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Summer Glau Graces Alphas

Fan-boy favorite Summer Glau reprises her guest role as a reclusive super-genius punk rocker on a new episode of Alphas.


Stephen Moyer Is One Lucky Vampire

Er, guy. He’s hitched to sexy True Blood co-star Anna Paquin, and the HBO show remains hugely popular as it steamrolls toward its Season 5 finale Sunday night. We asked this fine British actor about vampires, accents, TV, cars and, you know, his wife.


Ashley Greene Talks Apparition

Ashley Greene’s new horror movie, The Apparition, makes us afraid to stay indoors. Then again, if this haunting beauty were lounging on the couch we’d forget all about it.


People You Want On Your Road Trip, And People You Don’t

There’s no better way to experience America than to jump in a car and venture out across the country for a good old-fashioned road trip. But never make the mistake of hitting the road with whoever happens to be standing around. Selecting the right group of friends to accompany you on this adventure may require some tough decision-making, in order to ensure a good time is had by all. So before you …


Best Ways To Document Your Road Trip

Road trips are an American right of passage! Whether it was a summer vacation spent trekking across the country in the back seat of a station wagon, or just you and a group of buddies making a spring break run to Daytona Beach, Florida, you’ve no doubt shared in the road trip experience one or twice before. The question is, how much of those trips — and all the amazing sights and scenes you passed …


6 Essential Road Trip Foods

There are few things in life that are better than hitting the open road behind the wheel of your own automobile. The long stretches of pavement, the sights and sounds of the freeways, and some good friends all make for a pretty awesome time. But on a road trip, the destination is pretty important too, even if the journey is sometimes the best part. And if you have a destination in mind, you probab …


The 7 Hottest Mixed Race Actresses

This is new era-there is barely anybody left in the world who is just one race. Ever wondered where your favorite actresses are from? Or what their ancestry is? You'd be surprised to hear how many of the actresses working today are mixed race actresses! Out of the thousands of hot mixed race actresses, here are our picks of the seven hottest out there today! Jessica Alba This beauty's mother …


Classic Road Trip Routes

The first step to planning a road trip is deciding where to go. The most important step though is deciding how to get there. So grab your road atlas, best friend and parent’s gas card. Get lost in the highways of America. Here are 10 of the most famous road trip routes in the United States.   US 83 - Canada to Mexico US 83 is one of the shortest routes from Canada to Mexico and it ru …


Uncaged: Staring Contest Gets Animated

This week on Uncaged, Brian Wilson and a disrespectful Squatch go eyeball to eyeball. Hijinks ensue as the little public access show that could turns into a weird Japanese anime film. We’re not sure we can explain it much better than that, so just watch.


Arches And Breweries: 4 Free Things To Do In St. Louis

  There are a lot of cities that offer major attractions, but almost all require you to dig into your wallet and pay intermediate or high prices if you want to participate or see what’s going on. However, there are a few exceptions and St. Louis is one of them. While the four sites listed below will give you plenty of opportunity to spend your money on souvenirs and “extras,” you can get i …


7 Reasons Every Man Should Go On A Safari

  At a certain point in your life, a vacation is probably viewed as a relaxing time to get away from the hassle of working every day. Some people want to do nothing more than sit around the pool with umbrella drinks or head to the golf course. But you may want to get more out of your vacation time and take that chance to see the world. One of the greatest adventures you can take is going o …


Art And Cattle: 4 Free Things To Do In Dallas

Dallas is one of the most beautiful cities in the Southwest, and its rivalry with Houston as the most important city in the state of Texas is never-ending. Dallas is home to four Major League sports teams and some of the great restaurants in the state, but you don’t have to spend money to enjoy your time there. Here are four things you can do in Dallas that are free. Dealey Plaza If you have …


9 Pink Things It’s Cool For Men to Like

In certain situations, it pays to embrace your feminine side. From cooking (on the grill) to yoga (to meet fit ladies) to chick flicks (for the romantic after-sex), it all just makes you a more well-rounded fellow. Same goes for the color pink. Sometimes.


Uncaged: Phone Lines Are Open

This week on Uncaged, Brian Wilson decides to open up the show to a few callers. The audience seems to forget that Sasquatch is a mythical rage-filled beast, and things go sideways when a suit from the network drops some bad news on the Brosquatches.


5 Free Things To Do In Miami Will Smith Didn’t Sing About

When Will Smith sang "bienvenida a Miami" in his rap about  “Dominican women with cinnamon tans,” South beach and cruising in a Bentley, he was nailing Miami’s flavor: "Every day like a mardi gras everybody party all day." This sun-drenched city in South Florida is a tropical paradise for those who swarm to its sandy beaches by day and endless dance clubs …


How To Choose The Best Music For Sex

To choose the best music for sex, you need to fit the songs you decide on with how you want the encounter with the woman to go. The piano music that you had stored away for a romantic anniversary might not be the best call for a steamy one-night stand, just like a hip hop song with a lot of bass might not end Valentine's Day like you would prefer. Most importantly, you want to find the perfect com …


Uncaged: Secrets Revealed

This week on America’s favorite public access show, Brian Wilson surprises Sasquatch by taking control of the proceedings and dropping a bombshell that will change their lives forever. It’s a touching moment. And weird. And biologically confusing.


Speakeasy 12, Part 2: Zach Galifianakis

With The Campaign opening in just a few days, one star completes his chat with Paul F. Tompkins by discussing his unusual film preparation technique, the sweet life of young models in retail and seemingly platonic sleepovers. What did you expect, exactly?


7 Songs To Make Out To That Won’t Make You Seem Like A Serial Killer

When you're making out, background music is very important to set the mood. You don't want some weird, creepy music or heavy metal playing. It'll freak her out and make him feel uncomfortable. What's really great to make out to are meaningful, fun songs to get you both in a good mood. They don't always have to be happy, but don't play anything too sad, morbid, or fast paced. You don't want to seem …