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The Way of the Samurai

This week on Uncaged with Sasquatch!, Brian Wilson reflects on his former life as a Ninja and his new path following the way of the Samurai. Sasquatch doesn’t seem very impressed, but that quickly changes once they are threatened by evil cable access bandits.


4 Of The Smartest Cities In The World

Every city in the world is filled with people of different levels of intelligence. Some struggle to tie their own shoelaces in the morning. Some know how to correctly spend photosynthesis, without the assistance of the world wide webs and some can do scientific experiments whose mere explanation would reduce most people to tears. However most cities in the world now have a vast array of criteria w …


Speakeasy 12: Zach Galifianakis

Try to contain your excitement as Paul F. Tompkins quizzes the Campaign star about Broadway musicals, Shakespeare, being presidential, honeybees, blueberry farming, his first time on stage and more. Believe it or not, folks, this wasn’t scripted.


The 6 Least Douchey Bars In Las Vegas

Douchebags. They are a real problem in Las Vegas. Casinos love douchebags and treat them like the rock stars they aren't in order to drain their pockets. The bright city lights effectively become a bug zapper for their breed, wobbling around all top heavy from chest-and-arms-only workouts, aglow with a hospital-light orange hue and proud of chauvinistic ignorance. You're going to want to avoid the …


Speakeasy 11: Jason Ritter

The Parenthood star talks with Paul F. Tompkins about matters of great import. You know, like awkward karaoke songs, the perils of child acting and some truly disturbing hospital stories he heard while researching an upcoming role. Enjoy!


How To Start A Flashmob

Your resume is packed with wonderful accomplishments and skills, but your achievements may be lacking unless you successfully start a flash mob. In case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, a flash mob is basically a group of people who gather at a specified time and place to do a specified thing. They can dance in the streets, sing in the supermarket, or dress up like birds and …


Sasquatch and Brian Wilson Get Cagey

What happens when a gigantic mythical beast and a bearded San Francisco Giants relief pitcher team up for a public access talk show? Find out in the debut episode of Uncaged, only on Made Man! But be warned: things are bound to get a little hairy.


5 Tips for Surviving Las Vegas

Heading to Sin City this summer? The town is a blast, but it’s also a meat grinder, chewing up and spitting out unprepared tourists daily. We asked a veteran Vegas party girl for her best advice on making the scene… and making it out alive. Take notes.


Speakeasy 10: Homeland’s Damian Lewis

Just days away from the announcement of the 64th Emmy Awards nominations, Paul F. Tompkins has a Bloody Mary with the star of Homeland to talk Barack Obama, Warren Buffett and the bad sex curse. Oh yeah, they chat a bit about his hit show, too.


Famous Landmarks

    There are famous landmarks worldwide that were built to honor everything from beloved rulers to religious cults. And while most of these famous landmarks have a well known history, some are so ancient that they still remain a mystery despite being studied by countless scientists and historians. The “Seven Wonders of the World” has historically been a listing of th …


Nerd Machine: Trailer Park Heroes 3

The exciting conclusion of Trailer Park Heroes, featuring special guest appearances by Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and a super-hot Tricia Helfer.


Speakeasy, Episode 9: Chris Hardwick

With Comic-Con just days away, Paul F. Tompkins gets together with the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick. Topics include his vast insect collection, what it really means to be a nerd and his latest project, a little something called Course of the Force. Of course.


Nerd Machine: Trailer Park Heroes 2

In Trailer Park Heroes 2, Zac Levi, Adam Baldwin, Joel Moore and Aly Michalka continue their battle with maniac Comic Con characters.


Tom, Katie and Scientology

Check out The Frisky's piece about the questions the end of Tom Cruise's latest union raises about the Church of Scientology...


Speakeasy, Episode 8: Clark Gregg

On the eve of Comic-Con, Paul F. Tompkins joins the man who plays Agent Phil Coulson in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and The Avengers to discuss the role, Joss Whedon and “doing a Bueller.” Which is even funnier when you realize who his wife is.


Nerd Machine: Trailer Park Heroes

In the new series Trailer Park Heroes, Zac Levi, Adam Baldwin, Joel Moore, Jason Biggs and Aly Michalka battle maniac Comic Con characters.