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Behind the Scenes With Diddy

Looking for a laugh? If you like those Macy's ads with Diddy, you'll love the outtakes. Check 'em out in the exclusive clip above, and enjoy.


A Present Day Problem

Gift-giving only gets harder as advances in technology slowly encroach on our lives.


20 Great Men We’ll Miss

This year, we lost a lot of legends. So many that we couldn’t pick just 12. Instead, we decided to honor a solid 20. Here’s a tribute to icons who died in 2012, great men we'll miss.


The Day Of

If you're selected to attend a friend's bachelor party, it's up to you to to make sure his pre-marriage life goes out with a bang.


The Night Out

Before you set out for your night of debauchery, be sure to have a plan.


Defeating the Hangover

The day after a bachelor party doesnt need to feel like the end of the world. Take these tips and knock those hangovers out.


Speakeasy: Doug Benson

In our latest episode, the star comic tells Paul F. Tompkins about the role of stuffed penguins in stand-up comedy, the magic of Super High Me and his experience being a background dancer in Michael Jackson’s Captain EO. Bottoms up!


4 New Years Eve Destinations Guaranteed To Be Crazy

New Year's Eve is a season meant for revelry, merriment and, let's face it-downright decadence. Who wants to be sitting quietly, pen in hand, contemplating the ruins of the past year? Or worse-composing that useless list of soon forgotten New Year's resolutions? No doubt, New Year's Eve is the night to get wild and crazy. Check out these wild and crazy New Year's Eve destinations to get the all-ni …


5 Best Bachelor Party Gag Gifts

Bachelor party gag gifts are good, clean and fun essentials to any bachelor party. And not all need to be one-time-use only; some of the best bachelor party gag gifts can be used by the groom even after the wedding. We've found a few such gifts that not only may be integrating into the groom's new life, but are also easy to find and won't cost you a fortune. Behold, bachelor party gag gifts! Ba …


Speakeasy: Rich Sommer

The man best known as Harry Crane of AMC’s Mad Men pulls up to the bar, sips a Dark ’n’ Stormy and opens up about his fellow cast members, his character’s growing “douchebaggery” and his obsession with board games. Cheers!


Why Rich Guys Can’t Lose

What kind of millionaires are women interested in? Here's a graph to help with that question.


12 Awesome Self-Made Men

No offense to guys who are born on third, but we have a special kind of respect for the man who starts with nothing and climbs to the top on talent and drive alone.


4 Awesome Bachelor Party Themes

If your best friend is about to take the plunge and you're the man planning his big bachelor blowout, you're going to need some ideas. And here's one: something other than Vegas! Here's another, pick a party theme. We'll help you get started with a few fun ones that'll ensure the groom and your friends will enjoy plenty of drinking, hot women, and male bonding. Let the bachelor party debauchery be …


6 Ways To Get Comped In Las Vegas

Las Vegas was built to overwhelm with city lights, sex, and clock-less casino mazes. The casinos bet that you will wander around, breathing the recycled air, dropping wads of cash for marked-up meals, drinks, covers, and tickets. Turn the odds on the house with these six ways to get comped in Las Vegas. Go out on the strip, drink like Robert Downey Jr., party like Charlie Sheen, and spend very lit …


The 5 Most Expensive Places To Stay In Vegas

Ever dreamed of getting picked up at the airport in a $400,000 car and whisked away to a $40,000 per night room? Well, that can be arranged in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas shouldn't be there. It's in the middle of the desert. Water doesn't flow through the city, but money sure does. It's the only reason the city of neon lights exists. It's there to cater to your every whim, no matter how expensive …


4 Bachelor Party Cliches That Are Actually Essentials

Bachelor parties are cliche simply because of the fact that every guy has one before he attaches the ball and chain. These events exist for one reason, and one reason only. They exist to give the future groom a last look at freedom, as this will be the last chance to indulge in a night of debauchery before "he" becomes a "we." Because of this, bachelor parties must include certain key aspects that …