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Modern Warfare 2 Weapons List

What use is a "Modern Warfare 2" weapons list  that doesn't state which weapons cause the greatest damage? After all, demise or your enemy is your ultimate goal. An accurate weapon is awesome, but limited damage leaves an enemy who can still battle. Maximum damage ensures your chances of advancing in "Modern Warfare 2." Ranger shotgun. This weapon is the most …


Infamous Celebrity Sex Scandals You May Never Forget

Celebrity sex scandals always seem to make the front page of the newspapers and keep the public's interest for years. Some celebrity sex scandals help the celebrity's career, while other celebrity sex scandals can bring a career to its knees. See how many of these celebrity sex scandals you remember. Pee Wee Herman. Pee Wee Herman was a popular entertainment figure with children and ad …


Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Some people spend months planning their Halloween costumes. The rest of us just wing it a couple hours before the party. If you fall into the second category, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few clever costumes you can throw together on the fly.


Cooler Places to Get Your Halloween Costume

Head to a traditional costume store for Halloween, and you’re going to end up matching someone else. Especially if you get something “trendy,” Charlie Sheen. For an original get-up, think outside the box. Here are six sweet spots to do just that ...


America’s Hottest Halloween Party

It’s happening this Friday and Saturday, and we can all celebrate. Click on the pic to see a) sweet hookups for Made Man readers and b) eye-searing photos of tiny-costume-rocking beauties. You know, if you’re into that kinda thing ...


Conversation-Starting Halloween Costumes

Halloween is, after New Year’s Eve, the biggest party night of the year. While going out and getting hammered for its own sake is always in fashion, there’s a good chance you’re also trying to pick up. Halloween not only allows you to be a little more forward with women than you normally would be, it also lets you dress in a way that attracts a lot of attention. On All Hallow’s Eve, you don’t need …


Video: Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

It's an hour before your friend's big Halloween party and you're still without a costume. Maybe you forgot, maybe you're lazy or maybe you just don't care that much. Regardless, you're going to need to throw something together quick. This week on For the Win, we show you how to pull a few easy costumes out of thin air, using the stuff you've got lying around your house.


Halloween 2011, Done Right

Halloween’s just a week away. Thankfully, we have all the info you need on costumes, haunted houses, creepy cocktails and, of course, how to pick up your very own Halloween hottie. Start here, and check back for fresh tricks and treats in the days to come ...


Rapping Halloween Junkies Need Their Candy Fix

Remember the days when you couldn't wait to dress up in a crappy ghost costume and fill a pillowcase with Reese's peanut butter cups and "fun-size" Snickers on Halloween? Our brothers at Break Originals are bringin' the memories back with some candy-craving pre-teen rappers in this video. Here's to gettin' sugar high...


Hulk Hogan: “Keep it clean, brother!”

The golden-haired grappler is showing up everywhere, from TNA’s Impact Wrestling on Spike to a video game on Xbox 360. And he’s got a fistful of advice on staying fit, dating a hottie like his daughter Brooke and, of course, grooming a sweet ’stache.


Eighties Sitcom Predicted Gaddafi’s Death

Ousted Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was killed today in a gunfight outside his hometown of Sirte, and it appears that a short-lived Fox television series knew it was going to happen all along. The sitcom, Second Chance, aired a segment in 1987 that depicted Gaddafi appearing in heaven after having died of undeclared causes. Granted, the date is off by a few months, but they did get the year rig …


Britney Spears’ Most Criminal Photos

Pop diva Britney Spears is drawing a mix of criticism and praise today over the music video for her single "Criminal." The video depicts Spears robbing a convenience store at gunpoint, then hanging out half naked with her boyfriend, engaging in all manner of steamy sexiness. Some are calling the video over-the-top, poorly acted and unexpectedly violent, while others say that "Criminal" is the best …


Survey Says: Katy Perry Hotter Than Rihanna

That’s what the fine readers of Made Man sister Chickipedia say, anyway. In a Facebook poll last week, fans voted overwhelmingly in favor of Perry. The people have spoken, and here’s your reward: a gallery of the singer’s hottest photos, plus fun facts. Enjoy ...


The Girls of Footloose

Is the new Footloose remake a chick flick? If that means "filled with chicks," then yes. The film features a handful of hot up-and-coming actresses—and a few old favorites—for you to peep during all those extended dance sequences, and star Julianne Hough is only one of them. Here's what you have to look forward to. Julianne Hough The film's main attraction, Julianne Hough brings her …


Playboy TV Gives Made Man Some Love

Like most men, we at Made Man can't get enough of the Playboy TV girls. Lucky for us, it looks like the feeling is mutual. In this video shout-out, Playboy hotties Dani Mathers and Alexandra Lyon list Playboy TV's 10 favorite men's sites, and Made Man is right there at the top. Thanks, girls. Keep up the good work.


How to Haunt Your Own House

Other than plenty of booze, skimpy costumes and a distinct lack of inhibitions, what makes a good Halloween bash? Atmosphere. Try these cool not dorky house-haunting tips to truly get your guests in the spirit. Or scare them to death trying


Why Women Dress Trashy on Halloween

Sexy schoolgirls, dirty Disney princesses, naughty Ninja Turtles? When it comes to Halloween costumes, there’s no concept women can’t sex up. And we guys are left ogling, wondering just what inspires ladies to transform into tramps for one magical night


Holy Taco Calls Out a Plagiarist

The Internet is a big place. As a result, a whole lot of plagiarism, content theft and copyright violations go unnoticed. Every once in a while, however, an instance of theft is so blatant that members of the Internet community take notice, and take action. Such is the case with "blogger" Terrell Mims, a self-proclaimed writer who frequently rips off established blogs and passes off their content …


Steve Jobs, Apple Badass, Dead at 56

According to Apple, legendary computing pioneer Steve Jobs, having battled cancer for years, has passed away. We here at Made Man, who admire him as both an innovator and one seriously badass dude, join geeks around the world in mourning


Seven Lessons in Badassery from Steve Jobs

Nerds around the world cried like little girls upon learning Steve Jobs had stepped down as CEO of Apple. What you might not know is, he's a bona fide bad ass. Here's what makes Jobs the Chuck Norris of geekdom. Take notes. Bonus points if you use an iPad


13 Fantastically Sexist Vintage Ads

Back in the day, men were men and women were... wives and secretaries mostly. These days, more women than men graduate from college, Michelle Bachmann campaigns for president spouting utter nonsense, and The Playboy Club gets canned after just three episodes. No wonder William Bennett says men are falling behind. Hell, we can't even make perfectly good sexist ads anymore. For a reminder how Mad Me …


Video: More Ways to Sneak Booze Into an Event

A few weeks back, we showed you how to sneak booze into any event. Because we know you have a lot of events to attend (and even more booze to drink), we figured it was time to update the old drink-sneaking arsenal with a few more techniques. This week on For the Win, Mike Capes teaches you a handful of clever new ways to sneak alocohol into an event. Some things you'll need: Red peppers, gummy bea …


Rachel Bilson Plays Doctor

In the CW’s Hart of Dixie, The O.C.’s girl next door stars as a New York City doc who takes a job in a tiny Southern town. This Made Babe had us at “Rachel Bilson plays doctor,” but here’s more


Halloween Costumes Women Can’t Resist

If you want to win over those costumed cuties, it's never too early to plan your own get-up. These expert-approved conversation starters will make you the most popular guy at the party—and the one going home with the tastiest (eye) candy