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How To Talk Your Girlfriend Into Adventure Travel

What’s life without a little adventure, right? Sure, there’s comfort and value in a little routine, but we are, in our human hearts, craving some excitement. But adventure, almost by definition, is not without a little peril. Maybe even more than a little. That’s part of its charm. As a man, some (or a lot) danger might be okay. After all, we’re tough, rough, and ready to rumble. At least we th …


7 Party Essentials Your Party Can’t Be Great Without

A party without these essentials is not a party. Were you a guest at a party without party supplies and essentials? Not pleasant, not very festive. Celebrating for any reason deserves a party with all the party needs. Here are seven essentials your party can't be great without. Theme defines celebration. A party is not a party without a theme. Without a theme the festivities would just be your …


6 Ways Knowing A Club Promoter Can Improve Your Life

If you love the nightlife, drunk chicks and rubbing elbows with the A-list, you have to be friends with at least one club promoter. Knowing a club promoter can improve your life in more ways than one, and here are the top six reasons you should schmooze up to these professional party populators! Party 24/7! The hippest, hottest clubs have something cool happening everyday of the week, especiall …


5 Rules for Surviving City Nightlife

It’s pretty simple. You want to drink fine spirits, hang with friends, listen to music and talk to pretty women. But the bar and club scene is rife with hazards. Stick to these commandments and you just might make it out alive. And have a hell of an evening, too.


Im-Pressed Letterpress Stationery

The Web has all but eliminated paper correspondence, but for a personal touch on communication nothing beats a handwritten letter. Particularly when you pen that missive on a stylishly festooned card, like these guy-friendly offerings from Im-Pressed... CONTINUED


The 7 Dumbest Things Your Friends Will Do On The 4th Of July

You may want to claim independence from your friends on the 4th of July if they turn out not to be the sharpest tool in the patriotic shed. July 4th marks a time of celebrating America's historical break from the grips of a British King. July 4th is the name and independence is the game. But when is it time for your friends to stop playing? Don't drink and dive. The world appears easier when dr …


Sexy Comedy With Ted’s Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis joins up with longtime employer Seth McFarlane again, this time for a live-action comedy alongside Mark Wahlberg and a talking teddy bear.


Speakeasy, Episode 7: Oscar Nuñez

Seven episodes? This calls for tequila! Or at least tequila gimlets, which is what Paul F. Tompkins and The Office’s Oscar Nuñez sip as they discuss dental technology, shoplifting and trippin’ balls. In other words, Oscar’s childhood. Enjoy.


10 Writers Every Man Should Read

As you head for the beach, pack a book that’s packing some testosterone. The powerful prose of these manly authors will practically put hair on your chest.


A Man’s Guide To Street Art

Even if you are one of those snooty people who brag about knowing every single detail in every single Renoir painting, you may be clueless when it comes to street art. Unlike your traditional Renoirs and Monets, street art does not necessarily hang out at museums, but rather expresses itself right on the street or any public space. The canvas may be the street itself, or it could be the sidewalk p …


Palin TV: 3 Down, 4 To Go

Life's a Tripp, Bristol Palin's new single mom and kid series, may have bombed, but don't worry, the family's got other ideas...


America’s 7 Raddest Roller Coasters

Summers usually bring to mind bonfires, bikinis and burgers, but what about roller coasters? It’s prime time to hit the theme parks in search of steely, strapped-in, scream-for-your-life thrills on the gnarliest rides you can find. Like, you know, these.


Speakeasy, Episode 6: Max Greenfield

The New Girl star sips a ginger beer while discussing the pros and cons of being “adorkable,” failing at standup comedy and crushing it at a bar mitzvah. How does his attempt to be as stylish as Paul F. Tompkins go? You’ll have to watch the clip to find out.


Play Games, Win Prizes With AXE

Like video games and prizes? Check out AXE's new game, AXEMAN, which lets you connect, compete and score sweet schwag.


The 6 Most Amazing Commutes To Work In The World

For many people who work nine to five in an office, commuting back and forth from their place of employment to their abode is the most gruesome part of the day. All that waiting in traffic and staring at the number plate of the car in front can get extremely frustrating, but for some lucky souls their journey to and from work can actually be quite satisfying. Here are some commutes that are actual …


The Value of a Pound, Illustrated

Curious what your money is worth around the world? Our friends at Travelex, the world's largest foreign exchange bureau, break it all down in British pounds.


Speakeasy, Episode 5: Nathan Fillion

Ever had a drink called Fair and Warmer? It’s a killer mix of rum, vermouth and curacao. In other words, the perfect compliment to Paul F. Tompkins’ chat with Castle’s Nathan Fillion about soaps, Firefly and Band-Aid flavored Scotch. Yeah, it got deep.


Paul F. Tompkins Fears the Beard

Speakeasy host Paul F. Tompkins busts a dude with dubious intentions toward drinks and dames, then demonstrates what he considers to be proper beard length


6 Girls From Star Trek Who Set Their Phazers To Hot

One of the advantages of being a trekkie is the chance to see the hotties in each of the episode, whether mainstay or a cameo. All of the different series have had their share of attractive ladies, if for no other reason than the fact that the producers know the fans will go ga-ga for the girls. From alien races to wise advisors, there are numbers of girls from Star Trek who set their phazers to h …


5 Video Game Conferences That Are Like Mecca For Gamers

Not all video game conferences are for game developers, industry leaders and career nerds. Even many non-gamers will be surprised to learn just how much fun a gaming convention can be. If you want a few days of ecstatic nerdy fun and tons of hot women in sexy video game outfits, you may want to check out the following five best video game conferences that are like Mecca for gamers. ScrewAttack  …