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Speakeasy, Episode 3: Andy Richter

Like drinking with a side of cursing? In the third round of our new series, Andy Richter drains a Bloody Mary while talking frankly with Paul F. Tompkins about coming back to Conan, life as a halfway failure and, yes, disrobing uncomfortable puppies.


Paul F. Tompkins Has More Answers!

Speakeasy host Paul F. Tompkins takes questions about his best week ever and the decade in which he'd most want to live. Salud!


Speakeasy, Episode 2: Weird Al

In the second round of our new drinkin’ and talkin’ series, the song parodying legend sits down with Paul F. Tompkins, orders up the girliest beverage he can, explains how he won over Lady Gaga and reveals whether he’d ever play the Super Bowl.


The 4 Best Vegas Pools You Should Hit This Summer

The summer sun sits high in the sky and scorches the desert. Walking down the strip becomes a chore, and you get brain freeze from slurping down your alcoholic slush out of a container that looks like the Eiffel Tower. The casino doors burst open, and that air conditioned breeze hits you. You say to yourself, "I'm not going back out there." Fact is, you should embrace the heat. The hotter it gets, …


Ashton Kutcher’s Actually Quite Wise

The dude just signed on for second season of Two and a Half Men, is a serious web entrepreneur and has 17 producing credits to his name. Perhaps it’s not that far-fetched he’ll be playing Steve Jobs in a movie next year. We just have a few questions for him.


Paul F. Tompkins Has Answers!

Hope you enjoyed last week’s debut episode of Speakeasy, gents. And good news, Paul F. Tompkins is back. This week, he tackles your questions about the dark side of Ty Burrell and whether he’d ever enter his kid in The Hunger Games. Check it out.


All You Need to Know about Max Payne 3 and Diablo 3

Two of the biggest franchises in gaming are about to release a pair of long-awaited sequels. Max Payne 3 and Diablo 3 (both out this week) promise awesome gameplay, if the trailers are any indication. In any case, both games will offer their fair share of challenges, and our friends at Game Front are ready to help you through whatever might come your way. Use these cheat sheets and walkthroughs to …


6 Ballets Your Girlfriend Will Drag You To That Are Actually Good

OK, you would rather be just about anywhere else. You usual haunt is the hockey game or the baseball game, where you spend your time yelling, screaming, drinking beer and eating hot dogs slathered with mustard. But you have a girlfriend, and tonight is her night. You are going to the ballet, and you are not going to watch the game or check the scores. You are going to watch the ballet and like it. …


Speakeasy, Episode 1: Ty Burrell

Gentlemen, welcome to Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins, where Hollywood icons drink and digress. In the premiere episode of our new series, Modern Family’s Ty Burrell discusses his first adult beverage, his Big Love bar and the secret sauce of sitcom success.


6 Movie Vacations Any Film Lover Should Take

Some cinematic vacations just look so tempting and luxurious that you find yourself contemplating whether to dive head first into your TV screen, not even contemplating the permanent and long term brain damage you would almost certainly receive. However some are so frightening and spooky that you have to visit them, just to check that someone could live like that. So to save yourself the pain of a …


8 Of The Hottest Blond Actresses To Ever Appear On TV

Blond actresses have been highlighting television shows for decades. When a blond Samantha Stevens (Elizabeth Montgomery) took to the air on "Bewitched" during the 1960s followed by Jeannie (Barbara Eden) in "I Dream of Jeannie", TV producers had the answer: if you want great ratings, make a hot blond the star of your program. Here's a look at eight of the hottest blond actresses ever to appear on …


10 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is next weekend, and you still haven’t settled on a gift? These 10 picks will win you instant most-favored-child status.


6 Of The Most Manly Mancations You Can Go On

Whether you have a girlfriend, a wife, an ex-wife or you are single, sometimes a man needs to get away and take a real man’s vacation. You want to really know what it feels like to do manly things and you want to challenge yourself. Sometimes, if you want to be a better husband or boyfriend, you have to find out what kind of man you are. This can be done by challenging yourself while on vacation. …


4 Ways To Survive A Plane Crash At Sea

Everyone has all sat on a plane, just as it's about to take off and thought about how we would react if that particular air craft was to fall out of the sky and plummet towards the sea. Would you just sit back and accept that your time on earth had come to an end? Maybe you'd start to think about all of the regrets and anguishes you had experienced in your life, before soiling yourself at the thou …