girl dragging you to Breaking Dawn


4 Free Things To Do In Las Vegas That Don’t Involve Gambling Or Prostitution

Las Vegas is so chock full of free things to do that you will never ever be both bored and broke. You've probably lost your shirt already, but you will still have a blast, guaranteed. So, mope for a while and jumpstart your vacation with the following free attractions, some of which may also lead to free booze to drown your sorrows. Circus Acts. Everyone loves a good circus, and this perman …


Amy Adams Is Hotter Than Isla Fisher

Our own Chickipedia's fans voted between the two redheaded bombshells last week, and Adams won by just a few votes. With the Oscar-nominated actress set to star in The Muppets later this month, here's a gallery of fun facts and pretty pics.


Ron Jeremy: “Girls love mine. It tickles.”

Movember truly begins today. So why not turn to a legendary adult film star, philosopher and moustache icon for advice on health, wealth, grooming, sex and everything else that matters in life? Mr. Jeremy, the floor is yours ...


Modern Warfare 2 Weapons List

What use is a "Modern Warfare 2" weapons list  that doesn't state which weapons cause the greatest damage? After all, demise or your enemy is your ultimate goal. An accurate weapon is awesome, but limited damage leaves an enemy who can still battle. Maximum damage ensures your chances of advancing in "Modern Warfare 2." Ranger shotgun. This weapon is the most …


Infamous Celebrity Sex Scandals You May Never Forget

Celebrity sex scandals always seem to make the front page of the newspapers and keep the public's interest for years. Some celebrity sex scandals help the celebrity's career, while other celebrity sex scandals can bring a career to its knees. See how many of these celebrity sex scandals you remember. Pee Wee Herman. Pee Wee Herman was a popular entertainment figure with children and ad …