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Check Out Our New Series, Speakeasy

Made Man's new series, Speakeasy, features some of Hollywood's most iconic men chatting over drinks with host and comedian Paul F. Tompkins to offer viewers a unique glimpse into their lives—and spirits.


How To Tip A Bartender And Get Free Drinks

Bartender's eat off the tips they get. It's no secret. Their hourly wages are pretty much a joke. Because of this, it's in a bartenders best interest to be personable, to give great service in order to make good tips. Being hot helps as well. What's not good for business is to give away drinks for free. In the grand scheme of things, a few free drinks won't hurt the bar's total income in an evenin …


5 Tips For Strip Club Etiquette

Yes, a strip club is a place where you can let loose. Alcohol, music, and most importantly, scantily-clad young ladies in cheap perfume create an atmosphere of total debaucherous behavior...within limits, of course. Believe it or not,  there is a certain etiquette one must follow when they patronize strip clubs. Failure to follow this etiquette is the quickest way to get thrown out on your head an …


7 Reasons Why You Should Never Fight A Bouncer

Yes, it's true. Bouncers can be real jerks. A bouncer's false sense of authority can be rather baffling. They're nothing more than buff doormen, but they act like they hold the keys to the pearly gates. They have the ability to make the common bar patron look like a fool. Some bouncer's use their frail authority to do just that, to make you, the common guy, look like a fool. And they just love to …


Must Read: Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s the first tome in a steamy trilogy that seemingly every woman in America is getting all hot and bothered over. After tearing through all three books in less than a week, one of our female writers shares six reasons you should be checking it out, too.


The 5 Best Public Transportation Cities In North America

Say goodbye to the stress of traffic and the price of gasoline and check out one of the five best public transportation cities in North America. Public transportation sometimes gets a bad reputation, but when a city does it right, it can change your entire lifestyle. If a North American city wants to compete with the rest of the world's cities, it needs to be able to get people where they need to …


The Date Playlist: 6 Songs To Play While Picking Her Up

Going to pick up a girl for the first time is pretty nerve-wracking. You have to wear the right clothes, put on the right cologne, pick the right restaurant and make sure everything is perfect. It gets pretty stressful. To ease your own nerves and the girl’s you’re picking up, try playing any one of these six date songs. They’re sure to lighten the mood and get you both feeling romantic. “Pumpe …


How to Hail A Cab Without Looking Like A Jackass

Hailing a cab is an art not easily mastered, judging by all the dudes out there who look like total jackasses while doing so. Don’t be one of those jackasses hailing a cab with a "heil Hitler" salute while standing near a puddle. While jackass behavior like this runs a wide gamut from uptown to SoHo, we focused on some of the more evident forms of foolery seen in New York or other city streets. …


Shaving, First Dates and Time Travel

How do you ensure a first date goes smoothly? Utilize a mysterious time rift to supply your past self with vital information, of course. Also, be sure to shave. Everything you need to know is covered in this video, courtesy of our friends at Edge. First Date Escape - Watch More Funny Videos


4 Of The Best Jam Bands Even Non Hippies Can Enjoy

So you like going to weekend-long music festivals but you're not necessarily a fan of hippies and over flowing port-a-potties. There are some jam bands that are associated solely with hippies (Phish), but there are some so-called jam bands even non-hippies can enjoy. Here's a short list of the best jam bands that aren't just for the hemp necklace wearing crowd. Tie-dyed T-shirt not required. Da …


Paul van Dyk’s Pre-Show Jams

How does a world-class DJ get amped for a big night behind the turntables? With coffee, good food and a high-energy playlist. Paul van Dyk, master of the long-form dance set, shares 10 tracks you can cue to get in the zone any time…


8 Of The Hottest Movie Girlfriends You Wish Were Yours

There’s nothing like a beautiful girlfriend to make your life worth living. Big-time filmmakers have long realized that hot girlfriends will bring an audience to the theater. The male ticket buyers will lust over sexy girlfriends and female movie goers will try to emulate their looks and style. Here are eight of the hottest movie girlfriends you wish were yours. Sloane Peterson, "Ferris Bueller …


4 Types Of Bars You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time In

You only get so many nights out, and by avoiding these four types of bars that you shouldn't waste your time in, you'll make the most of every weekend. The type of bar you want to avoid will depend a lot on your expectations for the night. If you're looking to meet women, certain types of bars need to be ruled out immediately. Also, a night of heavy drinking and a night of a few casual drinks shou …


There Is No Fight Club: 5 Chuck Palahniuk Books That Every Man Should Read

Chuck Palahniuk captured the literary world's attention with his novel "Fight Club", but once you're done plowing through that, there are five others books written by him that every man should read. In an industry where many books are written for <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>women, Palahniuk brings a style to the table that is shaped just for wh …