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Rihanna Bikini Top Offends Irishman, Not Us

Rihanna inadvertently managed to offend a Northern Irish farmer recently while filming a new music video in a wheat field east of Belfast. After agreeing to let Rihanna and her crew film in his field, farmer Alan Graham got upset when he saw Rihanna wearing a red bikini top for the video. "I thought it was inappropriate," Alan said. "I requested them to stop and they did... I had my conversatio …


10 Rihanna Bikinis That Don’t Offend Us (PHOTOS)

Rihanna is currently one of the best-selling R&B artists in the world. This particular bikini top offended an Irishman, somehow. For a bigger version, click the pic. For more photos and facts, click "Next Page." She has been performing since she was 16. Her debut album, Music of the Sun, peaked in Billboard's Top 10. She is the youngest musician ever to achieve …


Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tips

Grab your controller and get ready to dominate with these "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer tips. Whether you’re on Xbox or Playstation, know how to down your enemies before they down you. "Modern Warfare 2" is the sixth "Call of Duty" title and one of the most popular first person shooters, with more than one billion dollars in sales. Tired of having a low K/D? (T …


The Sexiest Costumes You’ll Want to See this Halloween

As we all know, Halloween is the one day of the year when just about every girl feels compelled to dress sexy. In order to prepare you for this feast of the eyes, we've assembled a handy guide to the hottest outfits you'll want to see this year, along with what not to say if you're hoping to pick up one of those costumed honeys. To be clear, the pickup lines accompanying these photos will not impr …


Hulk Hogan: “Quit living from that comfort zone”

Calling all Hulkamaniacs! Tune in to see the Hulkster inspire a troupe of midget wrestlers in his new show, Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (TruTV, Wednesdays, 10/9c). As executive producer and coach, Hogan trains and advises smaller brawlers on everything from money to making it in the ring. Here’s an excerpt from our Q&A with him. More to come from our mustachioed friend in Movembe …


Is Getting Off the Dirtiest Book in America?

Despite the popularity of Pulp Fiction, not too many people are publishing those cartoonishly graphic, sexy hardboilers these days. But a brash outfit called Hard Case Crime is trying to change that. And they just released their most controversial tome yet


The Sexiest Hard Case Crime Book Covers (PHOTOS)

Old pulp paperbacks fetch a handsome price on the antique market. It’s no wonder why; they feature artwork that incorporates everything good and pure about American culture—namely saucy dames, square-jawed men, brutal violence and raunchy sex. Even if you can’t throw down the cake for a vintage copy of Faulkner’s The Sanctuary, you can get the latest releases from Hard Case Crime, a retro fiction …


Reasons to Watch the Roast of Charlie Sheen

In case you weren't aware, Charlie Sheen is being roasted on Comedy Central tonight. An evening dedicated to lampooning Hollywood's most prolific burnout is bound to be one of the most bizarre events ever aired on national television, and there are a few good reasons you should tune in. Here, courtesy of our friends at Tu Vez, is why you should watch The Roast of Charlie Sheen.


The Hottest Women of the Fall TV Lineup

This week marks the start of the new television season. Here's your viewing guide, in beautiful female actress form. Does it include sexy photos and quotes from Amber Heard and the other smokin' stars of The Playboy Club? Why yes, yes it does


The Hottest Primetime Emmy Nominees

Get acquainted with the Primetime Emmy Awards’ sexiest nominees before they take to the red carpet this weekend. Topping the list: Sofia Vergara. This is why we watch television


Great Sex and Crazy Vacations

Ditch the beach for a more extreme getaway and awaken your inner adventurer. Then get busy spicing things up in the bedroom. Those and more in the day's top stories for men. Jessica White: So Hot it Hurts (Maxim) The Week in Women (FHM) Make Sex Better (Men's Health) The 10 Most Extreme Vacations (Ask Men) Kanye West's Failed TV Pilot (Just a Guy Thing) 10 Ways to Magically Influ …


Top Halloween Costume Shops Online

Why get your Halloween costume online? It’s cheaper, you can’t beat the selection and, really, you can only throw together a last-minute Risky Business get-up so many times before it gets old. So use the web, buy your costume early and don’t worry about it arriving in time. Here are the best places to look. features costumes for adults of the s …


Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos Leak

Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity to find herself at the center of a nude photo leak. Unfortunate for her, but an unexpected gift for her legions of admirers. Here's a gallery of Johansson in a few less-revealing poses, just to remind us all that this girl looks amazing regardless of her state of dress. And like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the best of her controversial new/nu …


