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How To Dip A Girl And Not Drop Her On Her Head

Women love dancing, and they love to be dipped. But knowing how to dip a girl and not drop her on her head can be a daunting task for some men. If you're not light on your feet, dropping your girl right on her head when you try to dip her might be a legitimate fear. However, with the right dance moves and appropriate precautions, you'll leave your dancing partner wanting more, rather than with a m …


7 Comedy Bands That Are Worth Listening To

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to both rock, and be funny at the same time. And that doesn't take into account unintentionally funny bands, like Creed, who are laughable for their ineptitude. It's tricky to be funny, given that comedy is such a subjective thing, but it can be done. The seven groups discussed below offer up undeniable truth of this statement. After all, we don't need to …


5 Rich Guys Not Afraid to Explore

Some men have a real jones for adventure. They want to see things, push boundaries and expand our grasp of the world. When those men—like director turned deep sea explorer James Cameron—get their hands on a bit of cash, interesting things happen...


The 10 Funniest Comedy Songs

Tenacious D has a new album, Rize of the Fenix, dropping in May. During Kyle Gass and Jack Black’s six-year hiatus, plenty of other musical comedians kept us entertained. In honor of D and April Fool’s, we present our favorite gut-busters. Now laugh, dammit.


Wicked Tuna Star Loses Anchor, Cool

This Sunday at 10 p.m. Eastern, the National Geographic Channel rolls out its latest look at a distinct subculture of badass men. One of them is Captain Bill Monte, who gets wicked mad in this clip.


Five Great Pranks for April Fool’s Day

Get prepared for April Fools Day by studying up with a few solid pranks from the Break archive. Need a little inspiration to set up your own gag? These should probably help. Milk Squeeze Milk Explosion - Watch More Funny Videos Simple and straightforward, this elegant example of dairy-related slapstick is the perfect prank if you have a carton-drinker living in your midst. The Snip …


4 Tips For Playing Drinking Jenga

Jenga is usually identified as a child's game or associated with wine-drinking double-dates, but it's much more than that. Jenga can be turned into a riotous drinking game complete with a theater of loud noises, suspense and, of course, lots of drinking. Bust out that miter box, acrylic paint and sandpaper because the type of Jenga you want to play can't be bought. Giant Jenga Turn the gam …


5 Men With Grey Hair Who Are Still Awesome

Men seem to have a distinct advantage over women when it comes to aging. A man with grey hair, when properly styled, can look distinguished, especially if that guy was awesome before he got a touch of grey. Just because you've started losing some hair pigment doesn't mean you have to lose your looks or you awesome attitude and swagger. The six men on this list may have grey hair, but trust us, the …


American Reunion: One Last Piece

The last chapter of the American Pie saga hits theaters April 6th. And the old saying is still true: you never forget your first piece.


What Is The Best Seat In A Movie Theater

When you enter a movie theater, where will you go? Perhaps proponents of determinism will speak up, which can certainly be the case when you enter the theater during previews on opening night of a blockbuster. If that isn't the case, here are some of the top picks for the best seats in a movie theater. Center (Squared). The center of the movie theater screen is gold. Even if you are t …


The 6 Hottest Noir Women To Ever Grace The Screen

The term "noir" in film is used to describe subject matter that is dark and cynical. It was first used in the 1940s and is associated with movies about criminal enterprises and conspiracies. Noir film women are often gorgeous, but they have an evil side as well. That bit of conflict often makes the female stars of these movies even hotter and more appealing. "Body Heat" (1981) Scintillating …


Jason Segel Talks Funny

His new movie—Jeff, Who Lives at Home, with Susan Sarandon and Ed Helms—opens this weekend. But first the Muppets writer and How I Met Your Mother star spoke with Made Man about balance, dating, fitness and, of course, making people laugh...


3 Drinking Holidays That Aren’t St. Pattys Day

You can too get drunk in public on days other than March 17 if you take advantage of any of these three drinking holidays that aren’t St. Patty’s Day. Yes, we know in your eyes there are at least 365 drinking holidays per year since any day is a good day to get drunk. But some folks might scoff or start bad rumors that all you want to do is get wasted. You can put those rumors to rest if you sched …


6 Of The Best Austin Music Venues For SXSW

Austin, Texas is a pretty rich town when it comes to musical history. Given that, it's tough to narrow down what venues are the best of the best to take in a live show. You could choose from any number of places. However, when you're at SXSW, you only want to hang out at the cream of the crop. Instead of wandering around to find out what places are best, check out this list of six really great pla …


4 Hot Gossip Girl Cast Members Who Can Barely Act

"Gossip Girl" focus on a group of privileged teenage girls living in New York City isn't necessarily bad, but it isn't exactly breakthrough programming either. The idea behind the show is to put attractive young women on television and put them in position to show off their beautiful faces and breathtaking bodies. Acting talent? Not a requirement for the job. While Kristen Bell is a talented actre …


4 Songs About Texas That Define The Lone Star State

Texans like to define themselves by size. We learned long ago that everything is bigger in Texas (although you might get an argument from Alaskans), and that pertains to music as well. There are hundreds of songs about Texas and whittling down the list to the four best is overwhelmingly difficult, however, it's not impossible. Texas Monthly magazine defined a Texas song as one that was written or …


The Very Best Music at SXSW 2012

South by Southwest has begun, and the music lineup is once again massive. To give you a taste, we’ve assembled a playlist of top tracks from the most compelling artists set to rock Austin, including Tennis (above) and, yes, the Boss himself...


Ewan McGregor on Fishing, Fitness

This weekend, he plays a British scientist charmed by Emily Blunt in the looks-like-the-perfect-date-flick Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. We asked this Man of the Moment about fish, freedom and fitness.