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6 Reasons Why Canada Is Awesome For Vacations

Canada has great physical beauty with its mountains, lakes, glaciers and forests. However,  there's a lot more to vacationing in Canada than a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. This country has some of the cleanest and most beautiful cities, an exciting French culture in Quebec and some of the most tolerant people in the world. It is also a sports-oriented country, with plenty of options for the …


Madness! How to Hate Like a Pro

We’re all haters. Yes, everyone, no matter how sweet they seem, hates. But there’s nothing wrong with hating, as long you do it the right way. The author of a new book on the subject shares seven essential tenets. Hey, it’s working for Newt Gingrich…


Ohio Tourism Guide: All Things are Possible

The crack of the bat at Cincinnati Reds game accents only a scratch of what Ohio tourism has to offer.  The sound of Van Halen and Ozzi Osborn. A blood curling scream from the sudden and unexpected drop on a roller coaster. What do all these have in common? These are all just a part of the components of a great time in the state of Ohio. The following is a guide to Ohio tourism in regards to …


Debriefing: The One Percent

While you might think these folks subsist solely on a diet of Beluga caviar and gold, that’s not, strictly speaking, true. In fact, the One Percent is a diverse group that may include people you actually know. In the debut of Debriefing, we break it all down.


How To Get Into A Club Without Waiting In Line

Figuring out how to get into a club without waiting in line is a systematic approach. Ladies can pull this off quite easily. All they need is a cute smile and they're in the door. Chances are, because you're a guy, you're going to have to enlist the assistance of one or two of your good looking female friends. It's either that or be ready to pay some big bucks. That's not all you'll need however. …


Call It A Night: 4 Signs It’s Time To Leave A Party

Knowing it's time to leave a party is a talent only time can develop. Seeing the subtle signs littered among the drunken party-goers might seem like a waste of time. But calling it a night at the right time can be the difference between a fun night out and a nightmare of vomit and fist fights. There’s No More Alcohol Simply put when the booze leaves so should you. The life blood of any great …


Listen Up: The Best New Garage Rock

Thanks to acts like The Black Keys, the genre has seen a healthy revival, spurring musicians to trade in cushy post-production effects for raw, lo-fi recordings. This 10-track playlist, available on Made Man’s Spotify, best captures what rocks today.


5 Cool Museums Any Man Will Love

Females have this inherent obsession with dragging men to boring art and history museums, and guys usually just put up with it. To prevent this, you may one day need to suggest some more interesting alternatives that don't feature nauseating stories about local historic quilters, the guy who yelled fire when the orphanage burned down and people who just don't matter. There are much cooler museums …


10 Famous Men Who Just Vanished

The mysterious, still unsolved case of legendary skyjacker D.B. Cooper recently turned 40, and a fanciful new comic book series about the man hits shelves this spring. But he is hardly the only notable fellow to vanish with nary a trace …


4 Romantic Song Quotes You can Sing To Your Girlfriend

Since the invention of music, man has used it to serenade his way into and out of all kinds of romantic situations. Even if you can’t sing, no woman can resist the allure of man willing to bare his sole in song. In fact, you’ll all different types of love songs for every occasion, and every type of girl. Not sure what type of serenade your girl will appreciate? These 4 romantic song quotes seldom …


4 Ways Strip Clubs Are Actually Terrifying

A haunted house and a strip club are eerily similar. Both have bright flashing lights, loud noises and half dressed employees. But a haunted house at least only has the illusion of danger, while the strip club is a haunted maze full of danger and regret. Germs Strip clubs are dark, damp and warm. So are petri dishes. Due to their diverse clientele, and assumed lack of cleanliness, strip club …


The 6 Best East Coast Road Trips

The road trip is a rite of passage everyone should partake in. A road trip is an adventure that's different for each participant but also comes with myths people have only encountered on screen. Route 66, East coast to West coast trips and Pacific Coastal Highways journeys have been ingrained into pop culture as some of the best places to travel, with the old American adage of "Go West," meaning t …


4 Crazy Festivals Every Man Should Attend

A normal life is not worth living when there are so many crazy festivals out there year round. It doesn't matter who you are. If you have any life within you, there is a festival for you that you will never ever forget. Face it. Freaks have more fun. While awakening your inner freakazoid may not be that easy, you can fix that problem with just a brief vacation. The Redneck Games. You don't have …


4 Reasons You Should Never Open A Bar Tab

“Put it on my tab” is such a cool phrase, but it's not always a cool practice and there are several reasons you should never open a bar tab. We came up with four of these reasons, which don’t even include the chance of your tab being added up incorrectly—not in your favor—or being accidentally switched with the guy who just ordered a $500 bottle of scotch. Those errors are rare, although these fou …


6 Of The Best Movie Theaters In America

Hollywood has taken over the world. That is a bona fide fact. With them, Hollywood has brought thousands upon thousands of multiplexes which blight our landscape and provide us with hours upon hours of insipid cinema—providing entertainment for the masses, but depressing and embarrassing cinephile's throughout the country. Each of them look, smell and taste exactly the same. However there are stil …


Bank it! Rick Harrison Tells All

Pawn Stars’ main man reacts to the surprising popularity of his show and reveals which knickknacks have the best chance of making you big money in, say, 2022. (Hint: if it actually says “collectible” on it, it’s worth a lot less than a Pats Super Bowl ring.)


5 West Coast Road Trips Every Man Should Take

The open road is an adventure that everyone should partake in. Whether you are in the deepest parts of Asia, a cultured European city or the Australian outback, each road trip you partake in is a tremendous expedition that will expand your view of life. The West Coast of America is the home to a plethora of towns and cities whose heritage, culture and atmosphere have the capabilities to astound an …