Alison Waite: “You should ooze confidence”

After stints as a Playboy Playmate, Deal or No Deal briefcase bearer and World Poker Tour hostess, this Made Babe is repping Macanudo. Naturally, we asked her about cigars, card-playing and what it takes to win over really hot women


Christina Hendricks and Cleavage Attend Premiere (PHOTOS)

Christina Hendricks hit up the premiere of her new film, I Don't Know How She Does It, last night sporting a low-cut, high-cleavage look that seemed to draw a lot of attention for some reason. We're guessing maybe it was the whole "high-cleavage" aspect, but it's up for debate. In any case, here are some photos from the night if you want to try to figure it out for yourself. Hendricks i …


J. Lo Plus Bradley Cooper Equals Gossip-Fest (PHOTOS)

It's just hilarious how much Hollywood is like high school. Exhibit A: gossip-mongers flipping out over Jennifer Lopez having dinner with Bradley Cooper. Can't two en fuego celebrities hang out in public without the entire world thinking they are dating? Obviously not. Then again, we certainly wouldn't blame Mr. Cooper for making a move. Exhibit B: these smokin' hot J. Lo pics. Enjoy!


Sex, Death and the Greatest Parties

All three are inextricably linked, aren't they? Well, sort of. In any case, the links below will direct you to a few choice articles on each topic. Those and more in the week's top stories for men. What is Death and How Can I Avoid it? (Maxim) The Week In Women (FHM) Boost Your Health With Sex (Men's Health) Want to Lose Your Post-Summer Gut? (Ask Men) How Many Sexual Partners Has t …


Car Town Cheats To Help You Pimp Your Ride

Bring yourself one step closer to a sweet, sweet ride with these Car Town cheats. Like all Facebook games, Car Town is a good little time waster that’s even more fun when you know how to work the latest cheats. You would have to be blind not to notice all of the little adverts peppered throughout Car Town tempting you to spend your hard earned cash of Car Town points. But you don’t hav …


Reese Witherspoon Stands Up to Car

Reese Witherspoon may be hot enough to stop a train dead in its tracks, but apparently her powers don't work on elderly drivers. Witherspoon was struck by a car on Wednesday morning while out jogging in Santa Monica, sustaining only minor injuries. The driver, an 84-year-old woman, received a traffic citation for failing to yield to Witherspoon at a pedestrian crosswalk. Witherspoon is doing just …


Famous African Americans Who Changed The World

Famous African-Americans include entertainers, athletes, politicians and activists. African-Americans make a huge impact in all areas of American life. Here's a list of some of the most famous African-Americans who are household names and instantly recognizable throughout the world.   Barack Obama The president of the United States and leader of the free world obviously t …


Dubstep Artists

There are hoards of dupstep artists who combine heavy bass with other sounds to form new electronic music. Dubstep music uses bass, synthesizers, keyboards and drum tracks to make music that occasionally, but not typically, has vocals. The word “dub” often refers to drums and bass.   Atlantic Connection Nathan Hayes began as a DJ in his local region of North Carol …


Sara Paxton: “We’re not going to bite you!”

The sweet and lovely star of the new horror flick Shark Night 3D is full of frighteningly good dating advice. For instance, being afraid of spiders is actually OK. Breaking down crying in the middle of your first date with a woman? Um, not so much


Audrina Patridge is Trendy (Photos)

Reality television star Audrina Patridge is in the news again, this time for... um... something to do with reality television. Looks like her show Audrina got cancelled. Wait, was anyone actually aware she had a show? In any case, her status as a trending topic on the internet is a decent excuse to check out some photos of her looking good in a bikini. Which she tends to do pretty often. See for y …


5 Best Female Black Singers That Made History

The best female black singers have changed the face of American music in the 20th century, starting with blues and jazz and subsequently, influencing many other genres. It’s also important to note that these women are a mirror reflecting the tumultuous status of race and gender in the United States. This makes their rising to stardom and the trajectory of their musical careers all that much …


Nick Swardson: “I wash my hair with jokes”

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star’s leading man shares his wisdom regarding Nyquil buzzes, co-star Christina Ricci’s deepest secret and the pitfalls of romancing women with humor. We dare you to find a single piece of unoriginal advice here


Wii Resort Sports

Released for Nintendo's Wii gaming console in 2009, "Wii Resort," also known as "Wii Sports Resort," is the sequel to the original "Wii Sports." Now set on the European-flavored Wuhu Island, "Wii Resort" increased the number of sports selections while updating a few games from the original. Out of the twelve sports selections on "Wii Resort," h …